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How to position a house on a plot
The presence of even the largest land plot does not mean that a house is being built within it anywhere ....
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Landscaping of a garden with galvanized metal beds
Galvanized beds are a four-sided box made of metal. Attaching the sides ...
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site landscape design
Landscaping methods for landscaping - the choice of plants
Country houses, dachas are being erected on land plots. After the construction of buildings carry out comprehensive landscaping, ...
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decorative fence for the garden
The use of decorative fences in country garden beds
A decorative fence for a summer residence is not only a fence of the perimeter of the site, which carries a sense of security ...
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Pool decoration in the courtyard of a private house
Many owners of country houses install a pool on their territory, since swimming is ...
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All about fences from the netting netting: how to make and install
Fencing a site is necessary for many reasons, and safety is one of them. Choosing the option of fencing, ...
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All about wooden fences - beautiful decorative fences for summer cottages
Wooden fences are now back in fashion. And no wonder: they are environmentally friendly, beautiful and pleasant. Exist...
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Registration of a lawn in landscaping of a summer house and home
One of the main elements in the formation of landscape design is the lawn. It can be used ...
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Ways to beautifully improve your summer cottage and suburban area
Buying a suburban land is a great idea. There will be a place to rest from worldly fuss after heavy ...
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All about concrete decorative panel fences
Concrete is a material consisting of a mixture of sand, gravel, cement and water. To enhance the strength of concrete ...
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