Living room design 16 sq. m: how to equip according to fashion trends and expand the space?

It seems to every owner of a small living space that with the small dimensions of the living room it is impossible to make a fashionable design of a room of 16 squares. Yes, examples from foreign magazines and design bureau sites are most often taken from the design of spacious rooms. But specialists can even equip a dormitory room like luxury apartments if they get down to business. Nothing prevents you from using the advice of professionals to beat a small room in the best traditions of fashion design, visually expanding the living room.

An example of a bright design of a living room 16 sq.m

Even in the smallest room you can make a cozy and beautiful room

variant of a beautiful decor of a living room 16 sq.m

Use the advice of specialists, this will help a lot when arranging a living room

idea of ​​an unusual style of a living room 16 sq.m

Use chips to visually expand the room.

How to prepare a small room for transformation

The biggest mistake made by thinking over the interior of the living room is 16 sq.m. - much to leave as it was, including bulky furniture. Restrictions on the dimensions of the room leave their mark on mentality, so the owners of small living rooms are sure that they have come to the best option. Often they decide only to glue the wallpaper and change the curtains. But it is impossible to reorganize the interior using old methods, leaving morally outdated furniture, windows, doors and floors.

Today, designers offer new trends, dimensional cabinet furniture is almost never used, the trend is through-through shelving and shallow shelf modules. Instead of a large chandelier in the design of a living room 16 square meters. m. More often they use compact ceiling lights, a diode tape around the perimeter or spot lights. This helps visually add more free space.

For greater comfort in the interior of the living room 16 square meters. meters in a standard 3-room apartment, it is advisable to get rid of everything old. Then we can talk about fashionable design to get cozy and attractive.

Experts recommend to think in advance:

  • stylistic decision;
  • design concept or basic idea of ​​a room;
  • functional areas;
  • filling corners and linear space;
  • color scheme.

The room should reflect the individuality of its owners, out of habit, tastes and lifestyle. For example, it makes no sense to buy a large plasma panel and design a room in the spirit of a football fan, if no one is fond of sports. After answering all the questions regarding what kind of living room you dream of, you can proceed with the repair and redesign.

An example of a bright interior of a living room 16 sq.m

Do not put bulky furniture in a small room

the idea of ​​a bright style living room 16 sq.m

At the moment, designers offer a bunch of solutions for the proper arrangement of the room

Interior Design Tips

Whatever the dimensions of the living room, it is important to correctly use the capabilities of any room. All furniture, accessories and decor should be functional. In a small room, the furniture should be compact so that there is as much space as possible in the passage from the front door to the window and the main areas.

If this is the only room in a small apartment, it is divided into several zones:

  • place of sleep and rest (analogue of the bedroom);
  • play and educational space for the child;
  • working (computer) table with shelves;
  • a soft corner for receiving guests (possibly with a place to eat in front of the TV panel).

This redistribution can vary, depending on the lifestyle of the owners, the number of residents and their needs.

Storage systems must comply with modern trends. The successful combination of open modules and shelves, closed shelves and niches for bedding in sofas will help to “absorb” a lot of things. ”

Stackable chairs are easy to stack after guests arrive. The design of the 16 sq.m. room, used as a bedroom-living room, will perfectly fit warm blankets and rolled-up rugs that are hidden for the summer inside cylindrical covers. They are sewn on a zipper from a decorative fabric to use as homemade ottomans.

option of a bright decor of a living room 16 sq.m

The fireplace will perfectly decorate the living room interior.

the idea of ​​a beautiful design of a living room 16 sq.m

Use functional furniture in small rooms

variant of the unusual interior of the living room 16 sq.m

Use light colors to visually expand the room.

Tip. Get folding transformers, don't be afraid to experiment - simple tricks will help to free up more free space.

Today, many families each have their own work and life schedules, and there is no need to arrange a place for sharing meals and watching TV shows. In this case, it is better for everyone to devote a separate personal space.

So that no one interferes with each other, they use screens and a specific arrangement of furniture - with their backs or sides to each other. The sound from the computer and the TV is easy to block through the headphones, then it will be easier to relax. It is also useful to have local lighting in each zone to turn off the general light in the center of the room when someone is sleeping.

Important! By purchasing a corner computer desk with a rack, combining the functions of an office and a dining area, you can save a lot of space. This is true for those who have to work for days on the Internet. And for sleeping, they use a folding sofa bed, which can easily be transformed into a guest area.

Choose angular furniture from catalogs, try to fill in all the corners and place light planes on the plane. Glass shelves and open tiered modules are a priority. Choose hinged furniture according to the style, then it will not only remain functional, but also perform a decorative function.

If the living room is square with a side door, it is better to display upholstered furniture in the center of the island - sofas, armchairs, ottomans and banquets. This is a great idea for those who often receive guests or work at home, accepting a clientele (tutors, dressmakers, accountants).

