Features of creating an interior kitchen in Khrushchev

Apartments in old houses, 50-70s, have a small kitchen. Its size is usually not more than six square meters. Previously, Khrushchev’s houses were built as temporary buildings. According to the plan, they were supposed to be demolished after twenty-five years of operation. However, for a number of reasons, these houses still occupy most of the architecture of almost every city. The presence of a small kitchen significantly complicates the life of housewives. In such a room it is quite difficult to place everything you need. However, there are some design techniques, secrets that make the interior of the kitchen in Khrushchev attractive, functional. They are considered in more detail in this article.

Set of white in the kitchen of Khrushchev

The kitchen in Khrushchev is a room with an area of ​​5-6 squares with a low ceiling

Useful Tips

To achieve the most convenient, practical design of the kitchen in Khrushchev, without special knowledge, is problematic. Such a task does not present special problems for modern designers. However, not every family can hire specialists.

Round glass chair in a small kitchen

The key task in the design of a small kitchen is a visual increase in the area of ​​the room

A small kitchen with a sink in the windowsill

It is important to reconsider the approach to organizing space and optimize it

With a limited financial budget, it is better to create a design project yourself. The following helpful recommendations can help in this matter.

  • Changing the layout of the apartment. This is a fundamental solution to the problem. By combining several rooms, you can completely get rid of the problem of lack of free space. Demolition of the wall should be carried out by professionals, only after obtaining special permission. Illegal redevelopment can lead to a serious emergency.
  • The use of light colors in the decoration. Light, discreet shades will visually increase the room.
  • Refusal of heavy curtains, too bright decor of a window opening. For the unobtrusive design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev, roller blinds and light transparent curtains are ideal.
  • Installing a sliding door instead of the standard. This will save a lot of square meters.
  • Refusal to use many accessories. They will only additionally overload the space.
Bright lighting of the white kitchen in Khrushchev

Good lighting is one of the main requirements

Choosing furniture

For the interior of a kitchen in Khrushchev, furniture must be chosen with extreme caution. Incorrectly selected items can make the room cramped, uncomfortable. First of all, you need to do the selection of a kitchen set. A headset with a bright glossy facade is suitable. It is better to pay attention to the corner headset. It takes up less space. The corners of the headset should be oval. It is better to install it along the wall.

Cream colored kitchen with cupboards to the ceiling

Upper cabinets are best made up to the ceiling - there will be an additional place for storing kitchen utensils

Drawer in lower cupboards in a small kitchen

Furniture should be chosen as functional as possible.

Cabinet with an open door in the kitchen of Khrushchev

The use of wall mounted cabinets is much more convenient when their doors open up

The headset should include the ability to embed technology. A refrigerator, an oven, hidden behind the facades, will make the interior one. In the working area, a light-colored stone countertop will ideally look. An artificial stone countertop has a lot of advantages. It is difficult to leave scratches on it, the material lasts a long time, does not cause difficulties in the cleaning process.To save square meters will help the choice of retractable mechanisms. Transformer furniture allows you to place all the necessary utensils compactly.

A small bar under the kitchen window in Khrushchev

Retractable bar counter adds extra horizontal surface

Folding table in the kitchen in Khrushchev

Hinged worktop can be quickly hidden when not needed

The organization of the dining area in the kitchen in Khrushchev

Dining table in place of window sill

When choosing a dining table, you need to pay attention to its shape. Standard rectangular, square shapes in Khrushchev will not be appropriate. It is better to buy an oval-shaped table, install it near one of the walls. A good solution is to buy a glass product. Such furniture creates the effect of weightlessness, it practically dissolves against the background of light walls. Compact chairs will be needed for the table. Do not buy bulky items. It is better to give preference to low chairs without a back. Sometimes a classic dining table can be replaced by a bar counter. This is a great solution for modern styles! A functional headset, table, chairs are enough. Excess furniture will only harm the interior.

