What color of the ceiling can be used in the kitchen

Polina: “I want to change the color of the ceiling in the kitchen. Tell me, what color, in addition to traditional white, can I use? ”

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the house. Here we cook, gather as a family at the table, sometimes we just relax from the mundane fuss over a cup of coffee or tea with a delicious cake. What color of the wall, and most importantly, the ceiling, plays an important role in creating the general atmosphere of the room, our mood. It is not so easy to determine the color of the ceiling in the kitchen. Many factors are taken into account here: lighting, footage, colors of walls, floors, kitchen units, dining area, what is the color of the curtains.

In any case, try to follow the recommendations of specialists, what specifically can designers advise on this topic. In small rooms do not use dark shades - this will make the room even smaller. It is better to paint in white, beige, milk shade, light gray, golden, blue, etc.

If the area allows, and you conceived a multi-level ceiling, paint it in different colors, but do not make the center dark. For staining, no more than three colors are selected, light among them is mandatory. In your plans to install a stretch ceiling - choose the lightest, otherwise the ceiling may "lower". If you want a stretch ceiling with a pattern, remember that it is more suitable for a large kitchen and should be in harmony with the general situation.

The color of the ceiling may have some shade of its own, and may repeat the color of the walls, floor or furniture with a slight change in brightness. Let's analyze separately some palettes. White and any shades of it are ideal for any kitchen, any interior. You want a colored ceiling, it all depends on your personal preference and imagination, as well as on the planned interior. You can make it yellow, red, purple, green, brown and, no matter how strange it sounds, black. Remember that dark tones reduce space, and light tones visually increase and expand, and also affect our mood.

Speaking of the black ceiling. This color will give the atmosphere pomp and pathetic. A kitchen with such a ceiling looks quite impressive. But this color can only be used if the ceiling is quite high. Lime green will relieve fatigue, predispose to calm. Brown looks elegant and strict at the same time. Orange will noticeably refresh the kitchen, set household members in a good mood, and increase appetite.

Yellow is ideal for rooms with windows facing north. This shade makes up for the lack of sunlight. All shades from pink to purple are mainly used in hot countries. They remove the feeling of heat, allow you to relax from the bright light. We hope our tips will help you make the right choice.

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