Variations in the design of the room bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. with photo

Small rooms and spacious rooms need competent repair and arrangement of their space. Therefore, the design project of the bedroom-living room of 18 square meters causes some difficulties for its creator.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m.

The correct distribution of space in a small living area can be called a real art.

Designer's idea goes to many tricks to squeeze two functional objects into such a small space. This article will detail in detail about all the nuances of design projects with attached photos.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. design

Thoughtful interior design of a room of 18 sq.m. for the living room and bedroom will make the room original, comfortable and cozy.

Design options for bedroom-living rooms of 18 square meters with photos

In order to correctly equip the living room-bedroom with 18 squares as in the photo, you need to fully take into account all the subtleties of the arrangement for such interiors.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. decor

It is necessary to be guided by the rule: the abundance of trifles overloads the space of the room.

The main list of recommendations.

  • To give a greater effect to the interior of the bedroom-living room, a pastel palette in combination with bright shades is used to design the space to visually increase the space.
  • To increase the amount of light that enters the room, you can install panoramic windows.
  • To increase the functionality of the room, furniture transformers are used.
  • To visually raise the ceiling, you can install a small chandelier instead of a large and bulky one.
  • If you use shelves instead of cabinets, you can give the interior a more miniature look.
  • You can use a spectacular contrast wall as a separation.
bedroom-living room 18 sq.m.

This will allow, in combination with the shades of the bedroom or living room, to highlight a particular area against the background of the entire room.

Design options for bedrooms 18 square meters

The location of the dressing room in the bedroom has its advantages and disadvantages.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. with dressing room

Divide the room into several zones will allow partitions that change the perception of space.

The pluses include the following factors.

  • Clothing is always at hand. You can get dressed much faster.
  • The interior of the bedroom, combined with a dressing room and decorated in the same style, looks more attractive.
  • In the process of finding suitable clothes, the other inhabitants of the apartment will remain alone.
  • The presence of the dressing room avoids the installation of additional cabinets, chests of drawers.
bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. with movable wall

With proper planning of the wardrobe, you can arrange a place to change clothes.

Tip. When using various devices (clamps, rods), you can more competently use the usable space.

To make the design of the bedroom-living room more competent, you need to select a more suitable option in advance. There are times when the creation of a design is not within the power of the owner of the apartment. In this case, it is necessary to resort to the help of qualified specialists.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. design photo

First, the place for the future installation of the wardrobe is determined.

You can use one of the options to choose from.

  • Corner installation - the product is installed in a corner that is free. In this case, sliding doors are used.The installation looks more attractive if it is placed at the head of the bed.
  • In the direction of a blank wall - the option has a place for a room with large dimensions. The piers can be made of plasterboard material coated with finishing materials. Proper lighting should also be installed to cover the entire wardrobe space.
  • Near the window wall - a design similar to a niche will do. Near the window opening, you can install a dressing table for trying on clothes or combing.
bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. interior ideas

The option will fit for a rectangular or square room.

In most cases, the dressing room is an enclosed space, separated from the rest of the living space.

For your information! In the living room, several storage areas are often created.

A competent wardrobe is distinguished by multifunctionality, convenience and attractiveness with a competent arrangement of elements.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. with dressing room

The color of the cabinet can be updated to change and diversify the interior.

Qualified specialists suggest taking into account the following points.

  • The far corner is reserved for the cabinet and shelves, on which things that are used less often will be laid.
  • The size of this area should be at least two square meters.
  • Small items are recommended to be packed in signed boxes.
  • Ties, belts are stacked in special compartments to avoid loss.
  • When using high shelves or cabinets, it is recommended to use a folding ladder.
  • For fixing the shoulders, metal and plastic tubular mounts are used, fastened to the crossbar.
  • For a comfortable fitting, a mirror is installed.
bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. with wardrobe photo

The product range allows the buyer to choose the material.

Furnishing bedroom-living room

Creating a design project, the right amount of furniture for a comfortable environment is competently calculated. It is better to leave more space than to overload the interior with unnecessary items.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. a photo

Thoughtful organization of space in a limited area is almost an art.

You can highlight the necessary interior items, namely:

  • the presence of a sofa or bed;
  • a small table;
  • several armchairs;
  • wardrobe;
  • open hinged shelves;
  • bookcase.
bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. interior

A cabinet or rack that will be used as a delimiter perfectly divides the space into zones.

