The use of lining in the design of the kitchen interior

Sometimes the available interior ideas become boring and monotonous, especially when it comes to budget options. Lining in the kitchen is one of the original, understandable and not beaten up ways to decorate the room. But you should think over every little thing so that you don’t pay twice later.

lining in the kitchen

Cladding in the kitchen with clapboard is an affordable and effective way of decoration.

Lining in the kitchen interior in a private house

Private sectors often include houses that are ideally suited to the Scandinavian style, Provence or country, these are the most profitable topics for using clapboard lining. It looks harmonious, stylish and appropriate in them, which can not be said about many modern areas, like high-tech or loft, they must be combined carefully. This method is the best variation for introducing the material not only from the outside, but also as a kitchen design.

lining in the kitchen ideas

Its popularity is also due to the environmental friendliness of the material and the ability to give an aesthetic appearance.

Kitchen apron from lining

Bold solutions, offering to make a kitchen apron from the lining, look stylish, and installation is quite simple. But the features of the room and the proximity to the stove, sink makes you think about the need to protect from moisture, temperature, fire (if it is a tree). And such precautions exist:

  1. Primer to strengthen the fibers of the material.
  2. Application of moisture resistant paint intended for internal repair.
  3. Sometimes protection from shockproof glass over is appropriate.

If this is not foreseen, evaporation, grease and spray can ruin the surface, because it should be convenient to care for. And also increases the risk of bloating due to stagnant moisture.

Kitchen set from lining

The headset will not be created completely from it, but to make the front panel out of this material is an option. However, there are conditions under which the kitchen unit from the lining will provide long-lasting service and long-term preservation of the original appearance - careful preparation before installation and timely, sufficient care. Usually it doesn’t take much time, it’s not a hassle, but it’s necessary to take into account such moments.

lining set

Lining is a generic name for rack materials, and not only wood, but plastic (PVC) and made of MDF.

The advantages of using lining in the design of a kitchen in an apartment

Previously, this material was used for cladding exterior walls and balconies, loggias of houses. Now, the imagination and experiments of designers have made a discovery in the use of lining in an apartment in the kitchen, the same applies to private dwellings. It turned out that environmentally friendly and aesthetically attractive material can be useful on different types of surfaces. It is used both on the ceiling and on the wall, as a decor.

lining in the kitchen design

The lining is thin boards, coupled by the sides on the principle of "thorn-groove", which are screwed to the base with screws.

He also showed himself positively in the following moments:

  1. Long-lasting service subject to proper and intended use.
  2. Ease of care, especially if competent processing of the original product was carried out.
  3. Affordable price in the market.
  4. A large assortment of options for choosing colors, sizes, materials and quality.
  5. Wear resistance in adverse environmental conditions.
  6. Novelty ideas, courage decisions.

Due to these advantages, this design method became popular quite soon, reached glossy editions.

Lining from a tree in a kitchen interior

There is a fundamental difference between wood panels and their plastic variations. The main difference is in toxicity, environmental friendliness. Most types of plastic used are not suitable for indoor installation, due to harmful fumes. Therefore, a tree is selected, in addition, it solves the issue of excessive visual simplicity and budget of the interior.

bright lining in the kitchen

Lining is successfully used for ceilings and walls, both outdoors and indoors.

Often the lining in the interior of the kitchen looks more interesting if it is made of wood, pine and alder are preferred. This decision brings a special delicate aroma of wood and freshness into the room, it soothes and allows you to recover faster. And allergy sufferers are usually not afraid to be in such a room, there will be no negative reaction of the body.

lining the kitchen design ideas

Increasingly, the lining is chosen for finishing kitchens.

Types of wood lining

The modern market offers a wide range, suggesting a choice of the closest option for finishing the kitchen with a lining. Distinguish its main varieties:

  • in width - we are talking about the distance between parallel joints;
  • by thickness, strength;
  • at the joints connecting the elements;
  • by design;
  • in cost - the range is wide, but the upper indicators often fall into the middle price categories among competing skins.

Sometimes “raw” material is purchased, the surface is treated with specialized equipment, painted, opened with varnish and installed.

