One-way kitchen curtain design

Curtains in the kitchen on one side look stylish and great. However, if you simply shift the traditional curtain in this way, the result is likely to disappoint. To make everything look harmonious, make up a single composition, it is necessary to correctly place emphasis in the design of the room, to take into account a lot of nuances and features.

Translucent curtain on one side of the kitchen window

Asymmetric curtain can radically transform the interior of the kitchen, making it stylish and more modern

Curtains in the kitchen, on one side (selection of photos)

If you choose the right one-sided curtain, it can not only bring personality to the interior of the kitchen, but also completely transform even the cramped and, at first glance, not very cozy room.

Short curtain on one side of the kitchen window

Curtains on one side can be chosen absolutely for any style of kitchen design

Most often they use a rectangular cloth that covers the entire window, especially in the kitchen, as a rule, it is not large. When it is cloudy, one-sided curtains do not prevent light from entering the room, and during the summer heat with their help you can easily protect the room from bright sunlight.

Light green curtain on one side of the kitchen window

For a minimalist interior, a simple laconic curtain made of translucent fabric is suitable

One-way curtain with lambrequin

Blackout curtains with an expensive fabric lambrequin will be appropriate in a classic style kitchen

One-sided curtains look great in kitchens with access to a balcony. Unlike ordinary curtains, they absolutely do not interfere with the passage.

Tulle curtain in the kitchen with balcony

Asymmetric curtain allows you to freely open the door to the balcony

With one-sided curtains, you can safely experiment. They allow you to decorate even a small kitchen with bright colors, without fear of visual fatigue. After all, the area of ​​the window and curtains is not large.

Do not use heavy curtains in small or dimly lit rooms. They visually hide the space even more. It is more correct to prefer light, light fabrics.

Tulle curtain on one side of the kitchen window

For a kitchen with a window on the north side of the house, it is better to choose a light curtain from translucent tulle

The advantages of one-way curtains in the kitchen

How can curtains on one side radically change the idea of ​​the indispensable symmetry of fabrics? If there is a desire to completely change the interior of the room without special expenses - one-sided curtains, one of the best solutions. Often, one-sided curtains are used to decorate non-standard windows, they allow you to highlight and emphasize the design of the room, skillfully hide its shortcomings.

Asymmetric Dark Green Curtain

One-sided curtains will be the ideal solution for the kitchen, where the furniture stands close to the window opening

The range of one-way curtains is very wide. A suitable option can be selected for any occasion. But this creates certain difficulties. It is very easy to get confused in the choice. However, to prevent this from happening, you just need to follow the recommendations below.

One-sided curtain on a narrow kitchen window

Asymmetric curtain looks good on a narrow window

One-sided curtains are perfectly combined with rolled curtains. Control over the entry of light into the room is further enhanced, plus an additional decorative decoration. Together with the curtains, asymmetry should also appear in some other interior details. This can be achieved with a picture on the wall or with an original furniture design.

The combination of roller blinds with one-sided curtain

A practical combination of a thick roller blind and one-way light curtains

Roman curtains on the kitchen window with an asymmetric curtain

Another option is a combination of a one-way curtain with a Roman curtain

Usually one-sided curtains are mounted on hinges and eyelets. Rings are not suitable for this, they will move out even from a weak blow of the wind.

Advantages of asymmetric curtains:

  • Easy to use. Easy to close window. Curtains are easily folded and fixed with a pickup.
  • Can be used next to stove and hob. To do this, it is enough to collect the curtain in the opposite direction from the place of cooking.
  • The risk of fire is reduced. Conventional curtains can be fluttered by the wind and pick up a flame. With asymmetric curtains, this situation is completely excluded.
  • Less material is spent on sewing, the price of the product is reduced. You can afford to order curtains from a more expensive fabric.
  • The room looks more spacious and easier to ventilate. The penetration of air from the street does not interfere.
  • Not so dirty as traditional curtains.
  • A very large assortment and an endless amount of design ideas. Suitable for any interior.
Translucent red fabric curtain

Properly selected one-way curtain contributes to a visual increase in the kitchen space

Types of curtains on one side

  1. Classic. This is a rectangular textile fabric, assembled using a drawstring or clip in one direction. Suitable for a kitchen decorated in any style. Always look harmonious and to the place.

    Asymmetric curtain with a beautiful grab

    Classic canvas curtain with one-side grab

  2. Combined. Curtains are not from one, but from several fabrics different in texture, texture and color. There are a lot of options. An experienced designer with such curtains can work wonders.

