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Chalet (fr. Chalet) - a small Swiss hut. In the summer season, shepherds used them to shelter from the weather, spend the night, cook cheese or whip butter. For the winter, people left their homes, leaving them empty. Despite the seasonality of use, the chalets were built warm and reliable due to the unpredictable weather conditions in the mountains.

chalet style living room

Very unusual, but very interesting will be the decision to use the chalet style in the interior of an apartment or house.

The chalet-style interior appeared in the ancient French province of Savoy. He absorbed the rustic spirit of alpine wooden houses. Thanks to coziness and convenience, this design is popular after centuries.

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Many at the mention of the direction of the chalet associate it with Switzerland, but France is the birthplace of this direction.

The poor and modest lifestyle did not allow the shepherds to create a luxurious interior, so they used only natural materials for decoration. Features of that life are reflected in the distinctive features of the modern style of the chalet:

  • The use of natural materials. Wood, stone, clay - all this people extracted in nature and used to create their homes. Such a commitment to everything natural is not a fleeting whim, but a necessary necessity.
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Literally, the chalet translates as a shepherd’s hut, respectively, the interior should be as warm, comfortable and without unnecessary details.

  • Rough rough surfaces. The shepherds did not have much time to polish their house, from dawn to dawn they were grazing. When reconstructing an interior in a chalet style, the main surfaces are left almost untouched, only to extend the service life of the product they are covered with colorless protective agents.
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Finishing is made with natural materials, wood, stone.

  • The simplicity of the decor. The modest decoration of the hut is due to the small wealth of the owners. The decoration served as simple gizmos made from improvised means.
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Walls and floors can be without additional finishes, such as untreated wooden floors or walls.

  • Soft natural light. In those days, the main source of light was the sun's rays. After sunset, people lit small oil lamps or candles. The lighting was weak and dim.
chalet style living room design

The interior contains leather goods and skins.

  • Restrained discreet tones. Among mountains and forests it is impossible to find bright flashy shades. The main background of the room is a combination of calm brown, beige, gray colors.
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Some home furnishings may be forged.

A similar design solution is possible not only in country houses, but also in city apartments. No need to withstand all rooms in the same style. The living room of the chalet will set the right atmosphere and will become a worthy decoration of the entire room.

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The furniture has a simple shape. Lighting in the interior is warm, diffused.

Dim, add naturalness

Please note that new-fangled luxurious and overly bright lighting devices will irritate the eyes and look out of place in the chalet interior. Lighting should be dim and close to natural. Rays should be directed upwards, they will be reflected from the ceiling and gently scatter across the room.

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The interior of the room uses natural materials.

To maintain a given style, every detail is important. Lamps should harmoniously fit into the design of the living room.In the center of the room can be a simple design of slats with several shades stylized as candlesticks. Such a chandelier is suitable for wall sconces in the form of lamps or floor lamps with lampshades made of thick textile.

chalet style living room design ideas

Wood walls, beams on the ceiling, wooden furniture.

In addition, large windows with wooden frames will help fill the room with light. Too heavy drapery will interfere with daylight, it is enough to install shutters or hang curtains from natural fabrics. Linen and cotton will create a pleasant matte background and let the sun into the room.

chalet style living room design ideas

The chalet style palette has natural colors.

Natural paints

It is important to create a chalet in the living room interior, you must adhere to the natural scale of calm natural tones. Otherwise, to achieve a natural village charm will not work. All shades found in nature will be appropriate.

chalet style living room design ideas

A private house is the best place to embody a chalet style.

  1. Woody palette. All colors of this group are suitable, from delicate caramel to deep coffee options.
  2. Beige and gray tones. Discreet paints will serve as an excellent base for the color scheme of the room.
  3. Green color. Muted green shades will dilute the abundance of brown and beige tones. Pistachio pillowcases on pillows or olive curtains on the windows will be favorably combined with the main elements.
  4. Piquant red. If you want to revitalize the room a little, you can add a little restrained red accents to the general palette. Calm terracotta or brick colors will be suitable.
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The hall will be decorated with a stone fireplace, around which a recreation area from a massive sofa and a pair of armchairs can be arranged.

