Design Ideas for a Kids Room for Two Children

During the repair, parents face the difficult task of designing a children's room for two children. They want to make it as comfortable as possible, safe and multifunctional. How to please your children, there are many tricks and tips.

Yellow wooden shelves above the head of the cots

The interior of the common children's room should correspond to the character and needs of each child

The design of a children's room for two is hard and creative work, where the masters' imagination must work to the fullest. The project of work is an indispensable element in the repair of a children's room. To create a project, room measurements are taken: ceiling height, room area, windows are subtracted.

Tips for work:

  1. Wiring is carried out if children over 7 years old need to connect an Internet cable.
  2. Install sockets and switches. It is better to take outlets with a lid so that they are safe.
Plug sockets with keys for use in children's rooms

Plugs for outlets ensure safety in the room of a small child

The choice of style

For those who decide to save on a professional designer, a list of tips on the items will help you do the job at the highest level. First, decide on the style of the room in which the work will be done.

Design a luxury nursery in the style of the classics

Nursery in a classic style for two girls

  1. Classic is an ageless style. A glut of furniture and wood elements (bedside tables, beds, wardrobes and tables). Minimum lighting in the room. It is better to take colors naturally - natural, which are inherent in wood and knitted elements made of twigs and ropes, for example, a basket for toys can be knitted.
  2. Minimalism personifies the spaciousness and simplicity in the interior. This type of style is in demand in the design of square small rooms. Due to the small amount of furniture and decor, the room looks simple and light. Minimalism is similar to the Japanese style in simplicity and plenty of free space.
  3. A country-style room is perfect for vulnerable and gentle natures who prefer calm and gentle tones.
  4. Design a corner for a boy in a marine style. This attracts the attention of creative kids who can develop their dreams and fantasies in this environment.
Minimalist design of a children's room

Minimalist style nursery interior

Wallpaper selection

The interior design of a room always starts with a renovation. Now it’s fashionable to wall wallpaper in different colors. The color of the wallpaper in the room depends on the age and gender of the child. If the children are small and heterosexual, then it is worth choosing wallpapers of alternative colors, but quite colorful. If the children are teenagers, then choose a calmer wallpaper. Designers believe that the older the child, the color scheme becomes calmer. Bright shades for wallpaper and for the entire interior are suitable for ages from 0 to 7 years. Wall murals will look good, for kids a great option is a wallpaper with the image of cartoon characters. Teenagers choose a wall mural that suits their interests.

Nursery style interior

Wall mural with the image of a fast frigate in the room of young pirates

Photo wallpaper themes for teens:

  • Sports theme.
  • Image of cities.
  • Musical theme.
  • Wallpaper with your own photos.

Make the ceiling stretch. For the little ones with decoration, and for schoolchildren, the classic monophonic option is suitable. Lay laminate or parquet on the floor.

Design of a children's room in pastel colors.

The floor in the children's room should be durable and warm at any time of the year

Room Zoning

Before you furnish space with furniture and appliances, you need to divide the room into zones. Of course, it’s hard to fit everything in one room for two, but if you try, everything will turn out quickly and beautifully! In the nursery, you need to accommodate two berths, a play area or a place to relax, a workplace.

Pink kids room

Under the room for two children it is better to allocate a room with an area of ​​at least 20 square meters. meters

Furniture arrangement in a small room

Layout of furniture in children's rooms

There are several options for placing furniture, taking into account the age of children, the size and shape of the room, the location of windows and doors. As a rule, the arrangement of furniture begins with determining the places for beds

Corner Bunk Bed

Corner bedding in a nursery

Types of beds:

  1. Classic bunk bed.
  2. With a sofa on the bottom.
  3. The bunk bed is a trapezoid.
  4. Attic.
White bunk bed in a bright nursery

A bunk bed will save space in a small bedroom

In the recreation area you can combine with the bedroom, for this a folding sofa is selected. Also, instead of a sofa, padded stools are allowed.

Combine the working area and dressing table. The workplace in the nursery can be put with a bunk loft bed. There is also a transforming furniture table, which, if desired, will be wide, and when it is not needed, it is folded. Some designers set the table on the windowsill, the window in this case is closed with blinds.

In the play area for toys, hang knitted bags for toys, baskets or it is popular to use a large soft toy where the toys are stacked.

Bright carpet with a dog on the floor in the nursery

The playing area can be marked with a bright carpet.

In the furniture room you can find a double book bed, which rises to the wall, there are two berths, and by raising it to the wall, the space increases well. Round sunbeds are also sold, which will also save space. Roll-out beds are another way to save space in the nursery. They are equipped with wheels and hidden in furniture (table or cupboard).

In a small nursery, you do not need to lay out many decor items, they will only visually reduce the space.

Where to install the cabinets for linen?

A variety of furniture in stores allows you to purchase sofas, tables with built-in wardrobes for the nursery. In order for the room to be roomy, you need to know where to put the linen closets.