U-shaped kitchen layout in Khrushchev

Additional countertop instead of window sill

Disguise of a geyser

Often, the design of the kitchen in Khrushchev spoils a massive geyser. There are several ways to solve this problem. The most effective of them, their advantages, disadvantages are considered in the table:

The method of masking a gas column Advantages disadvantages
Move column to corridor This is a radical solution for a very small kitchen. It will significantly increase the working space. However, there is a significant minus of the method - a time-consuming, not always possible transfer process. To transfer equipment, you need to obtain the consent of certain authorities. Consent can only really be obtained if there is a wide corridor with a high ceiling, ventilation duct, chimney, main wall. You can not move the column in every apartment.
Room Transfer If there are no conditions for transferring to the corridor, you can transfer it within the room. This solution will allow you to install the device in the most invisible place. The transfer will also need to be legalized.
Embedding in furniture Embedding a speaker in a cabinet is the easiest, cheapest solution. Behind the facade, the appliance is invisible. He will not be able to spoil the overall "picture". But there is a significant drawback of this method - its illegality. In many cities, embedding a column is prohibited anywhere. Therefore, before the installation, it is necessary to develop a plan, consult with the gas service.
Purchase of a white headset, wall cabinets It is easy to mask the column with the selection of white furniture. Then the column will simply "merge" with the facades, will not attract too much attention.
Column painting White furniture is a very brand. If there is no desire to buy a facade in the color of the column, you can paint the device itself. Staining can be done by almost anyone.
Kitchen in Khrushchev with a geyser in the corner

The gas water heater will be less noticeable if you place it in the corner of the kitchen

Built-in gas water heater

The cabinet for a geyser can be made independently or to order

Bathroom in Khrushchev with a gas column

As an option - moving the column to the bathroom

Color schemes

The correct selection of the color palette will help to make the design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev harmonious. The most acceptable option is the use of light, pastel colors. Cream, white, beige, light gray colors are able to visually increase the room. The interior in light colors looks very soft, calm. Such a solution will suit romantic, modern people. To visually erase all borders, you need to buy furniture in the color of the walls. A bright set, other objects would dissolve in the room. In the working area, you can make several color accents in the form of a bright stand for knives, towels.

Black oven in a white kitchen set

White color best reflects light and looks good with other contrasting shades

Important! If the room is located on the north side, cold light shades cannot be used in the decoration.The best solution is to choose a warm palette. For example, a light peach color can “warm” a room.

Kitchen set with yellow facades

Shades of yellow will warm the small kitchen

Calm atmosphere, bright colors may not appeal to all people. If the owners like a bright environment, you need to look for another solution. Using contrasting colors in excess is prohibited. They will reduce the space, make it uncomfortable. Color accents and elements will help to dilute a boring design. In bright colors, you can make a countertop, chairs, some parts of the facade. You can apply only two contrasting colors. Greater mixing of colors in one space will lead to confusion.

Illumination of the working area in the kitchen of Khrushchev

The green shade of young foliage is one of the best options for the interior of a small kitchen

Red and white furniture in a small kitchen

Red color attracts attention, but can visually reduce space

You can add color to the decor with a small colorful pattern. A fine pattern can decorate the dining surface, the working area of ​​a tiny space. Large pattern, large geometric shapes, drawings can not be used. Elements with patterns should not be many. You can repeat the pattern on kitchen textiles, curtains.

Classic style kitchen

Classic is not the best solution for small kitchen. This style requires a lot of space. However, it can be implemented by combining the kitchen space with the living room in Khrushchev.