Finishing Nuances

It is better to make wood as the basic material for decorating the room, because there was a tree everywhere in the shepherd’s houses. The floor and ceiling do not require additional complex processing, the surface is covered with a colorless matte varnish or oil with a patina effect. If desired, stone and wood can be combined.

chalet style living room interior

To decorate a city apartment, you can use imitations of natural materials.

On the floor of the living room of the chalet, rough massive boards will look advantageous. Dark tones of the coating will help to further dim the lighting.

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The furniture in the interior has a simple shape, the sofa and chairs are covered with natural fabrics or leather.

Wood-paneled walls support the rustic surroundings. For cladding use a lining, full boards, veneered panels or ends and saw cuts. If desired, you can additionally decorate the surface with stone inserts.

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For the upholstery material of furniture and curtains, natural fabrics are preferred, and wraps are made of fur.

A distinctive feature of the chalet is open ceiling beams. Massive unprocessed logs can easily fit under the ceiling of a country house, but not all city apartments will be able to establish a similar design. You can make this part small or simply not use it. In this case, to maintain the style, the ceiling is finished with natural raw board or wooden tesa.

chalet style living room ceiling

The walls can be decorated with plaster, wood panels, tiles with imitation stone.

Furnished Harmony

The same detailed approach is necessary when choosing furniture. Sofas and armchairs trimmed with natural fabrics or leather, a deliberately careless table made of wooden beams or a massive log cabinet will be a natural addition to an authentic rustic setting.

chalet style living room sofas

The interior of the chalet is not overloaded with unnecessary details, while it is very cozy and functional.

The fireplace will be the final touch in the chalet-style living room interior. It will be difficult to install a chimney in the apartment, so you can get by with an eco-friendly electric fireplace. It will serve as an additional source of heat in the winter frosty evenings, will help create the atmosphere of a country house.

chalet style living room with fireplace

Coziness in the chalet will add a fireplace, upholstered comfortable furniture and ambient light.

Attention to detail

The design of the chalet's living room will not be complete without additional accessories.

Chalet style living room photo decor

The classic chalet-style walls are made of wood.

Each owner selects decorative elements to his taste, here are just some of the possible options:

  • wooden racks with rows of books in old binders;
  • animal skins on floors or walls;
  • antique fittings and stylized forged parts;
  • chest with a hinged lid for small items or a cabinet in the form of an oak barrel;
  • clay jugs and even guns;
  • rocking chair with a shawl thrown over the back.
chalet style living room decor ideas

Natural wood will be the best option to embody the chalet style.

It is worth carefully considering every little thing, because any object that is not suitable for this situation will be knocked out of the general composition. Shiny fabrics, plastic decorations, artificial flowers or household appliances of bright colors look inappropriate in the chalet's interior.

Chalet style living room

The design of ceiling beams against the background of light-wood panels looks interesting.

The necessary equipment is best hidden in wood panels. Extravagant sculptures, paintings by contemporary artists will look sloppy. For wall decoration, classic landscapes, still lifes, portraits, or specially aged photographs with sepia tones are suitable.

Chalet style living room

In a country house or cottage, the ceiling and walls can be decorated with wood of the same color, the interior will turn out to be very cozy.

The chalet-style living room will appeal to all lovers of country life and outdoor recreation. Cozy and eco-friendly design will delight guests and hosts for many years, a relaxing atmosphere will allow you to quickly escape from everyday worries.

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Cozy textiles can dilute the brutal atmosphere of a chalet and add color to the interior.

Thanks to modern finishing materials, a wide range of furniture and a large selection of decorative elements, anyone can recreate the atmosphere of a real Alpine house.

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Alpine style is multifaceted. Having simple and sometimes rough forms, he has the unique coziness of a rural house.

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