Design of curtains for the hall - new in 2020

The drawing room is one of those rooms in which the whole large and friendly family often gathers together after a hard working or school day. And, of course, every housewife strives to make this place as cozy, beautiful, attractive as possible. Such a seemingly insignificant detail of the living room interior, like curtains or tulle play a large, we would even say a colossal role in creating a winning design project.

design curtains for hall ideas

It is difficult to imagine a living room without textiles: soft upholstery, smooth lines and curtains in the living room that create and complete the image.

If the curtains for the hall and the living room are correctly selected, then they favorably emphasize and complement the interior of the room, scatter sunlight, creating lighting that is comfortable for the human eye. Also, with a good choice of curtains, they can easily expand the space and create a visual "snag" hiding the rather small size of the window opening.

design curtains for the hall photo ideas

Properly selected curtain design for the living room refreshes the room and attracts attention.

Note! Dense fabric can hide cosmetic defects in the window frame, walls, or radiators.

Design of curtains for the hall: news of 2020. Photo selection

In fact, to follow fashion trends, you do not need to rip off the wallpaper, repaint the walls, buy new furniture. Sometimes such a small step as updating the window curtains can already make a huge contribution to updating the living room. And, if you think about it, it’s very convenient. Indeed, fashion trends are updated every year, and, you must admit, it is not entirely profitable and correct to make repairs in every season in order to keep up with all this fashion world.

design curtains for hall ideas ideas

Curtains in the interior emphasize the dignity of the room, complement it.

Now, in 2020, the market can provide us with such a large selection of curtains. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, everyone can choose something most suitable for him. But if you look at this situation from a different angle, it will become clear that such a wide variety can confuse an inexperienced person, and he can easily choose a fabric that has long gone out of designer fashion.

design curtains for the hall

Curtains on the windows into the living room create their own atmosphere, protect from sunlight and prying eyes.

That is why our editors strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the most popular curtain trends for the hall of this 2020 and see photos with the most successful examples of the design of the living room.

design curtains for the hall

With their identical functionality, they are very different and, with proper selection, fit the interior of the living room of different styles.

In the very center of recent years there are fabrics in the style of Japanese style - minimalism. It is beautiful thanks to its naturalistic models, which looks good in a home interior environment. A simple cut of curtains for the living room is a fundamental feature of this trend.

curtains for the hall 2019 decor photo

Especially if you add such curtains with a concise design of the composition in the rest of the room.

It is also worth remembering that the main task of modern curtains is functionality and practicality. But do not forget that the living room should maintain comfort and warmth, because this is the room in which the whole family gathers in the evenings for a cup of tea.

curtains for the hall 2019 photo

Curtains in the living room in a modern style are usually straight, in a light shade of beige and white.

A light, flowing tulle will help to maintain a cozy atmosphere. Look at these photos and make sure that the flying tulle is the perfect solution for the design of the hall.

Light gray curtains will be a good solution.

curtains for the hall 2019 photo options

The fabric of modern curtains for the living room can be either natural or made using modernized technologies.

Is there a suspended ceiling in your room? Perfectly! Attach the ceiling curtain rod directly to it, and the fabric seems to be stuck in mid-air, making all the space around it weightless, as if in heaven.

curtains for the hall 2019 design

Classical style curtains for the living room combine light tulle and heavy blackout curtains.

Dense curtains, which are located on the sides of the window opening, also found great popularity again. This is the classic, most practical option that fits perfectly into the interior of every living room. In addition to dark drapes, it will be beneficial to use tulle, curtain accessories and unusual decorative interior items.

curtains for the hall 2019 design photo

On the one hand, a weightless organza transmits daylight, and on the other, opaque curtains adorn the wall and in the evenings protect it from prying eyes.

What style of curtains to choose for the living room

Curtains are one of the most important parts of the living room interior. Therefore, it is very important that they harmonize and blend in style with other important items in the guest room. Today's design world offers us so many stylistic trends that beginners just have their eyes widen!

curtains for the hall 2019 photo decor

This is a very practical solution, so many owners with the same good taste appeal to a similar design of curtains for the living room.

