Design options for kitchens 9 square meters. m with sofas

There are rooms that do not please the owners with their area. Such premises include a kitchen-living room of 9 square meters. In such a limited space, it is very important to consider every small nuance when planning the repair and further arrangement.

Designing a small space is a daunting task. You need to take into account many nuances, but you should start with the layout of space

Kitchen layout

The first thing to do is to divide the room into zones on the plan, namely, we allocate space for the kitchen and calculate the remaining meters. Usually about 4-5 square meters remain. On the leftovers, it is necessary to fit a comfortable sitting area with a sofa.

Linear kitchen unit with corner sofa

The corner sofa is the most spacious, while it occupies a smaller area in comparison with the direct model

9-square-meter kitchen with direct sofa

A straight sofa can be ideal for a square kitchen without a balcony, if you put it along the window and place a dining table nearby

Kitchen design 9 sq m with narrow sofa

In an elongated room, a narrow sofa located along the wall opposite the headset will be appropriate

The next step in planning such a room is to take into account how much space the sofa will occupy, whether it will be laid out and serve as a berth. The sofa will pick up another two square meters.

The remaining quadrature should be used with the maximum rationality - to put up cabinets or whatnots, or if this is the only room, then a desk.

For a small room, the distance between the furniture should be maintained. A comfortable distance for passage will be 0.6-0.7 meters.

In a kitchen-living room of 9 square meters, it is very important to consider the placement of windows and the layout of the room (rectangular or square) as well as the placement of the balcony.

Bar counter on the insulated balcony of a city apartment

The balcony can be insulated and attached to the kitchen, or use the space in the warm season, for example, put a bar or coffee table there

In such rooms there are usually no windows and the only source of daylight is a balcony opening. With its proper use, we can additionally obtain valuable 2-3 square meters. The size of the balcony depends purely on the position of the room, as already mentioned rectangular and square. In the first case, we get less area, and in the second more.

In addition to the functionality in the kitchen-living room, you also want to get comfort, and for this it is important to choose the right design option. All these nuances are described in more detail below.

Design options for a modern kitchen-living room of 9 square meters

Recently, design trends such as Scandinavian, neoclassic, minimalism, hi-tech, loft, classic and country have become popular.

Black countertop classic style headset

A bright classic-style kitchen with a sofa and a corner set, the short side of which replaced the windowsill

For a very small room, such styles as Scandinavian, minimalism and country will be relevant.

What styles do not fit:

  • Neoclassic and classic - according to their canons they require a lot of space, this is due to massive furniture, rich textile finishes, darker colors in the interior that visually reduce space.
  • High-tech and loft will not work due to the fact that the basis of this direction will be a lot of free space and daylight. In the conditions of 9 square meters - it will be simply impossible.
Medium-sized kitchen design with loft elements

The maximum that is possible in such an area is the use of some style features of these interiors, for example, brickwork from a loft or glossy furniture from high-tech

And now, consider the options that are suitable for such a room.

Features of minimalism and Scandinavian styles in the interior

  1. The less furniture, the better.
  2. Light colors of the interior (white, beige, milky, pastel shades of other colors) - in any case, they will visually increase the space.
  3. The absence or minimal availability of textiles on the windows - lambrequins, drapes, tulle is replaced by the functional options for the roulette and Roman blinds. In addition, it will be easier to breathe in the room due to the lack of dust that accumulates there.
  4. The furniture is light and weightless.
  5. A lot of transforming furniture refers specifically to the Scandinavian style.
  6. A lot of light, if there is a lack of natural lighting, then it is competently replaced with artificial.
  7. The main principle is nothing more with maximum functionality.
Kitchen dining area with comfortable benches

White color in furniture and decoration is a hallmark of the Scandinavian style

Minimalist style kitchen design with a breakfast bar

Minimalism is characterized by flat facades, simple textiles and a minimum of decor

Their main distinguishing feature will be the simplicity of lines and shapes in furniture. For the Scandinavian style, bends and complex furniture designs in furniture are acceptable, and for minimalism, clear geometry is important when furnishing.

Country Benefits

Country style is very similar to them, but it has its own bright characteristics:

  1. Wall decoration may not be smooth and plain, but patterns and floral ornaments are allowed.
  2. Furniture can be massive, but should not be in excess.
  3. The presence of curtains and tulle on the windows.
  4. A lot of small decor elements - pillows, rugs, figurines and so on.
Bright kitchen design in a rustic style.

