Can I use an old carpet in my design or decor?

Galina: “I sorted out unnecessary things and discovered a carpet of Soviet times. He is still good, sound, throwing a pity. Can it be used somehow in a modern interior? ”

Many designers are similar in opinion that the old carpet, if applied correctly, can really refresh the interior, only it must first be thoroughly cleaned and treated with insect repellents. If your room is decorated in a loft style, then such a carpet will look amazing on the floor. With the Scandinavian style, he emphasizes the consistency of its colors. Perfectly in harmony with styles such as country and art deco. Eclectic style allows the combination of this attribute with anything.

Previously, in the manufacture of carpets, artificial threads were used in minimal quantities, so they are considered safe and can be laid in the children's room. If there are holes on it or a moth has eaten it, cut it into pieces and sew the edges. They can be placed near a bed, sofa or armchair.

An old carpet will help to visually enlarge the room. In this case, do not lay it against the wall, there should be free space around it. To combine it with home decoration, try repeating its texture on pillows, in paintings, in furniture upholstery. For large rooms, a carpet with a large ornament in the center is selected, for small rooms with a small pattern. A small carpet will look interesting on the carpet.

Lay small pieces of carpet at the front door, it will help protect the floor from sand and dirt. There is a pet, warm the carpet with its litter or make a scratching post. Soft pile perfectly cleans the monitor, easily copes with dirt and does not leave streaks. There is a lot of noise during the operation of the washing machine. To fix this problem, lay a small piece of carpet under it.

When watering indoor plants, excess water always flows to the windowsill. Lining a piece of old carpet under a flower pot will save you from this trouble. Love to do gymnastics at home, do not waste money on a new yoga or fitness mat, use an unnecessary mat. From the squares cut out of the carpet, make the coasters under the mugs so as not to stain the table. We decided to make a permutation, small pieces of carpet, located under the furniture legs pile down, will not allow the appearance of scratches. Useful old carpet for crafts.

If you have a track, not a carpet, then it will help to divide the room into several zones. So do not throw away the old carpet, just find a worthy application for it.

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