How to combine bamboo wallpapers

Valentina: “I heard a lot about bamboo wallpapers. I want to stick the same on my own. Tell me how to do it right? What are they combined with? ”

This finishing material looks expressive and original, is in great demand. Such wallpapers will decorate any situation, they are glued to the entire wall or single out one zone. They have enough advantages: moisture resistant, have a long service life, do not fade in the sun, have heat and noise insulation, are resistant to mechanical damage, they are easy to clean. The material is environmentally friendly, does not cause any harm to health. Water-based glue is not suitable, you need to purchase a special one based on an organic solvent.

Bamboo wallpapers are suitable for any piece of furniture, for any material. Ideally mask small defects. Even if the walls are uneven, such wallpapers will perfectly hide this flaw, just select a thicker canvas. Perfectly combined with any design. They can be decorated with wooden furniture. Bamboo slats are used in the manufacture of floor and wall panels, decor elements, furniture. They harmonize best with materials such as wood and stone, as well as with leather furniture.

These wallpapers look great in the bedroom. Their natural color will give peace to the atmosphere. Choosing wallpaper for the living room, focus on your preferences - the wallpaper painted in cold tones will give a restrained look, like a comfortable, cozy atmosphere - choose a warm color.

Bamboo wallpapers are ideal for the kitchen, as they are moisture resistant and can withstand any damage. They are combined with any color of a kitchen set. Complementing the interior with blinds from the same material, you will get a unified decoration of the room. The dining area can be made of any material.

Such wallpapers are also absolutely suitable for decorating the entrance hall, since they can not care less about dirt or moisture. The room will look modern and comfortable. Lacquered sheets are glued to the bottom of the wall. You can clean such wallpapers with a damp rag, there is no need to be afraid that they will get wet. Harmonize with different types of front door, whether it is metal, with leather upholstery or wooden. For a room such as an entrance hall, bamboo wallpapers are the best choice, they are aesthetic and practical.

Making these wallpapers, their color will create a unique cosiness in your apartment.

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