How to fix curtains on hooks

Zinaida: “My cat often climbs the curtains, tearing them off the hooks. Can they be strengthened with something? ”

Indeed, pets often create problems. Climbing curtains is a favorite activity for most of them. You can try to wean from this. Try elastic fastening. Its essence is that the curtains are mounted a little loosely on the elastic elements. When the cat jumps onto the curtain, the fabric will sag with a certain noise, thereby scaring the “bully”. He will run away, and you will return the curtains to the desired position. After repeating several attempts to climb the curtains and experiencing the same fear, he will understand that it is unsafe here.

The first method did not help, then move the curtains to the side or lift up so that the cat could not get the fabric. After some time, he will not be interested. Try replacing ordinary curtains with roller blinds or install pleated.

If no methods help and the cat continues to climb the curtains persistently, hang the blinds, preferably vertical, but you can also horizontal. Their surface should be smooth - it will be difficult for the cat to climb them.

As for curtain reinforcement, try a drawstring. This is a fairly simple way, since no additional details are required, only the curtain itself. We twist and sew up its upper edge, we get a tunnel, we insert the cornice rod there.

The advantage of this mounting option is that it is easy to do, all the more so at the lowest cost, it is securely fastened and absolutely silent. Light curtains will look ideal, but the drawstring can withstand different types of curtains. Among the shortcomings, it can be distinguished that they hardly move along the ledge, it is problematic to move and open the curtains.

Another option for reinforcing is to sew the braid along the upper edge of the curtain from the back. This is a kind of mechanism for tightening the fabric to the formation of folds. This method involves mounting in one or two rows. In this case, you should choose whether the curtain rod closes the fabric or not. The tape can be strung on a bar or fixed on hooks.

We have given simple but fairly reliable ways to strengthen. We hope you find them useful.

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