The kitchen in the city apartment, decorated in the country style, will give a relaxed atmosphere of rustic comfort

Kitchen equipment with country sofa

Natural materials - the hallmark of a rustic interior

Cozy kitchen dining area with beautiful curtains

Country style is very practical, I want to spend as much time as possible

In general, these styles are suitable for us because they do not require extensive furniture, do not collect a lot of dust and are very affordable.

How to increase the space of the kitchen-living room 9 square meters. meters

With such limited space, the first thing to do is decide how to increase the space. There are two solutions to this problem. The first is to obtain additional space from the balcony, and the second is to use visual enlargement. Typically, these two tricks are always used together.

Corner sofa on the insulated balcony

On the attached balcony or loggia you can organize a comfortable relaxation area

By combining the kitchen-living room with a balcony, you can get a couple of square meters, which is enough to equip the kitchen and dining area there.

Dining table on the insulated balcony

The organization of the working area on the balcony will require the transfer of communications, so usually there is a place to eat

The remnants of the wall or the former windowsill are converted into a bar counter, which will be both a dining and working surface. The kitchen set is placed in one line and in this case there should be only the most important thing - a refrigerator, stove, sink, additional work area and many wall cabinets. All cutting and cooking processes will take place at the bar counter. In this case, it will be necessary to reduce the window size to a minimum.

Kitchen design after joining the loggia

Neoclassical kitchen with a bar on the window sill

The second option for using the obtained area is that a working area is located there as an office. The former window sill on the balcony will serve as a zoning space, as well as a desk. In the former balcony, cabinets and shelves for books and things are well hidden.This option is common in apartments, where it is the only room.

Yellow curtain on the window of the study on the balcony

Chic, in our opinion, study on the balcony with panoramic glazing

Ways to visually expand the space

  1. Choose the lightest shades for the walls. These colors include white, gray, milky, beige.
  2. Use mirrored surfaces for the kitchen.
  3. Do not make complex structures on the ceiling.
  4. The space is divided into zones using furniture or changing the color scheme.
  5. Furniture should be placed closer to the corners of the room.
  6. The kitchen set should be either in one line or in the form of the letter “P”.
Kitchen with sofa in a private house

Do not get carried away by dark tones. Choose light and light colors that reflect natural light well

White curtains on the kitchen window

Do not obscure the windows. If you can’t completely abandon the curtains, use translucent fabrics and curtain models that maximize the opening of the window opening in the daytime

How to arrange furniture in the kitchen-living room of 9 square meters

When arranging furniture in an apartment, after installing a kitchen set and appropriate household appliances, the first thing to do is choose a place for a sofa.

Kitchen table with tempered glass worktop

The size of the dining table and the number of chairs are selected depending on how many people live in the house

It fits perfectly under the balcony doorway, thereby freeing up half of the room for free movement. If there is no balcony, then the optimal place for placement will be near the window or under the window against the wall. This situation will give us the opportunity to put also a coffee table.

Narrow sofa with purple upholstery

The location of the sofa should contribute to a pleasant pastime.

In such apartments, repairs begin with insulation of the facades, because most rational arrangements will be irrelevant due to constant drafts.

To separate the kitchen from the living room, the best reception would be a bar. It takes up significantly less space than a dining table and will be a great addition to the kitchen worktop.

How to put a kitchen in an area of ​​9 square meters

There are several options for placing a headset. One of them is the installation on the former balcony described above, in addition to it there are several more options. They all depend on the layout of the room, namely it is square or rectangular.

For a square room, placement along one wall is optimal. All cabinets should be as narrow and flat as possible.

Linear set without wall cabinets in a white kitchen

Square kitchen with a linear set and a comfortable seating area

Furniture of angular configuration in the interior of the kitchen 9 squares

Another option for planning a square kitchen, which uses corner models of both a headset and a sofa

For a rectangular layout, a n-shaped zone is formed near a narrow wall, in which the passage between the sides will be at least 0.5 meters.

U-shaped layout of the workplace in the kitchen-living room

The working area in the form of the letter “P” is the most convenient for cooking

U-shaped soft corner in a modern style kitchen

On a small heel near it, you can place a soft corner, albeit not as comfortable as a full-fledged sofa, but accommodating more people

The nuances of the placement of household appliances and appliances

Placing household appliances in a small area will be a serious problem. To solve it, you need to use a few simple rules:

  1. The technique is not bulky to choose, ideally so that it is built-in.
  2. Apply the triangle rule - the sink, refrigerator and stove should form a triangle in which the sink will be the top.
  3. Install the refrigerator as close to the wall as possible and place additional cabinets and compartments above it.
White furniture in the kitchen with a sofa

A compact, built-in technique is best suited for a modern kitchen interior of 9 squares.

Video: options for placing a sofa in the kitchen

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