Observance of simple nuances will help to modernize the interior of a narrow room of 16 square meters with a balcony door, freeing up more space. Do not forget about narrow mirrors and glossy surfaces that visually add more space. If very closely, mirrors can be inserted into the interior doors or into the sliding facade of the built-in wardrobe.

example of an unusual design of a living room 16 sq.m

Do not be afraid to experiment - simple tricks will help to free up more free space

An example of a beautiful decor of a living room 16 sq.m

Try to make the design of the living room harmonious and cozy.

Proper zoning of the living room 16 square meters. m

Zoning methods can be used not only in large rooms, but also in the design of a square room of 16 square meters. m. Visually a small living room can be divided into 2-3 or 4 sectors:

  • select 2 triangles or rectangles;
  • take 3-4 angles for different functions;
  • arbitrarily arrange zones, including the placement of upholstered furniture by the island.

Zoning can be purely visual, but partial partitions, arches and shielding from textiles are often used. If this is an apartment without a bedroom, then you can allocate a place for a good rest in the living room in 2 ways.

  1. Separate the bed for the partition or furniture.
  2. Take advantage of the folding sofa, which is transformed before going to bed and brought to its original position before receiving visitors.

Both methods have their advantages, and the decision depends on the lifestyle of the owners.If you need to hide the bed, you can put it behind the high back of a multi-seat sofa, a rack, a cupboard under the aquarium or move it behind a wardrobe.

When the interior of the room is 16 sq.m. the space is critically small, and there are children in the family, you can buy a bunk bed. A furniture module is also suitable, where an “attic” bed is provided on top of the cabinet, and it is also convenient to use an ergonomic folding chair.

Important! Remember that the sleeping area is a private space, it is undesirable for places for adults and children to stand up close or above each other's head. It is better for the crib to stand at a distance and have poor nightlight coverage.

idea of ​​a bright interior of a living room 16 sq.m

Room zoning can be done visually or using a partition

bright style variant of the living room 16 sq.m

Make zoning of the living room by functional zones

An example of a bright decor of a living room 16 sq.m

Use only essential furniture in the room.

It is recommended to separate the beds by any zoning method:

  • canopy or veil;
  • sliding doors on casters, movable along the guide;
  • glass partition;
  • false wall made of drywall with shelves;
  • through the barrier arrangement of furniture.

After the places for sleeping are decorated, the remaining space in the interior of the only living room of 16 sq.m is distributed. It can be done as in one of the photos - to allocate in the living room a place for a dining area, an office (workplace) or a creative workshop. But forget that the living room is a common room where guests are welcomed and the whole family gathers for communication and exchange of impressions from the events of the day.

In addition to visual separation and partitioning, you can use folding multifunctional furniture and a podium. It is very convenient when a children's bed is hidden on the rollers in a niche under the podium, and a workplace or a training area for a child is equipped at the top. This is conveniently done along the end wall with the window. If the living room is connected to the kitchen and decorated in a modern style, a bar is often used between the main room and the cooking unit.

idea of ​​an unusual design of a living room 16 sq.m

The layout of the room should be thought through to the smallest detail and in advance.

option of a beautiful interior of a living room 16 sq.m

Try not to block the room with unnecessary things.

The choice of styling for a 16-meter living room

Choosing a style in the interior design of a room of 16 sq.m., you do not need to limit yourself to the small dimensions of the space, but it is advisable to take into account the specifics of each solution. If you think over everything to the smallest detail, you can not only make the living room functional and stylish, along with some shortcomings.

Important! Remember that you have to not only surprise guests with expensive repairs, but also live in this room for several years in a row (and even decades).



Classic and neoclassical

A popular option for a small living room, stucco molding, light pastel shades, textiles with a discreet picturesque pattern, curtains with drapery, fireplace.


Ethnic style

The interior in the best folk traditions should be sustained in the canons characteristic of 1 ethnic group, region.


East destinations

Exotic design is somewhat reminiscent of scenery for an oriental, fairy tale, but you cannot mix the typical decor and style features of Japan, China, India, Morocco, Turkey.



Convenient for the design of the hall 16 sq.m. There is nothing superfluous, a minimum of decor, modest curtains, simple furniture.



A typical urban style with brickwork, concrete blocks and open communications, requires a lot of space, but it is also used for 16 sq.m.


Eco style

The charm of natural materials, living plants, an aquarium, a palette - green, blue, brown.



A new look at the design of space, its canons, a mix of modern solutions and the beginning of the twentieth century.


Art Deco

Literally “art in decor” at home, an emotional interior with accents on art objects.

