Options for combining rooms with a balcony or loggia

Many apartments have a small area in the rooms. Because of this, you have to constantly think about options for saving space. One way to really increase the size of the room is to connect it to the balcony. This will add not only extra square meters, but also more light, visual space. But such a procedure has many pitfalls. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand how to combine the balcony with the room and what is important to consider.

Loggia desk after merging with bedroom

Joining a balcony or loggia will increase the usable area of ​​the room

Basic rules for combining rooms with a balcony or loggia

According to current laws, you can combine a loggia with a room. To do this, you must first obtain permission to carry out dismantling work from the relevant authorities. However, in practice, achieving a “green light” to start redevelopment is quite difficult. This is due to the fact that the commission on housing issues perceive such actions as a large-scale reconstruction. Therefore, you will first have to work hard and collect the necessary documents confirming the safety of these works. It is also required to provide a draft of future changes and obtain its approval. Only after this can we proceed with further actions in order to get a loggia combined with the room.

The project of joining the loggia to the living room

You can start repair only after receiving an approved apartment redevelopment project

Designing is an important and useful phase of redevelopment. This allows you to take into account the various nuances of the room, identify significant shortcomings and correct them at the initial stage. An expansion of the opening connecting the main space with the loggia may be required. Standard doors are replaced by sliding translucent models. This allows you to expand the area visually, add light. A single interior of both zones will achieve integrity.

The combination of the loggia with the room involves glazing and insulation of the structure. It is important to choose light materials for this, so as not to burden the structure.

To completely demolish the window sill and the upper jumper is permissible only in block buildings and their bricks. In panel structures, this part refers to the carrier, and therefore it is not worth touching.

Also, do not transfer batteries to a section of the balcony. This will disrupt the heat circuit of the home. If the window sill is being dismantled, then the battery located in that area is transferred to the adjacent wall.

A small dressing table on the insulated balcony

Even with a small balcony you can significantly increase the functionality of the room

The balcony combined with the room can add problems. So when several zones are connected into one, a sill is formed, due to which the floor level becomes uneven. You can’t remove it. It is either part of the structure, or gives it rigidity and does not allow freezing of plates.

Workplace on the loggia with a podium

The way out of the situation will be the zoning of the annexed territory using the podium.

Decorating a room to combine

When the dismantling work is finished, the time comes for finishing.The final interior depends on individual preferences. You can create a single design or divide the space into several functional zones.

Natural lighting of the kitchen-living room after joining the loggia

After combining, the natural light will significantly improve, since much more light penetrates through the loggia than through a typical room window

Ceiling decoration

The classic option is a white ceiling. It is better to install the tension web. This will allow you to organize additional lighting, add lighting. The light canvas also visually expands the space, increases the height of the walls. Therefore, for small rooms this is the preferred option. You can make several tiers and transitions. But this can visually reduce the height of the ceilings.

Stretch ceiling on a comfortable balcony

The stretch fabric allows you to quickly get a perfectly flat ceiling

Finishing the ceiling of the attached balcony with slats

Another popular solution is the stylish ceiling made of wooden battens.

Wall decoration

Wall decoration depends on the overall style of the space. You can choose a single cladding for all walls or select separate finishing elements for different zones. When organizing zoning, it is important to leave the overall concept behind. You can change the color of the walls by several tones to indicate the boundaries of each segment.

Loft style loggia interior

The photo shows an example of a loft-style balcony decoration

Provence in the interior of the balcony

Provence style attached loggia

Bookshelves on a narrow scandi-style balcony

Laconic Scandinavian-style balcony interior

Facing materials can be any, including various types of wallpaper, decorative plaster, panels and more. The use of wood elements is not recommended. Close proximity to the window will negatively affect their properties. The tree will begin to crack, crack.

Floor finish

As a flooring, a laminate, linoleum or tile is suitable. The main difficulty in the design of the floor is associated with the threshold, which is formed at the junction between the main room and the balcony structure. And if it cannot be eliminated, then you can beat in the interior. For example, redesigning in the form of a step. It is important to consider the presence of a threshold and unevenness of the floor when installing the floor covering.

Laminate on the balcony floor after repair

Laminated panels are often used to finish the floor on the insulated balcony.

Patchwork style tiles on the loggia floor

Ceramic tiles - the most durable flooring option

Options for using a room attached to a balcony

Combine with the loggia completely different purpose rooms. Their design and nuances of design depend on this. Among the most popular for expanding spaces, one can distinguish a kitchen, a living room, a nursery and a bedroom. This is especially true for kitchens, where often there is not enough space for a working area and a dining room.

