Elite kitchen design. What is he like?

Kitchen design is important, both for the hostess and for the rest of the inhabitants of the house. After all, this is a place where friends and the whole family gather, where the wife boasts culinary delights. With an appropriate budget, owners try to order an elite kitchen design. But it is not necessary to resort to outside help in this case. You can also please yourself, knowing the laws of the formation of such a design.

luxury kitchen

Elite cuisine is a special place in any home.

beautiful design of luxury kitchen

This is the place where culinary masterpieces are born and the whole family gathers.

The type of design already indicates that in the end we will get an interior that is expensive both in appearance and in cost. The “elite” category implies that in decoration and decoration as a whole only expensive and natural materials are used; in furnishings - high-quality and elegant upholstery; equipped with the latest technology. But this does not imply, it is necessary to blindly follow the latest fashion trends. If you like the classic, you can make the interior of an elite kitchen in a classic or antique style.

luxury cuisine in antique style

The main condition: high-quality expensive and natural materials.

The next feature: restraint and a sense of style. No bright flashy details, eclecticism and color matching inconsistencies. Proper planning is equally important. Elite kitchens are distinguished by a large quadrature.

interior design ideas

It is necessary to properly position all the components.

We suggest considering the most important details in a similar design.

The most significant details Implementation options
Style Provence, classic, high-tech, modern
Color spectrum White, beige, black, navy, brown
Furnishings Cost-effective, high-quality products
Equipment The latest technology to simplify the cooking process
Materials Stone, granite, natural wood

Now let us consider in more detail the features of arranging various zones and details of the room.

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It is important to create the most comfortable and pleasant conditions for staying in such a room.

Choose a style

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the style direction. It is the basis for the rest of the design. It depends on what furniture to choose, how to fill the kitchen, and what colors to combine. We have selected the most modern and suitable styles.

luxury kitchen design ideas pics

Today, for many modern families, the most important is the elite design of the kitchen.

beautiful classic kitchen design

Despite the style of design, the kitchen must be equipped with the latest technological advances.


This direction never loses its popularity. Already its basis - antique styles - speak of a chic appearance. Classics are an example of elegance and style. It can be used in various forms, achieving the desired effect.

luxury kitchen in classic style

For the design of an elite kitchen, this option fits perfectly.

On a note! The classic style is most often used to design luxury kitchens.

A feature of the classics is a harmonious combination of heavy furniture and some details (curtains, decorative elements) with light colors. The most common tones for this style are beige, ivory, milky and all shades of brown. A vivid example is Italian cuisine.

classic style kitchen

When ordering a kitchen set, feel free to choose “Italy” and “France”.


Not far from the classical canons of Provence. It also accepts only natural materials and light colors. Here we meet yellow-blue (sea and sand), olive and beige (olive garden and dead grass), etc. As the main materials we see wood, stone, granite and marble (it is unacceptable even to use a parquet board or artificial stone).

luxury cuisine in provence style

The basis of its palette are natural combinations copied from the outside world.

This style is perfect for high-end cuisine, as it adheres to the basic canons of this design. But he is not so restrained and direct as a classic.

luxury cuisine provence

Here we are waiting for comfort and warmth, which is also very important for the kitchen.

Hi-tech and minimalism

We pass to the present. The most suitable for high-end cuisine are high-tech and minimalism. They are very similar to each other, but have certain differences.

luxury kitchen design ideas

Today, the choice of many people falls on the stylish design of the kitchen, the most popular is minimalism.

