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What is better to lay on the floor on the balcony
Konstantin: “I want to equip a balcony. What material is better to lay the floor on the balcony? "
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How to decorate a wardrobe
Larisa: “In my bedroom there has been a sliding wardrobe for a long time, the usual colors are tired of me. Tell us how you can decorate it and thereby transform the interior? ”
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How to combine bamboo wallpapers
Valentina: “I heard a lot about bamboo wallpapers. I want to stick the same on my own. Tell me how to do it right? What are they combined with? ”
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There is a lot of wrapping paper left. Is it possible to make something out of this?
Veronica: “We have a big relative. We prepare gifts for the holidays and birthdays. But then a lot of wrapping paper remains. Is it possible to make something out of it? ”
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Can I use an old carpet in my design or decor?
Galina: “I sorted out unnecessary things and discovered a carpet of Soviet times. He is still good, sound, throwing a pity. Can it be used somehow in a modern interior? ”
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Is it possible to restore an old sofa
Sergey: “I have an old sofa at home. It is comfortable, strong, only the upholstery is pretty frayed. Tell us how to properly restore furniture, where to start. ”
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How to fix curtains on hooks
Zinaida: “My cat often climbs the curtains, tearing them off the hooks. Can they be strengthened with something? ”
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What design is suitable for a massage room
Marina: “I plan to professionally engage in massage. I want to open my office. Tell us how to properly arrange it, what kind of situation should be, so that people would like to come here again. ”
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What color of the ceiling can be used in the kitchen
Polina: “I want to change the color of the ceiling in the kitchen. Tell me, what color, in addition to traditional white, can I use? ”
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What color laminate can be used in the bedroom
Oksana: “I thought of making repairs in the bedroom, I want to lay a laminate there. I would like to know which floor material is preferable to use in this room? ”
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