Kitchen design options with artificial stone table

Artificial stone has recently become more and more popular, and not only when used in decorating, but also in interior decoration. Especially often, artificial material is used to decorate the kitchen interior. And if you do not take into account the wall lining, the stone is used to make bar counters, countertops and tables.

artificial stone table

One of the most versatile materials is artificial stone.

Such solutions in the interior fully paid off due to excellent characteristics, as well as good resistance to aggressive conditions of use in the kitchen, such as high humidity, temperature changes.

Synthetic material will be a great choice for those who want the kitchen to have a great look. The presence of this material in the room automatically ennobles it. Natural stone has a high cost. It’s not necessary to overpay. An inexpensive option from synthetic agglomerate will be an excellent solution and is suitable for any style of cuisine.

faux stone table

Artificial stone is successfully used by many manufacturers of kitchen furniture and is becoming increasingly relevant.

A table made of artificial stone in the kitchen fits perfectly into the interior in a classic and modern style. One of the main advantages of an interior element made of artificial stone can be called a long service life, which can more than cover the cost of the product. Dining groups made from this material have a smooth surface, their texture is pleasant to the touch. The stone table for the kitchen does not absorb fat, does not crack or crack.

artificial stone table

Such furniture is very easy to maintain in an appropriate form, as the washing process is facilitated by the absence of pores.

Elements of furniture can be made in any, even the strangest, at first glance, form. Experts note that in recent years, options made of acrylic stone have been very popular. Acrylic furniture has a spectacular, modern appearance, is easy to process and is therefore often used in kitchens or salons.

acrylic stone table

Countertops made of such a material are almost two times lighter than similar versions made of natural stone.

Synthetic stone is divided into two main types:

  • acrylic;
  • agglomerate.

A common composite based on acrylic resin is acrylic stone. Products made from this material are lightweight, flexible and practical to use. And thanks to this, furniture can be made of any shape and style.

Many designers choose an agglomerate for their work. It is a heavy and sturdy material. If you have a large order in your plans, it is best to make both a countertop and a table stand from this material.

The advantages of artificial stone kitchen tables in terms of design

The materials used for the manufacture of kitchen tables with stone countertops can have a different structure and color, revealing a wide variety of design solutions. Specialists can perform models with polished or matte countertops, the shape and size of which can be any.

artificial stone countertop

Buying a table made of artificial stone in the kitchen, you significantly save your money, not saving on quality.

Varieties by type of assembly

Hospitable people have long appreciated the benefits of sliding type models. A folding kitchen table with a stone countertop fits in a kitchen of any size. If the size of the room allows, you can opt for a large folding type model.

extensible stone table

These options are great for interiors in a contemporary style, loft style, Scandinavian style or Art Nouveau style.

Additional Information. A sliding table made of stone for the kitchen takes up a lot of space only when unfolded. This design is ideal for a large and spacious dining room.

Folding options are no less convenient and ergonomic solution than sliding models. But such a transformer table must necessarily have simple and reliable working mechanisms, as well as fastening mechanisms, if necessary. Oval models of folding tables, which have only one support, are very popular, as they combine practicality and design.

artificial stone table

The model should be designed for continuous use, both folded and unfolded.

The table book is also an excellent folding version of the transformer table. It can be used both folded and unfolded.

table book made of acrylic stone

The surface of such a countertop will be more pleasant to the touch.

Note! The table on one leg looks very stylish. The size of this piece of furniture is often small, and it is ideal for a small kitchen.

How to choose a table made of artificial stone for your interior

The choice of a model made of artificial stone is best done in accordance with the size and configuration of the working area. And it is in solving such problems that the whole charm of countertops made of synthetic material is manifested. It can integrate headset modules of the most various shapes without a single seam - U-shaped, angular, built in a specific arc.

artificial stone table in the kitchen

Capacity and usability often depends on the shape of the table.

Important! When choosing a dining table, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the room, the number of people who will gather at the same time, as well as the requirements of design and interior features.

The most universal is a rectangular or square shape. Such designs can be placed next to the wall or extended to the middle of the room.

artificial stone table

Such models are the most common.

Rectangular and oval models come in different sizes, accommodating from 6 to 12 or more people. They can be harmoniously used both in small and more spacious rooms. It is worth considering that such a model will look better in the middle of the room. By the wall, it will be inappropriate.

artificial stone table in the kitchen

For this option, it is best to use one underframe than four legs in the corners.

A semicircular design will also look harmonious against the wall, and it is better not to have a product of a triangular shape near the wall. More complex shapes are chosen for spacious rooms and are created in accordance with the basic idea of ​​the entire interior.

acrylic table by the wall

The structure of the artificial material facilitates the care of the countertop. It will generally be much more resistant to difficult conditions in the kitchen.

Interesting and popular color schemes of artificial stone tables

Thanks to a huge range of modern technologies from artificial materials that are imitation of natural, you can make models of various shapes, sizes and colors. The most practical are light shades with various impregnations.

acrylic stone table

A white dining table will decorate any kitchen.

Black and dark shades look very expensive and stylish. But on such surfaces, fingerprints and stains are immediately visible. And after a while scuffs and scratches will be noticeable. But if the dark color is your favorite, after a while all the flaws can be corrected by grinding.

acrylic stone countertop

Artificial stone tables are simple in terms of design concepts.

If we consider options for artificial raw materials, then acrylic is considered more pliable. But from the agglomerate it will be difficult to carry out too bold design projects. Acrylic design options can be supplemented with a curly cut of various shapes, depending on the chosen style, as well as the wishes of the customer.

acrylic table in the kitchen

You can easily find curved versions of countertops, which are often in demand for a bar counter in the kitchen, or a very thin version of a table, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Agglomerate has the maximum similarity with natural raw materials.

agglomerate countertop

Thanks to the qualities of artificial stone, it will retain its presentable appearance even after years.

Trendy texture of artificial stone tables

Models of artificial raw materials today are distinguished by a wide variety of colors and textures. Depending on the pigment added to the composite, as well as the type of filler, it can imitate well:

  • natural marble;
  • granite;
  • onyx;
  • slate;
  • jasper;
  • malachite.

A special trend in recent years can be called the use of unique patterns of impregnations, as well as veins on the surface.

artificial stone table

Grained patterns, inserts and clear textures have proven themselves well.

Such decisions look attractive and interesting. They easily hide small flaws and make it possible to enjoy beauty and grace for a long time, to postpone the restoration process.

artificial stone table

Table selection can be made based on many factors. The overall design, cost, shape is taken into account.

Reliable models for the kitchen made of artificial material justify their cost and the difficulties that may arise during transportation and installation. Such furniture elements can become a real decoration not only of the kitchen, but also of the whole house.

artificial stone table

Such a table will take a place in your kitchen for a long time, perfectly complementing its design.

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