Photos of cabinet design ideas with swing doors and a depth of 40 cm

The entrance hall is one of the most important rooms in an apartment or house, since it is by its design and arrangement that the first impression of the general interior of the room is created. One of the obligatory details of the hallway is a cabinet with shelves or drawers in which clothes or various things are folded. When decorating small rooms, a closet with a depth of 40 cm with swing doors is currently very popular.

wardrobe in the hallway

Despite the popularity of the compact and ergonomic wardrobe, many prefer to place a classic swing structure in the hallway.

Pros and cons of a cabinet with hinged doors and a depth of 40 cm

The hinged design in the hallway allows you to replace the clothes hanger, can be used as a shelf for shoes, a chest of drawers and perform various other functions.

wardrobe in the hallway photo

This option requires more space, but with its help it is easier to realize an interesting design idea.

There is a wide variety of models and installation options for the cabinet, but they all have the following advantages:

  1. Multifunctionality. In a cabinet with hinged doors you can store a wide variety of things, from umbrellas, hats and other accessories, ending with household items and equipment.
  2. Relevance and stylish design. A wide range of products currently on the market will allow you to choose the best option for any interior. Best models with sliding doors and a depth of 40 cm look in a classic style.
  3. Space saving. A small cabinet is suitable even for a small room where it is necessary to use the space as rationally as possible. It does not take up much space and merges with the walls.
  4. The assembly of such a model is quite simple, does not require special knowledge and skills. Also, the products have a long service life, they are reliable and durable.

Interesting! A wardrobe with swing doors and a depth of 40 cm is quite spacious. The main thing is to correctly distribute the space inside, and you can comfortably arrange all the things that you consider necessary. A shallow depth allows you to see all the contents at once.

wardrobe in the hallway

The hinged cabinet is more functional - among modern models you can find the option with drawers or folding drawers, which will optimize storage of things.

A shallow cabinet with hinged doors also has several drawbacks that make its use not always possible and comfortable:

  • the model will not be able to accommodate large interior items (vacuum cleaner, folding table), so you have to free up space for them in another room;
  • since chipboard is most often used as a material for manufacturing a structure in a hallway, it is not recommended to hang wet clothes in it;
  • to open the doors you will need to free up space in front of the closet, which is not always convenient in small hallways.

To select the most optimal version of the product, you should first evaluate the space of the room and its dimensions. Also, when selecting, attention is paid to the configuration of the model, its color and material.

swing cabinet in the hallway design photo

Today in the assortment of furniture stores you will find cabinets made in different stylistic directions - from luxurious baroque to strict minimalism.

Options for placing a cabinet with swing doors

There are several options for placing the cabinet with a shallow depth and swing doors. Depending on the size of the hallway, the general interior of the room and personal preferences, you can choose the most suitable option.

wardrobe in the hallway design ideas

It is important to choose exactly the option that will not only harmoniously fit into the interior of your hallway, but will also be comfortable in operation.

In the corner of the room

The angular model is ideal for compact rooms in which every centimeter counts. Such a cabinet takes up little space, looks great and smooths corners. It is better to use this configuration for square rooms, as in rectangular rooms it can look ridiculous.

corner hinged wardrobe

If the small hallway has the shape of a square, you can install in it a built-in design of an angular shape.

Direct model

Small size direct models can have a wide variety of finishes and colors, so they are used more often than others. Such a cabinet is installed along one wall, it can be decorated with a mirror.

hinged wardrobe in the hallway with mirrors

If the hallway has the shape of a narrow rectangle, it will be rational to install a cabinet in it with a depth of 35-40 cm along one of the walls.


With this option, the product is combined with a chest of drawers, an additional mirror section, a section with open shelves or other furniture. The mirror will visually expand the space; any pattern can be applied to it. A chest of drawers with an additional hanger will make the model more functional, and open shelves can be used to place souvenirs and decorative elements.

white hinged wardrobe

With a shallow depth of the cabinet, it is important to take into account that the bar for the shoulders is extendable - so in the cabinet you can place shoulders of any width.

Additional Information. Many equip wardrobes in the hallway with a depth of 40 cm with a mezzanine. It can have its own door or be a continuation of the product. It is best to place those things that are rarely used and stored until certain points.

hinged wardrobe in the hallway with mezzanines

Among the finished models for a small hallway, it is better to choose higher and wider, but with less depth.

The choice of colors for the cabinet

The choice of color for the cabinet is a crucial moment on which the appearance of the room depends. The furniture color suitable for the interior will create a harmonious composition that combines with the decoration of the walls, ceiling and floor. The closet in the hallway can be made in bright colors and pastel shades, or can act as an accent in the interior.

white hinged closet in the hallway

For a small hallway, it is better to choose a light shade model.

Interesting! The choice of color depends on the size of the room. Light shades will visually increase the space, so for small hallways it is recommended to use a combination of beige, peach, milk, light brown, white and other shades.

bright hinged wardrobe in the hallway

If you want to create an atmosphere of comfort in a large hallway, choose wood shades.

The use of color also depends on the overall style of the room. At the same time, a color scheme different from the whole apartment is allowed for the entrance hall. It is important that the general principles of interior design are maintained. The cabinet in the hallway in the style of minimalism should be bright and plain. Provence allows the insertion of different colors, and the loft implies natural wood shades.

modern style hinged wardrobe

If your interior is dominated by modern style or you want to add dynamics to the room, you can give preference to saturated monophonic colors.

A combination of a dark case and a light front side is possible, or shelves and internal drawers contrasting to the shade of the facades.

gray hinged wardrobe

It is better to choose a model with a neutral color of the case, where the emphasis will be placed on the facades.

40 cm deep cabinet options

For cabinets installed in the hallways, it is necessary to think over special layouts for things that will save usable space and place the maximum number of clothes. For shoes, shelves made of wire and installed at a slight angle can be used. Hats and other hats are placed in the upper part of the cabinet, and the main space is reserved for clothes.

swing cabinet in the hallway design and design

You can choose a model of neutral shades that can harmoniously fit into any interior.

The most popular options for filling a shallow cabinet are:

  1. Drawers. Roomy storage option. Clothes can be placed in boxes in piles, and their shallow depth will allow you to immediately find the desired product. In the hallway, boxes are also used to store small things that can easily be lost: keys, travel documents, shoe brushes.
  2. Baskets. One of the most popular are white mesh baskets on roller guides. They can have large and small cells, various heights, be short or long. Such baskets can be assembled in separate racks, it is not recommended to store heavy things in them.
  3. Shelves. The classic version of storage. They can alternate with drawers or occupy the entire space of the cabinet. The things stacked on them are easy to find, when you open the doors, they immediately become visible. Their fasteners allow you to withstand a fairly large weight, and the absence of retractable mechanisms provide the longest possible service life.

Interesting! There are metal mesh baskets that are distinguished by reliable fastening, telescopic rails and are able to withstand heavy weight.

wardrobe in the hallway inside

The design of the model can resonate with the interior of the hallway, or it can be a bright spot in the center of the overall composition.

It is almost impossible to imagine a corridor without a cabinet, since it serves as a storage area. A small wardrobe does not take up much space, but allows the hallway to look neat and aesthetically pleasing. When choosing a model and internal content of a structure, one should take into account the size of the room and its style design.

white hinged wardrobe with mirror

Based on these factors, you can easily find the best option.

VIDEO: Large wardrobe with swing doors in the hallway.

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