Features of plastic lining

On the pages of magazines you can often find on the photo a kitchen sheathed with a wooden clapboard in a private house or apartment. But sometimes plastic is not inferior in appearance and properties to the wooden version. Only the selection and creation of the interior should be in the hands of a professional. He will be able to beat this element and make an accent or an addition to the design.

plastic lining in the kitchen

Currently, the range of materials has expanded, decorative surfaces and various formats of lining have appeared.

Note! Allergy sufferers often experience an exacerbation of a problem in a room with such skin. It is necessary to carefully and thoughtfully buy, studying the composition.

Clapboard cladding in classic interior styles

Experienced designers introduce this material into different interior styles, among them the most common - classic. To do this, you only need to choose the design of the lamellas. Most would choose wood of high quality and finish, with a matte finish that complements all the elements of the classic line. These are gilded elements, soft seating and warm colors - creating a special harmony indoors, without unnecessary details.

lining in the kitchen classic style

A wide selection of high-quality paints allows you to give the material the necessary shade to optimally fit it into the interior.

Clapboard trim in contemporary styles

Modern residents of megacities and small cities often want to make their home unique. In such situations, experimental ways to diversify the standard style areas and save. If you try to combine the lining and the loft, then, at first glance, this seems impossible. But if you figure out what color the kitchen set to take under the lining, then everything will fall into place. Usually the solution is a common matte style and a single color.

lining in the kitchen modern interior

If the lining is made of natural wood, then its aroma gives a unique atmosphere to the room.

High-tech suggests more glossy surfaces, therefore it is preferable to make lamellas in this format.They are able to organically decorate one of the walls or become an apron.

lining in the kitchen high-tech

Material from wood of the highest category has a high cost.

And in minimalism, you can interestingly beat the material, if you make it an inspiring part of the room. For this, a tree of white shades, or high-quality white plastic without toxic fumes, is suitable. This direction does not accept colors, except for basic white, because the owners will have to find the right shade and lamellas to get a single harmonious picture.

lining in the kitchen minimalism

The kitchen, decorated with wooden lining, is filled with a special atmosphere and indescribable comfort.

By the way: if there is any doubt about the selected material or its relevance, it is better to show the interior designer the project and ask his professional opinion.

Variants of the use of lining in the interior

Experts identify several optimal ways to use this material in the interior of a kitchen.

  1. Apron. It involves careful processing and the right paint before installation, but it looks original.
  2. The lower part of the wall, about half or two-thirds of the height. Mounted along the entire wall.
  3. On one wall, usually it is least occupied.
  4. The ceiling looks especially impressive in a country-style room with a beveled or angular, uneven ceiling.
lining in the kitchen

Walls can be sheathed both vertically and horizontally - depending on the interior.

Interesting! The material is sometimes placed not only in the usual vertical way, but also horizontally. This is a variant of the visual expansion of the room, giving it an original look.

lining in the kitchen

Natural wood slats can completely sheathe the kitchen or dining room - from floor to ceiling - adding a rich accent.

The choice of lining for the design of the kitchen

Before buying, it is very important to determine:

  • budget - for what maximum amount the owner is ready to buy material;
  • the width of the lamella, sometimes they go one after another through three to four centimeters, often they are chosen a little wider or with a significant width;
  • wood or plastic;
  • whether additional coating, primer, special paint is needed, this is also included in the general check for lining.
lining in the kitchen photo decoration

Country style is simply created for country houses, and lining fits perfectly into the interior.

The main thing is that the acquisition should look harmonious against the background of the kitchen interior, not be alien. For a better fit, a particular color or texture is often saved.

lining in the kitchen

The Provence style kitchen has many advantages: it is appropriate in a small apartment, and in a huge country mansion.

So, lining in the kitchen is a good idea if it is correctly installed and prepared. This element can be entered in different styles, but Provence, country and Scandinavian style suit him the most. For modern design options, it is better to attract a professional designer who can make it an appropriate part of the interior.

lining in the kitchen design ideas

Lining from wood harmoniously fits into a similar interior.

VIDEO: Decorating a kitchen with a clapboard - original ideas.

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