A small table in place of the balcony block

A window sill, designed in the form of a table, will act as the zoning element of the combined room

Kitchen balcony

There are several options for combining. It all depends on the specific kitchen space, its area and type of balcony. It is worth highlighting:

  1. Full connection. As a result, an additional usable area will appear. The wall dividing these segments is completely eliminated. The resulting opening should be additionally issued in the form of an arch.
  2. Partial Assumes that the window sill and main wall remain in place. They clean only the door and window. The advantage is the lack of the need to completely insulate the balcony structure.

You can not connect the balcony to the room, but only transfer the dining area to the loggia. This is a budget option that allows you to solve the problem with a lack of places and to avoid large investments, a lengthy process of dismantling, warming.

Sink in front of the balcony window after combining with the kitchen

Kitchen with a working area set aside on an attached loggia

Microwave on the nightstand in the interior of the balcony

The option of using the balcony as an auxiliary space

Dining table on a glazed loggia

Full dining area on a spacious loggia

Solid wood dining table

Summer kitchen on the loggia without glazing


A nursery needs a lot of space, especially if the child is not alone. A lot of toys, things, books and other things. Therefore, extra square meters will not hurt.The freed up space can be used as a zone for games, storage of things. Also, if the child is studying, there you can organize a workplace by putting a table, a bookcase. And a soft armchair to turn a balcony into a place for reading, relaxing. When combined with a nursery, it is important to carefully consider warming. There should be no drafts.

Design of a kids room with a balcony

Little girl room with play area on the balcony

Arrangement of a children's play area on the loggia

Playground on the loggia of a children's room for a boy

You can do without a complete dismantling. A window sill should be used as a table or bookcase. Be sure to add high-quality artificial lighting. Despite the good natural light in the afternoon, it will be quite dark in the evening.

Workplace of students on a comfortable balcony

A desk on the loggia in the room of two school children


There are a lot of options for connecting to the bedroom. You can not just expand the space, but achieve more functional purpose in the room. If you arrange the room in a single style, visually highlighting several segments, then in addition to a place to sleep, you can equip a home office, dressing room, relaxation area. But if you only need to increase the usable area, then you can choose a single interior for the entire space.

Men's dressing room on the attached balcony

A great solution would be to arrange a comfortable wardrobe in the extended territory

Connection to the living room is one of the most common types of redevelopment. To achieve integrity, it is necessary to choose the right lighting. It is also worth considering that even with complete dismantling, in addition to the nut, an opening remains. It can be masked with the help of decor, a special screen or curtains.

The choice of furniture for the interior of the combined room

Placed furniture should fully comply with the style of space. If it was necessary to increase the area to expand the room, it is better to give preference to compact and multifunctional objects. Do not choose bulky, massive parts that visually “eat” square meters and the room will look small and cluttered.

White furniture on a cozy balcony

The choice of furniture for the balcony depends on the availability of space

If you need a table in the living room, let it be small, preferably glass or in light colors. The loggia increases the usable area, but it is better to arrange the installation of furniture in such a way that everything looks fresh, spacious and bright.

Proper furniture placement to save space

For each room, it is necessary to choose the minimum set of furniture, which cannot be dispensed with. Multifunctional models allow you to combine several useful qualities without increasing the usable area. For example, a sofa or bed can be equipped with additional drawers for storing things.

Upholstered furniture on the loggia after repair

To equip a small recreation area, you can use soft frameless furniture

It is important that the balcony space is not suitable for placing heavy objects, large-sized household appliances that create vibrations. Therefore, the selection of furniture for this area is important to be careful. It is better to limit yourself to an armchair, a bookshelf, a light table and other compact objects.

It is also not recommended to install furniture in the resulting empty opening. It must be free to pass.

Photos of interesting ideas for combining a room with a balcony or a loggia

To clearly understand what a similar redevelopment looks like, it is worth looking at the photo examples of balconies combined with the room. This will help you find the right ideas for your own home, get inspired.

Work room on the balcony in the bedroom

Bedroom with a balcony, equipped workplace

Soft armchairs in the relaxation area on the balcony

Arrangement of a chic relaxation area on a spacious loggia

Increasing the area by dismantling the wall separating the loggia and the room is a popular solution. But it is important to understand that for its implementation it is necessary to carefully prepare, draw up a project, obtain the necessary permits and think through the interior.Only then can we begin to implement the plan.

Video: Rules for redevelopment of an apartment when combining a balcony with a room

Photo of the interiors of the rooms after joining the balcony

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