    Double sided curtain on the kitchen window

    Combined curtains can consist of two or even three paintings, differing in material, length and texture

  3. With lambrequin. Most often, such curtains are used in kitchens decorated in the Provence style. In this case, cotton, linen and chintz are usually used as curtain fabrics. The canvas is not fixed, but freely wound on the ledge. The edge of the lambrequin (when it is wound) either hangs freely or is picked up by the drawstring.

    One-sided curtain tulle pelmet

    A beautiful combination of an asymmetric curtain with a pelmet of translucent tulle

Do not take curtains with drapery and lambrequin for rooms that have a low ceiling.

Ideas and options in the interior

A lot depends on the style in which the room is decorated. It determines the type of fabric of one-sided curtains, style, number of layers, etc.

For classic and baroque, curtains made of luxurious fabrics with voluminous draperies should be preferred. Let's face it, kitchens are far from the most suitable option. Firstly, due to the specifics of the room. Secondly, such curtains will visually eat up the space in the already small kitchen. Exactly these in most apartments in our country and in the post-Soviet space.

One-way curtain in the classic style kitchen

Stylish combination of bamboo curtains with classic lambrequin curtains

For minimalism and hi-tech, curtains made of simple and light fabrics of a single color are suitable. They blend very well with roller blinds, stacks and organza.

Large window decor in a spacious kitchen

The design option of a panoramic window in a modern style kitchen

For country and Provence, you should buy curtains from chintz, linen, silk or other natural fabric. The shade of the canvas should be warm. A pattern is acceptable, but not bright. The lambrequin will look good on one side.

Floral Provence-style curtain print

For a rustic style, a natural floral fabric is often chosen.

If the window in the kitchen is adjacent to the door to the loggia or balcony, you can purchase asymmetrical curtains on one side, one of which is longer and the other is shorter. Stylish, and so far rarely seen.

Curtains of different lengths on a window with a balcony

Short curtains can be made of light fabric, and for long curtains use dense material

If the window is small, it can be decorated with one-sided curtains of the London type. In many ways, they resemble classic London curtains, but one of the sides is beveled.

Unilateral curtains with decorative pickups look very good.These accessories can be made invisible or, conversely, catchy, stand out. In this case, it is necessary to take into account lighting, design style, what kind of furniture in the kitchen, etc.

Asymmetric braid curtain

One-way curtain with braid

Curtain color

Try to choose a shade so that the curtains blend harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen. They should not get out of the situation, much less irritate the eyes. You can navigate to your taste, information from various magazines and sites, or invite an experienced designer.

Homemade curtains on one side of the kitchen window

Original composition created by the hands of a skilled housewife

It is very important that the color of the curtains does not reduce the already small area of ​​the kitchen. A small ornament on the curtains will look like spots, dirt, untidy variegation. Plain curtains with a large pattern on the canvas are preferable.

Light curtain on one side of the kitchen window

A one-sided curtain made of translucent fabric with a discreet print will make the kitchen brighter

Perfect for curtains in the kitchen with a floral pattern. A striped and cage print may and may look simpler, but it will also look good.

Pure white is not the best option. Even the slightest pollution is immediately noticeable. Tortured by washing. Use more muted tones: beige, milk, pale pink, baked milk. Their combination will also look very beautiful.

Lambrequin on the kitchen window with bars

When choosing fabric for a kitchen curtain, preference should be given to materials that are easy to wash and do not fade.

If you do not want the window to attract attention, you should purchase curtains to match the walls and furniture. In this case, flashy patterns, creases and draperies should be avoided.

The combination of curtains with furniture in the kitchen

Curtains should be in harmony with any objects in the interior of the kitchen

To avoid the visual merging of curtains with walls, the canvas should be different from them in several color tones.

Cold colors are hardly suitable for a kitchen room. Still, the kitchen, this is the room where they are fried and boiled. Everything is connected with heat and fire. Curtains should not be an exception.

Bright one-sided kitchen curtain

Bright one-sided curtain will become an expressive accent of the kitchen interior

Do not trust photos in print media and on websites too much. In reality, in the light of your apartment and for many other reasons, the curtains will probably look different than in the photo.

One-sided curtain gray

The gray curtain goes well with white walls and brown furniture

At the end of the article I want to note - beauty is beauty, but the kitchen is, above all, a functional room. Practicality and usability are much more important than aesthetics and decor. The main attention should be paid to the ease of care for the curtains, the absence of irritating elements, the service life of the products. However, if you approach the matter wisely, take into account the recommendations from this article, then making the kitchen a beautiful job will not be difficult.

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50 photos of one-way kitchen curtains

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