Options for choosing children's headsets in the interior of the room

The design of a children's room is an important point that requires special attention. After all, everything that will be located here must meet the highest criteria and requirements. And besides, the child likes and is suitable for his life.

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There is a huge difference between furniture for adults and for children.

In this article, we will help you figure out how to choose the right children's headset and what factors must be taken into account.

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In the interior of children's rooms there is necessarily comfort and, of course, originality.

Criteria for choosing children's headsets

Many parents tend to choose furniture in the nursery, taking into account only their taste preferences and the wishes of their child. With this approach, during the operation of such a product, they face a lot of inconvenience and negative points. But this is not due to the headset itself, but to the wrong approach during the purchase of goods.

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The variety of furniture today is offered really very huge.

In order for a thing to please a small owner or hostess of a room, as well as to please parents, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • Compliance of the dimensions of the headset with the dimensional parameters of the room. The most negative point is when the headsets are much larger in their parameters than the size of the room. In this case, psychologically, he will exert a pressing sensation on the person who will be in the room. It will not leave completely free space, which is not permissible for a children's room.
  • Take into account the age of the child. Young children should not buy too cute products. Even if it seems to parents that their child is still a baby, look at things realistically. All children's motives are good only up to the age of 6-8 years. Further, other hobbies and interests begin to appear in the girl or boy. it is worth leaning on them, choosing children's headsets in the room.
  • Pay particular attention to color. Here, perhaps, accounting for age practically does not work, since the color gamma affects people equally, regardless of their age. It is important to choose light shades that do not cause a depressed pessimistic mood. The only thing that is more suitable for boys is a green-blue gamma, whereas for a girl you can use peach-yellow shades. If the room is designed for heterosexual children, then parents should pay attention to such universal shades as lilac-purple gamut and yellow-sand colors.
  • If finances are limited or there is a need to save, then it is worth choosing children's furniture sets that can "grow" with the baby.
  • Environmental friendliness is one of the main parameters, as it affects the condition of the child. It must be understood that the use of chipboard, fiberboard is best avoided. They emit formaldehydes, which are powerful carcinogens that negatively affect human health. MDF is better in this regard, while wood is the safest material.
  • If the room is small, then you should properly manage the space, trying to combine the functionality of several products in one object.

Headset selection based on the gender of the child

Please note that the furniture should reflect the gender of the child.Original products will contribute to the development of imagination in your baby. And “faceless” products are better left to a more adult age.

Set for the girl

For the girl it is worth stopping the attention of the original forms that imitate castles or the beautiful chambers of the princess. This is suitable for a girl, a maximum of 10 years. Then you need to move away from the fabulous themes and pay attention to the outside world - beautiful views of nature, romantic streets of beautiful cities. All this should resonate with the design of the room and directly become the theme of furniture.

children's set for the girl

In each nursery, 4 zones must be provided: for sleeping, studying, storing things, for relaxing and playing.

Children's bedroom sets for girls should be made in pastel colors in pleasant pink-peach or beige tones. They include not only a bed and a wardrobe, but also a desk, numerous bedside tables and shelves that will help to arrange everything you need and complement the interior with the necessary elements.

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If the child is in preschool age, he also can not do without a table.

Important! Pay attention to the style of Provence, shabby chic or rustic.

For boy

Children's furniture sets for the boy should be made of more durable materials - so you can enjoy the original appearance of products longer.

children's headset for a boy

As for the wardrobe for the child, he must be selected taking into account his height, otherwise he will be very uncomfortable to reach out every time to get the necessary thing.

Of the styles, marine, colonial, African, any ethnic, high-tech, loft are suitable. It is the latter that should be organized by designing a multi-stage space.

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There can also be drawers, which is very convenient, but such products will cost more.

For heterosexual children

For heterosexual children it is necessary to think over lockers and beds. They should be separate so as not to cause quarrels and divide the space. In addition, it will be as functional as possible. If the space is not large enough, you should pay attention to corner cabinets and bunk beds.

Options for children's headsets

To date, the market presents the most diverse sets of children's furniture. They are able to satisfy a wide variety of needs and requirements.

children's set in the girls room

If the toys are hidden in the lower part of the locker, the baby will be able to hide them independently, which may help the child become more independent and ambitious.

Headset with corner cabinet

A corner cupboard is ideal for a small room. It does not take up a lot of space, but at the same time it allows you to place everything you need inside. The child in this case will not be cramped in the extra bed.

kids set with corner cupboard

The corner version of the cabinet is quite convenient to install in a small room.

Note! Children's headsets with a corner cupboard are more suitable for one child. Their main advantage is a properly organized partition of the room, a high level of functionality and an attractive appearance.

headset to the nursery

With it, you can save a lot of space.

With a bed

A children's headset with a bed is an ideal option in order to create an integral space in a single style. In this case, parents do not have to think about choosing a bed that matches the style of the closet.

children's headset with bed

It is very important that a berth is comfortably organized.


For young children, especially under the age of one year, it is necessary to choose a separate crib that meets all the requirements of safety and comfort.

baby set for a small child

For the child’s body, it is important that the mattress has orthopedic effects.

If there are two children, then it is worth paying attention to two-tier products. But, in this case, also safety must be ensured at the height.

children's room with a bunk bed

Materials must be exclusively natural.

Important! For a teenager, it is worth moving away from children's products and trying to use adults, but distinguished by special originality and originality.

The correct arrangement of children's headsets

You need to know several rules for the placement of furniture elements:

  • Do not put beds near radiators.
  • Place the table closer to the window so that the light falls on the left side for righties and vice versa for lefties.
  • The cabinet can be placed in the far corner of the room, in the immediate vicinity of the door.
  • All elements must be positioned so as not to interfere with the free movement of the room.

VIDEO: Suite with a bed for a children's room.

Photos of examples of children's design with headsets

If there is no understanding of how to properly position all the elements of the headset, you can use the numerous photos of the interiors of children's rooms. A variety of styles will help you find out how best to arrange a room for your baby or teenager.

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