Just think, minimalism, loft, classic, high-tech, modern. So many things that it’s sometimes difficult to make a choice. Therefore, now we will try to analyze in detail the most popular styles and help make a choice.

curtains for the hall 2019 ideas design

The design of the curtains sets the room a certain mood, and also dramatically changes its appearance.

Country. Hot news

This is one of the most comfortable styles. She immediately provokes associations with village houses, huts, with warm bread from the stove. Curtains in a rustic style, are often made in pastel, calm colors. The use of natural materials, such as cotton or linen, is a priority. It is customary to use muted tones: pink, coffee, beige, peach.

design of curtains for the country hall

Country curtains in the interior of the living room should be exclusively made from natural fabrics.

High tech

This modern style is characterized by rough forms, angular forms and a minimum of unnecessary details, which is similar to minimalism. Curtains in this style should be light and airy, no dense textures! Coloring should be monophonic, neutral, not attracting a lot of attention.

high-tech curtain design

When choosing the color of the curtains, it is necessary to proceed from the size of the room, the amount of light in it, the layout and the height of the ceiling.

Other new curtains in 2020 in a different style

Above, we examined the most popular styles recently. Most of the owners of urban apartments prefer them to decorate the living room. But designers are not advised to go in cycles only in two stylistic directions, because the modern fashion for decorating residential premises provides a large, we would even say a huge, choice of style that will be suitable for the design of the hall.

curtains for the hall 2019 photo decor

Pink, yellow orange and peach will become bright shades and add light, comfort and softness to the interior of the living room.

Let's consider some of them.

  • Minimalism style for those people who do not like large crowds. It is characterized by light, gray and black tones and the absence of catchy and bright prints on the fabric.
  • Provence is a style that came to us from the French. It differs from the rest in the presence of a floral print and an abundance of textiles, vintage furniture with gilding or scuffs in bright colors. The decoupage technique on cabinets and furniture will be appropriate.
  • Art Nouveau is a combination of mass production and artistic works. It looks spectacular and unusual. Such a non-standard combination gives rise to many bizarre forms of a wide variety of textures, tones and colors.
design of curtains for modernist room

A win-win option is the choice of neutral beige, sand and coffee colors of any tone.

Trend colors of curtains in 2020

No one will argue that the stylistic direction in which the curtains will be made is a very important factor, you can even say that it is fundamental in choosing the fabric. But in no case should you forget about such an important parameter as color. The color scheme in which the curtains for the living room and the hall will be decorated is very diverse. It can literally vary from the lightest, translucent tones to saturated black, you can even say, coal color.

curtains for the hall 2019 photo design

You can choose any curtains in the white living room, it depends on the style of the room.

It is worth noting that neutral, light shades that will perfectly suit many interiors and styles have not come out of designer fashion for many years. This trend continues in the 2020-2021 season.

curtains for the hall 2019 ideas decor

The curtains in the interior of the beige living room should be milky and brown to complement the style of the room.

You can easily add coziness to the room simply by buying a tulle or a porter in a store in beige, olive, light brown or milk shade. Do not be afraid that these colors will look too modest, the choice in favor of such a color scheme will bring coziness into the room, a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere for a person.

curtains for the hall 2019 photo decor

This design will muffle white walls and create coziness.

Also, for fans of indestructible classics, we have good news: black, white colors and their combinations are still an actual solution! If you don’t quite understand how the two opposites can combine well, then don’t worry, now we’ll give you a good example: textured black draped curtains with interesting velvet ornaments will just perfectly complement the usual white tulle made of smooth translucent fabric (for example, organza).

But still, the main trend of the 2020-2021 season will be tulle with a variety of white shades. White combined with blue, white combined with pink, red, blue, green. They broke into the world of designer fashion and instantly fell in love with the hostesses and guardians of the hearth all over the globe!

curtains for the hall 2019 design

Bright texture, satin and velvet will create a vintage style, and transparent and modern fabrics are suitable for a modern style, minimalism and hi-tech style.