Classic corner set

Classics show commitment to tradition and impeccable taste

The classic style is characterized by such features:

  • Set made of wood. The wood set has a luxurious appearance and will last for years. If funds are limited, you can buy a set of cheap pine. Modern production technologies have even made pine suitable for operation in difficult temperature conditions.
  • Wooden table. What is needed is a classic dining table. Install the bar is not worth it. It is more suitable for modern trends. Dining tabletops can be decorated with gold details.
  • High back chairs. Chairs should be bought with the table. You can give preference to a dark tree. Such a dining area will stand out against a bright headset.
  • Wall decoration in white. Walls do not need to be decorated with drawings, ornaments. Their decoration should be light, as simple as possible. Washable wallpapers are perfect. In the area of ​​the apron, you can use ceramic mosaic.
  • Long white curtains. Window openings in the combined room is better not to clutter up anything. Classical design is characterized by multilayer curtains. But not in this case. In Khrushchev, you can do with simple white curtains to the floor.
  • Stucco-decorated ceiling. Such a ceiling decor will attract the eye. Stucco molding looks luxurious. It can be painted in almost any color, left white. Stucco molding goes well with a glossy stretch ceiling in a light shade. The stucco molding should complement the luxurious crystal chandelier. The chandelier should be big enough, dear.
Chandelier with a socket on the ceiling of the kitchen of Khrushchev

The dining area of ​​the classic kitchen can be distinguished by photo wallpaper

Provence style

Is the classic too pompous for you? Take a look at the Provence style. This direction is distinguished by its tenderness, simplicity, comfort. Provence - a combination of rustic romance with city amenities. This direction is suitable for dreamy, romantic people. Provence is well suited for decoration of small rooms. This direction is characterized by a light color palette. Apply soft pink, purple, light gray shades. You can use white, cream color. Such a palette will help visually increase the space. Bright colors in provence are used only in details. You can vary the decoration with floral decor. The drawing should be small, occupy a small area. You can repeat the floral decor on the tablecloth.

Provence Corner Kitchen

Provence is characterized by pastel shades and retro furniture.

Set, table, chairs should be bought wooden. It is important to choose items minimally processed. They more emphasize the naturalness, naturalness of the style. The color of the headset can be white, cream, light mint. It is better to buy a table, chairs with natural wood coloring. Decor plays a major role in Provence. However, in a small room it is undesirable to use it. You can decorate a tiny kitchen minimally - with bright pillows, textiles, a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table. It’s better to hide beautiful utensils, glasses behind the doors of cabinets. Textiles must be selected exclusively natural. Linen, cotton, chintz - perfect!

Small kitchen with rustic elements

Variegated pillows on a soft sofa look great as decor

Advice! In the Provence style, it is customary to use aged furniture. But it is not necessary to buy a rare headset for huge amounts of money. You can artificially age modern items. Any person will cope with this task. Detailed video tutorials on “aging” furniture can be found on the Internet.

Design of a small kitchen in the style of Provence

Cozy Provence style kitchen

Tiny modern kitchen

The best style solution for a tiny kitchen in Khrushchev is minimalism. This style has managed to win the hearts of many world designers. It is simple, cheap. When arranging a room in the style of minimalism, use the following recommendations:

  1. The headset should be compact. Better to buy tall, elegant pieces of furniture. The color is worth choosing light. White color is perfect.
  2. Buy a glass table. It will visually dissolve in the interior, make it easier. The shape of the table should be round, oval. If square meters are not enough to equip a full dining area, you can install a bar. This is a good solution for a young family. The bar counter will help to increase the working surface, can be used for eating.
  3. Refuse unnecessary equipment. Today, there are many technical innovations that make life easier. But not all technology is often used in real life. Excess equipment will only “steal” the place. Carefully analyze the life of your family, buy only the most necessary equipment.
  4. Organize good lighting. Space, light - the main features of the style of minimalism. There should be a lot of lighting. In small kitchens, windows are usually small. They cannot provide enough light. Artificial sources must be connected to natural light. The ideal option is to install spotlights. They should be correctly distributed among the zones.
  5. In minimalism, practically no decor is used. It is worth abandoning beautiful utensils for display, various statuettes, paintings. You can decorate the room with green spaces, an extraordinary clock on the wall.
Minimalist blue headset

A family of 2-3 people can abandon a large stove and put a hob with two burners

White hanging cabinets and brown floor cupboards

Practical Scandinavian minimalism

Video about common mistakes in the design of the kitchen of Khrushchev

Photo: 50 interior solutions for the kitchen in Khrushchev

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