Criterion Minimalism High tech
general characteristics Softer and laconic, simple forms, practical and light More restrained, furniture with sharp corners prevails, cold light, an abundance of glass and metal parts
Color spectrum Laconic combinations with a smooth transition, white dominates the design, often the combination consists of two colors Restrained and cold, contrasting combinations; light neutral background with bright accents is often used
Furniture It looks like high-tech furniture, but it has a less futuristic focus. Multifunctional furniture “with the latest technology”, retractable storage systems, lighting shelves and cabinets are common
Decoration Materials The predominance of textured materials (plaster, stone, wood panels), ceilings are mainly painted or suspended Accepts smooth and glossy surfaces (glass, metal, tile), ceiling - suspended, with built-in backlight
Lighting The light is calm and soft, there are lamps of an interesting shape Widely used are built-in halogen lamps, lamps on a rotary basis; artificial light is central, it is bright and illuminates all necessary areas
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The choice depends only on the mental structure of the owner and inhabitants of the house.

So, both of the proposed styles are great for creating an interior luxury kitchen. In general, minimalism is softer and more concise, and high-tech is designed for people who are strict and restrained.

The color scheme of luxury kitchens

Now we turn to the second most important factor - color. Of course, his choice largely depends on the chosen style, since each direction dictates its own rules. But for this type of design, there are the most common and acceptable colors.

luxury kitchen design photo

It is important to make this room colorful, spectacular, able to leave a pleasant impression on guests.

Beige - Perfect

In elite kitchens, beige is widely used. It is a good basis for various combinations, being an excellent background. It is ideal for creating a classic style and provence, being the main colors of these areas.

beige kitchen

In an independent application, beige gives the room royal luxury and spaciousness.

On a note! In the interior, beige is the basis of the classics.

Finds its implementation in the kitchen, finishing floors, ceilings, walls and furniture. Therefore, it is suitable for any surface, and can be implemented using any material.

luxury kitchen in beige tones

Just remember about competent combinations, not making every detail in this color.

White - the scourge of modernity

In modern styles such as minimalism, modern, hi-tech and loft, there is a predominance of white and shades close to it. Perfect for high-end cuisine black and white combination. Although it is classic, but only in clothing - do not confuse.

modern black and white kitchen

In the interior, he embodies modernity and restraint, perfect for minimalism.

Want to make a softer design, combine white with beige, dairy, eucalyptus. All of them are suitable for this type of design.

photo of the interior of luxury kitchen

All shades of brown, which also get along well with white, also fit perfectly.

Dark tones

We already mentioned brown - let's talk about dark tones. After all, an elite kitchen can be not only bright. Such rooms have a large quadrature, so they allow the use of dark colors.

luxury kitchen in dark colors

If you are a supporter of dark or bright colors of the kitchen interior, then professionals are advised to dilute such a color scheme with light shades.

The most suitable are dark brown, blue, black and burgundy. When combined correctly, they constitute a reflection of elegance and sophistication. So, burgundy and blue will make a perfect pair of black and beige.

black kitchen

Combine from both within the same surface, and in the implementation of different zones.

When working with dark colors, do not forget about the right lighting and adding bright or bright highlights. After all, otherwise you risk turning the kitchen into a gloomy and uncomfortable warehouse. The same applies to white and light colors - combine, otherwise get a laboratory.

black and white kitchen

You need to choose colors for the kitchen based on your own tastes.

Materials for elite cuisine

In this situation, appropriate - elite - materials are required. These include natural, high-quality and expensive species. So, only natural wood, stone, granite, marble, metal are used. Glass is also common, which is an exception.

luxury kitchen interior

The interior of an elite kitchen is an important component of the entire kitchen design.

Wood is suitable for creating kitchen units and flooring. Marble or granite is best used for flooring and the manufacture of countertops.

luxury kitchen photo

The interior of the kitchen should combine modern trends in the design of apartments.

By the way! Countertops made of natural stone and granite in addition to a beautiful view have high strength indicators.

For walls, stone and marble are used (especially for a kitchen apron). Paint is extremely rare, but it is suitable for wall cladding along with plaster.

ideas for high-end cuisine

When choosing a style you need to rely on the budget.

Remember that the design of an elite kitchen is made of high-quality materials, therefore it has a high cost and requires especially careful care.

photo of the interior of luxury kitchen

With proper planning, the design of an elite kitchen can please you and your guests.

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