Lilac bedspreads on cots

If you put a mirrored laundry cabinet in front of the window, the room will become brighter

Here are some options to hide things in the room:

  • A sofa with built-in wardrobes below is a good place to store bedding.
  • Bunk bed with a large staircase and drawers for storage.
  • Hinged or opening to the side toilet mirror, inside which is a wardrobe for "ladies'" accessories.
  • Wall shelves.
  • If the children's room is small, then you can use the corners of the walls, which can also serve as cabinets. Or put a corner wardrobe in the corner against the wall, where off-season and other things will be stored. In the chiffonier, it is imperative to separate a place for girls' outfits.
  • Instead of a wardrobe, buy a chest of drawers, which equip, like a dressing table and a place to store things.
  • In the place where there will be a bed-book, put automatic wardrobes on the sides, which will open when pressed.
Design of a nursery for two in the attic of a private house

A great option for placing a wardrobe and places to store things and toys

Bedroom design for two children

Suppose we make a place for sleeping for two girls, then in this case we can put one double bed, or a folding sofa. If the children are heterosexual, then for the boy the place to sleep should be chosen in the form of a boat or car (skillful dads will be able to construct such a bed on their own), and for girls a classic bed or sofa.

Bedroom interior for boy and girl

The sleeping area should be as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Game Zone Design

In order for children to be able to huddle together in one corner, it is necessary to take into account the desires of both children. Designers advise equipping a sports corner at this place, a house for young princesses.

Room decoration for two children in a bay window

When you design a play area, you can not limit your imagination, because this place helps to reveal the abilities of children

Here are the different ways to beat the layout of the game area:

  1. A marine theme is suitable for the boy. Build a ship, suspend lifebuoys, sails and steering wheel.
  2. Sports style is suitable for older children - from 6-7 years and older. Here a rope with mats is installed, a climbing wall, for boys you can put a punching bag.
  3. Younger girls construct a house where she can prove herself as a mistress and mother. Boy build a car.
Red pouf on the carpet in front of the beds

The design of the place for games is due to the hobbies of children and age-related features

Rest zone

Naturally, adolescents no longer play, here moms and dads should consider a recreation area where adolescents will gain strength after class and festivities. If the scale of the room allows, they usually put a sofa, ottomans, and a TV is installed. Color music and music equipment are also in demand. If there is color music, then you need a podium, for this you will have to raise part of the floor.

Design a relaxation area in a spacious children's room

Comfortable sitting area with soft sofas


Any child needs a work area, whether it be a toddler or a schoolboy. For children, a small low table with two chairs is placed, and for schoolchildren a great option is a wide corner table and chairs. You can put a computer table, but the table should be long and preferably with two computers so that there is no queue during operation.

Yellow shelves in the working area of ​​kids

For preschool children, small separate tables are suitable

Separate placement of desktops in the nursery for two

Older kids need desks where they can do homework

I want to pay attention to the dressing table for girls. If there is enough space in the room, then you can buy a separate table with a mirror, and if the area does not allow it, then equip the desktop with a mirror and shelves for accessories.

The desktop should be additionally lit using table lamps or small bulbs attached to furniture. Hang shelves for accessories, a bedside table under the table.

Design of a bright children's room with large windows

An example of a well-lit workplace in a modern style

Children's color scheme

A room for children is a place where they can have fun and frolic, so it should be bright. A large role in the choice of colors is played by the age category, temperament, gender of the kids.

Cribs in a room for two young children

Solid pastel-colored wall decoration

Bright color is a mandatory attribute in the interior decoration of a room, the mood of the owners depends on this. A fashion trend is pastel colors. For the child, gentle creamy, muted tones of blue, lilac, green and brown are suitable. The more colors, the more attractive the room will be. These rules cannot be used in the design of a double room in cramped rooms, in which case it is better to dwell on bright colors, but their variety should be modest.

Important! All colors should be in harmony with each other so that there is no chaos in the nursery.

Let the shades be very bright in small details - toys, decorative elements, and muted calm tones in most of the room - on the walls, on the ceilings, and most importantly - on the furniture.

Hanging chair in a room for two children

The interests of children of different ages rarely coincide, so it is better to choose neutral colors for walls and ceilings

Boys will like the interior in noble colors - blue, brown. But here in the selection you need to be approached wisely so as not to overdo it, since these shades, although noble, are still difficult for visual perception. For little girls, you can choose pink, red and beige colors, and for teenagers - all pastel shades.

Two red chairs in a nursery for two

As bright accents, you can use furniture, textiles or decor

Attention! When choosing colors, the main thing is not to overdo it, so that the variegation of colors does not muffle the entire atmosphere of the nursery.

Correct color selection in the future will favorably affect the psychological state of children. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, consult with the child, find out about his interests and desires.

How to save space with flowers

Modern houses and apartments do not allow fantasies to roam during renovations, and you have to reduce and reduce everything in the layout to increase space.

Built-in baby bed in two tiers

Light-colored walls expand the room

Here are the secrets to arranging furniture and playing with color:

  • Dark color is the enemy of a small room, and therefore the nursery should be in bright colors.
  • Make good lighting. To get light from the window in the daytime, use light and thin curtains.
  • All corners of the children's room should be lit, otherwise it will not be possible to increase the size of the room.
  • Where the sleeping place is, instead of two separate beds, put a bunk bed. Bunk bed - escape in the bedroom for children.
A small round table in front of the nursery window in the attic

Each functional area needs its own lights.

Designing a nursery design for two is the efforts of parents that are immeasurable by nothing, where they invest their strength, imagination, love and a lot of money. To create comfort in one room, you need to follow the rules and advice, as well as take into account the interests of children.

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