What is better to lay on the floor on the balcony

Konstantin: “I want to equip a balcony. What material is better to lay the floor on the balcony? "

Finishing materials are of paramount importance in the design of the balcony, and the flooring plays an important role. For those who do not have wide knowledge in the field of construction and repair, it is difficult to navigate in the choice of material, since the stores have a very wide selection of different floor coverings. And before you get started, you need to make the right choice. It all depends on whether the balcony is glazed or not, how do you think to use it - organize a relaxation area, maybe a study, use it to store extra things.

An open balcony. Here, the floor is constantly exposed to the external environment, therefore, the coating material must be strong, frost-resistant, moisture-proof, fireproof, easy to clean and not slippery. These conditions make it difficult to select material. Tiles or porcelain tiles, rubber tiles, PVC panels, rubber paints, decking are best suited. You can use linoleum, which is resistant to cold. This type of coating has recently appeared on sale.

Gazebo. This is the most advantageous option, as the floor is protected from adverse weather conditions. The important thing is whether it is heated or not. If there is heat, then the balcony is equated to a living room, and the flooring can be anything. If there is no heat, then the material should be resistant to temperature extremes. If you glazed it, but did not insulate it, then choose a frost-resistant coating.

For a different type of operation of the balcony, certain material is selected. For a recreation area, the coating should be environmentally friendly, resistant to wear and sunlight. A laminate or other wooden coating, as well as linoleum on a substrate, will do. If you want to equip a greenhouse, use a moisture-resistant, non-slip coating. Are you planning to organize a study, lay what you want, if only it is practical and not expensive. The main thing is that it is easy to clean, it is safe and of sufficient quality.

If you equipped a balcony for a warehouse, the material should be durable, resistant to heat and cold, withstand mechanical stress, easy to clean. For this, tile, linoleum is suitable. Laying an expensive coating does not make sense. So when choosing a flooring, proceed from what function it will perform.

Vladimir Reply

Floor on the balcony? Tile in any case, except that if the apartment is in the “warm” winter region of Russia. But not in Moscow. Dangerous, very slippery.

03.10.2019, 10:18
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