A folding sofa is an integral part of the living room bedroom. This sofa is used for its intended purpose during the day and as a bed at night. It is better to purchase a high-quality model of the sofa in order to extend its service life.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. with a sofa

A folding sofa will help to combine the living room and bedroom in one room.

The corner sofa saves a lot of space if there are a lot of people living in the apartment or a big company is going to. Additional convenience will be built-in shelves and drawers.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. a photo

For the studio apartment, modern styles in the design of the interior of the room are perfect.

We plan a bedroom on the principle of "Fit all"

Before installing furniture, you need to draw up a real plan of living space, which will clearly demonstrate how the room will look after installing furniture.

living room bedroom

Do not litter the bedroom and living room, using only the necessary furniture.

When compiling it, pay attention to the following features.

  • How windows are placed.
  • Measure the walls.
  • How are the sockets located?
  • Where doors, niches, ledges are installed.
bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. with a niche

Zoning the room is a great idea for dividing the space that designers use.

Typically, furniture is arranged according to the following rules.

  • In general ergonomics.
  • According to the rules of Feng Shui - the direction of the legs in a lying position should not be turned towards the exit. The best option is to install a berth with your head against the wall.
  • Towards the cardinal points - a good dream will be, lying in the north or east direction.

Attention! When installing items leave a gap of at least 70 millimeters. Installation of a berth is carried out at a distance of 4-5 meters from the TV.

If the room has several windows, a bed can be placed between them. At the same time, a bed is selected that has a low headboard.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. photo decor

Sunlight will freely enter the room.

To balance the space in front of the bed, a chest of drawers is installed. You can also install a TV on it.

Sliding wardrobe can help with compact storage of things. It harmoniously combines with any layout, easily occupies a corner space.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. zoning

Look at examples that show the distinctive design features of the bedroom-living room.

The interior of the room is 18 sq.m. living room-bedroom and photo

Look at design options that save space, as well as a photo of the design of the room 18 square meters. m. bedroom living room.

The problem of zoning the room to the bedroom and living room 18 sq.m. lies in the design decision to split the living space.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. design ideas

Plots of the area should be divided so that the areas of the room are combined as a whole.

For zoning, you can use:

  • shelving;
  • bookshelves;
  • sliding partitions.

Shelving zoning is a simple and affordable option. The main advantage of this partition is the abundance of space for the home library. Of the minuses, the small height of mass-produced models and the installation of an additional system for storing clothes can be noted.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. shelf zoning

Zoning with bookshelves is similar to zoning with shelves.

The use of sliding partitions as a separator allows you to create separate zones. This option is perfect and sophisticated designs. They are made of high-quality fittings, are characterized by a smooth ride. Sliding partitions are able to clearly divide the room or blur outlines in the common space.

Bedroom-living room in one room

This design solution is used as a necessary measure. For example, in a one-room or small-sized apartment.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. decor photo

Comfortable free space of a stylish bedroom-living room.

Consider the main advantages of this design solution.

  • The presence in the living room of a full bed.
  • When combining the bedroom and living room, a place is freed up that will allow you to make a working area.
  • Constantly maintained contact with other family members, being in the same room.

By cons include:

  • not everyone is ready to sacrifice their intimate space;
  • inability to retire with other visitors;
  • when the TV in the living room is working, there are problems with silence in the bedroom.
bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. photo decor

The living room is the center of each house, and if combined with the bedroom, the room becomes the most important in the apartment.

We can distinguish the following rules on the zoning of premises.

  • It is necessary to functionally separate the room, sharing in importance and secondary importance.
  • It is necessary to observe a uniform design style in the layout. Different zones should contain the same interior items.
  • Experts advise to allocate space for the sleeping area next to the window.

Innovative Design Ideas

To increase the usable space, the living room is combined with a balcony.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. kinds

Free space can be arranged for the desktop, dressing room, bar.

If the loggia is spacious enough, this space can be made into a sleeping area. This eliminates the need to install a dividing wall.

In order to attach a living room to the loggia, you need to do all the necessary work on insulation, glazing, installation of underfloor heating.

partition zoning

Using the same color scheme on the balcony will look like one common room, but at the same time it will turn the living room into a hall.


The bedroom-living room is an effective and multi-functional version of the design solution for small apartments.

bedroom-living room 18 sq.m. photo design

Proper preparation of the design project will allow you to effectively and comfortably use the living room, which will delight residents of the home every day.

VIDEO: How to harmoniously create a living room-bedroom design.

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