The style of the interior is not just a tribute to fashion, it is a way of self-expression through the surrounding space. People who spend a lot of time in a noisy emotional environment choose a calm, low-key interior.Those who are lonely and lacking in impressions compensate for them through the bright and expressive design of the 16-meter room, designed as a living-bedroom.

an example of a bright style living room 16 sq.m

The thoughtful design of the living room will make it not only functional and stylish, but also eliminate the disadvantages

idea of ​​a bright decor of a living room 16 sq.m

Spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling will perfectly complement the interior of the room

version of the beautiful style of the living room 16 sq.m

White ceiling is able to visually increase the size of the room

Creative personalities need a special atmosphere and the ability to attach their "masterpieces" in their personal space. Therefore, someone chooses a strict English classic with natural wood trim and leather sofas. Another to taste romanticism, Provencal style, boho or shabby chic, with their ruffles and curtains in a small flower. If approached with imagination, any style can be a special highlight of your living room.

Color scheme

Considering photo examples of the interiors of a square room of 16 sq.m., it is noticeable that the light palette is in priority, although there are contrasting solutions. This is the right choice for designers, as small dimensions require more light or compensation. This is achieved by various methods in combination:

  • using light shades;
  • light transparent tulle;
  • complement mirrors and glossy surfaces;
  • game textures in a plain interior.
idea of ​​an unusual interior of a living room 16 sq.m

Choose the style of the room based on your preferences

An example of a beautiful design of a living room 16 sq.m

For small rooms, you should use a lot of light.

The warm part of the spectrum in the design well compensates for the lack of sunlight. The bright palette in the interior of the living room on 16 m2 gives a feeling of lightness, it seems that there is more light, air, space. Dark ceilings and walls, on the contrary, “crush” and narrow the small room, if you do not compensate for this feeling with special designer finds.

As the main color of the walls in a small living room, experts suggest the following.

  1. On the north side is a lemon, beige, yellow background.
  2. On the south side there is a blue, lavender, lilac tone.
  3. In the east - white, pale pink, peach color.
  4. In the west - green, pearl gray, pearl.

Important! If we talk about the coloring of the wallpaper, the background should be light, the picture may be contrasting, but it is better to choose thin elegant lines. Remember that a large print splits the space, a single large print attracts attention. A small discreet ornament scatters attention and creates a feeling of expanding space.

When choosing the color of the walls, it is important to "match" it with the colors of wood furniture, flooring and joinery. And the shades of wood themselves, its textured pattern in different pieces of furniture should match or at least harmonize.

version of the unusual design of the living room 16 sq.m

Use light shades in the interior of the living room

example of a beautiful interior of a living room 16 sq.m

Painting on the wall will be a great design option

An example of a bright decor of a living room 16 sq.m

Experiment with color schemes

Even if you have a dark favorite color that you do not intend to give up, try to compensate for it in proportion with light blurry tones. For example, shades of sapphire and emerald, saturated purple or burgundy, it is desirable to balance the related tones of a light palette. If the interior after the repair has already been formed, but some discomfort is felt due to the wrong scale, it’s not too late to fix a lot in the design of the bedroom-living room of 16 sq.m. Use:

  • spectacular metallized fittings (silver and chrome elements are needed for the cold gamut, gold and copper for the warm one);
  • curtains of the necessary coloring and tulle of the minimum density;
  • removable covers for upholstered furniture, with which you can vary and combine the color of sofas, armchairs, chairs and banquets;
  • wall panels, large paintings, collages, large photos in a frame on a free wall;
  • large floor flowerpots, interior decor, hand-made products and original accessories.

Sometimes it is necessary to fix and dilute the monophonic pale interior. To do this, use the same methods, but it is easiest to vary the textiles, including bright rugs and curtains, bedspreads and sofa cushions.

Tip.If your design concept and stylistic choice still cannot do without black, dark green, purple chocolate or dark blue, use them as linear contrasts and as a pattern on the upholstery of upholstered furniture.

the idea of ​​an unusual decor of a living room 16 sq.m

Glossy surfaces are also recommended.

the idea of ​​a bright design of a living room 16 sq.m

Backlight with soft diffused light creates a cozy atmosphere in the living room.

Try not to abuse small objects in the design of a small living room 16 square meters. meters. A lot of souvenirs, dishes, handmade toys and other little things create a kind of visual chaos and a feeling of light mess.

Important! Do not forget that white is also different. Snow-white is suitable for the cold part of the spectrum, milk and cream color for the warm part. You can’t mix crystal white with an admixture of yellow and gray on a snow-white basis, then these colors look “dirty” against its background.

For pastel shades in the interior, choose a wallpaper with a mother-of-pearl base, a silver and pearl gray background will revitalize the green palette of the living room.

Attention! Sharp contrasts, dark ceilings, colorful wallpapers, black velvet sofas and dark blackout curtains literally "eat" the space in the interior of a square room of 16 square meters. m

Visually expand the space photo murals with 3D graphics, with spatial illusions, landscape paintings and a single large object. We hope that we were able to convince the site visitor of how simple it is to use the design techniques to make the space of a small living room bigger, more comfortable and more hospitable.

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