In second place among the main trends are proudly those shades that are often found in nature. For example, green, the color of blue clear sky, turquoise water. In this case, it is worth giving preference to dense fabrics, but do not use transparent materials. Why, you ask? It's simple, curtains with a bright shade are already a catchy element of the decor, which is no longer worth complementing.

Still do not forget about darker tones and shades. The choice will undoubtedly be successful if you make it in favor of cherry, plum, wine, dark brown. Do not be afraid of such a "dark decision."

curtains for the hall 2019 burgundy color

Bright curtains fit perfectly into the overall picture of the interior and complement it well.

If you are a lover or a lover of completely crazy and unusual solutions, then curtains with ornaments will be an excellent solution for you. For example, floral or marine.

Important! Pay attention to the fact that if you decide to use a bright version of the curtains with a pattern to decorate the living room, then take into account the fact that they can not be used in their pure form.

curtains for the hall 2019 ideas decoration

Dilute them with neutral tulle and get an unusual, but very decor for the windows.

But in fact, there is no single answer to the question of which color scheme to choose for the living room or hall. After all, each person has his own personal taste preferences and not everyone likes to follow trends. So when choosing a fabric color, be guided only by your own feelings!

The most stylish and fashionable curtains for the interior of the living room. A selection of the best photo designs

Before proceeding to the last paragraph of this article, we offer you to be inspired by fashionable and stylish new items for the interior of the living room and hall.

Combined curtains

The combined window design will perfectly complement any interior of the living room. And this fact is not at all surprising. Indeed, the modern textile market can provide so many fabric options. And they are all significantly different from each other. Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice and choose one or the other, so combining is a great way out of this situation. Here are some great combinations.

curtains for the hall 2019 photo

Blue curtains in the interior of the living room are suitable in a light shade or in combination with white and blue for a small room.

  • Strict, graphic blinds and a light flowing tulle can perfectly combine with each other. This is the most universal option, because the blinds will fit into the interior of any room, and even more so the living room. And if you add them with unusual curtains, you can turn it into a stunning ensemble.
  • The most common option in Russia will not be a surprise to you. Curtain drapery curtains plus a weightless translucent tulle - this is guaranteed to be a good combination. Why is this option so popular? Everything is simple. During the day, you can push the curtains into the background and let the sunlight into the room pleasant to the eye. And at night to hide from prying eyes behind dense matter. Convenient, isn't it?
  • A less common combined doorway design is the use of two pieces of tulle in different shades. They can be hung cross to cross and secured with the help of curtain clothespins, twine, waist ties. This option for combining curtains looks very unusual, beautiful and stylish. And most importantly, when using this method, you can change the fabric patterns on the window almost every day, whenever you want. Just imagine, today you created a chess piece, tomorrow a real waterfall from organza or tulle stretched to the floor from the ceiling.
curtains for the hall 2019 ideas photos

This is a universal tone that does not attract attention, but warms the interior.


So, now it's time to take stock and draw conclusions. In this article, we talked in detail about the curtains for the hall, which gained immense popularity in the new 2020, dismantled new models and even talked about combined copies. Also, we told you in detail about the main stylistic directions in the interior of the hall and showed you examples of photos with the most beautiful and popular window designs.

curtains for the hall 2019 interior photo

The living room in beige color is complemented by curtains of a classic pattern to the color of upholstered furniture and create a unity of design.

Of course, you received a very large amount of information, which in some places could even confuse you in some way, but it is worthwhile to make a small amount of effort and everything will become immediately clear. Sometimes it can be difficult to make a choice and stop at one thing, especially for beginners. But we hasten to assure you that this is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance!

If you just flip through a few detailed and successful collections of photographs with the best and most stylish curtain design solutions, the right idea will appear in your head! Do not be afraid of experiments and you will succeed.

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