Is it possible to restore an old sofa

Sergey: “I have an old sofa at home. It is comfortable, strong, only the upholstery is pretty frayed. Tell us how to properly restore furniture, where to start. ”

Over time, the furniture, even the most solid one, becomes unusable, the upholstery breaks, is washed out or the boards become deformed. Especially often this trouble occurs with sofas and armchairs, as the most exploited interior items. You can restore the sofa yourself, and it will become as good as new. If you are not sure that you can handle this work yourself, consult a specialist. This is not as complicated a task as it seems, you need to do everything right and select first-class material.

Usually restoring upholstered furniture is a replacement for upholstery fabric and filler, as these parts are most likely to deteriorate, other components are changed or repaired as needed. Immediately in the course of work, decide whether you will change something in the design. When choosing a fabric for upholstery, consider a number of features: strength, abrasion resistance, pleasant-looking, safe for human health, color fastness. Prefer leather or tapestry, remember that these two materials are almost the same in price and have a long service life.

Filler will serve as a synthetic winterizer or foam rubber. Choose quality material. The synthetic winterizer should be white, without any shades, without smell, it is very difficult to tear it with your hands. Foam rubber has small pores, after clicking on it, a high-quality filler quickly takes its original shape.

Restoration work begins with the dismantling of the sofa, that is, it is completely dismantled. Check the frame for deformations. If necessary, repair or replace parts. We strengthen all the fasteners. Do not throw away the old upholstery - you can tailor a new one on it. If this is not possible, make the necessary measurements. We cut out the filler materials, lay it, and on top - the upholstery fabric, we stretch it and fix it with a stapler from the back. The back of the furniture is tightened similarly to the seat. We also fit the plywood on the back side with the upholstery and fix it.

If there are armrests, then first we attach a stapler or glue to the synthetic winterizer, then we form the armrests from the foam rubber, glue it. We pull the prepared fabric cover onto the side wall and fix it with a stapler at the bottom. Similarly, we make the second armrest.

Thus, by updating the sofa yourself, you will not only extend its service life, but also improve the interior, and save a lot.

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