What design is suitable for a massage room

Marina: “I plan to professionally engage in massage. I want to open my office. Tell us how to properly arrange it, what kind of situation should be, so that people would like to come here again. ”

Today, such a healing system as massage is in great demand. It is not surprising why there are always a lot of people in massage rooms. Any visitor, going there, will want to see not an room that looks like a hospital ward, but an originally equipped room. It is advisable to design the interior in warm colors - it is beige, light brown, light green. These colors help to relax.

You need to choose the right direction in which you will work. For example, the oriental is characterized by Japanese or Chinese style and the corresponding design: yellowish-red walls, dark wood trim and warm tones to make it all combine perfectly. Use in decorating fabric. For European - choose English or French design: colors blue, lime, orange. If you plan to work in several directions, choose an art deco style.

The office should be spacious so that you can approach the patient from any direction. An important role is played by lighting, it is better if it is muffled. Aroma candles, incense are appropriate, but the smell should be pleasant. The optimum temperature regime is + 23-28 degrees. Choose music calm, quiet.

The massage table should be functional, reliable, convenient. You will need a cabinet with shelves, a table for accessories, a clock, as well as a mirror, a sink, it is desirable to have a shower. So that the visitor can prepare for the session, fence off the locker room with a curtain. Do not forget about the first-aid kit. Take the waiting room, having designed it properly: chairs, a table, magazines so that visitors do not get bored.

Of course, the interior design is important, but still the main thing is the skill of a massage therapist.

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