There is a lot of wrapping paper left. Is it possible to make something out of this?

Veronica: “We have a big relative. We prepare gifts for the holidays and birthdays. But then a lot of wrapping paper remains. Is there anything you can do from it? ”

There are many ideas for using wrapping paper. We will talk about some of them. For example, decorate a children's garland of flags of different colors. Cut triangles from paper, fold in half so that there is a ribbon or rope inside, and glue. Other shapes can also be cut. Or make cups or coasters for stationery, wrapping cans with beautiful paper.

When transporting fragile items, be it glasses, plates, glasses, put shredded packing paper into boxes. This will protect them from damage. Also use this technique when sending parcels. Love to read, make a bookmark of any shape, and to make it denser, stick it on cardboard. For convenience, attach a ribbon. And if you make a cover for a book of the same color - get a kit. You can use a different color for the cover. In any case, damage.

You can nicely arrange the boxes and store different things there. Use different colors to know where what lies. In a box pasted with such paper, you can put gifts. From the remnants of paper, choose the right one for the color of the interior and hang it as a picture, framed. It is not necessary to use any one color, choose contrasting combinations. This will greatly refresh the interior of the room.

Such paper can also be used in table setting, making napkin rings out of it. The color is selected based on what occasion the feast will be. They make wonderful cards, envelopes, cards for bouquets of paper. For the card, the necessary form is cut out of cardboard, paper is glued on one side, and the second remains for signature. When creating postcards and envelopes, rely on your imagination. The remaining packaging paper can be reused. You can combine colors or type of paper, use ribbons, other details of the decor. So there are many options. Give it a try.

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