The interior of the hallway and the corridor with liquid wallpaper

As you know, the theater begins with a dressing room. So our apartment begins with an entrance hall. All people who come to the house first of all find themselves here. Very often, the first impression of the owner and his home is based on her appearance. Therefore, the repair of the entrance hall is not a good thing, and sometimes it needs special attention.

liquid wallpaper in the corridor of ideas

The entrance hall is the first place where an incoming person gets, so it should look decent and set the tone for the whole apartment.

The interior of the hallway and the corridor with liquid wallpaper (selection of photos)

If the owners of spacious halls can experiment and fantasize, then small, narrow rooms require a visual increase. For these purposes, builders and interior designers have come up with a huge amount of finishing materials, one of which is liquid wallpaper.

liquid wallpaper in the hallway interior ideas

Liquid wallpaper has high strength and resistance to fading and is easy to clean.

Manufacturers offer a huge selection of various colors, which allows the use of liquid wallpaper in the interior of the hallway. Using these materials, you can get rid of joints, which allows you to create smooth walls and a perfect pattern.

liquid wallpaper in the corridor design photo

Liquid wallpaper consists of cellulose and cotton fibers with the addition of dyes and other substances.

Liquid wallpaper does not exfoliate from the walls; throughout its entire service life, it retains its appearance. If necessary, you can replace a small area - it is not necessary to remove everything in the corridor. It will be enough to wet the required area, remove the wallpaper in this place, and after the walls have dried, apply new ones. This will significantly save time and budget.

liquid wallpaper in the hallway

They do not resemble usual paper rolls, rather paint, which explains the unusual way of applying them to the wall.

In the manufacture of liquid wallpaper using paper, cotton, silk, so the finished coating is not electrified.

liquid wallpaper in the corridor decor photo

The glue in the composition quickly soaks and firmly fixes the wallpaper on the surface.

Various methods of applying the material allow you to combine it with other types of finishes - to experiment, show imagination, and get amazing results. Look at the photo of the interiors where there is liquid wallpaper in the hallway.

The advantages of liquid wallpaper compared to conventional and their features

The main positive advantages of this finishing material:

  • use on any surface (arches, columns, ledges, niches);
  • possess protection against mold, do not pass and do not absorb moisture;
  • wash well;
  • possess heat and sound insulating properties;
  • only safe, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic materials are a part;
  • dyes do not fade;
  • ease of application and removal;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • have the ability to fill small cracks and bumps.
liquid wallpaper in the hallway corridor

Work with them is carried out as well as work with decorative plaster - the composition is diluted with water and applied to the walls.

Note! In case of significant wall defects, it is necessary to first level them with plaster or drywall.

There are few drawbacks of liquid wallpaper, but they are still there and they should be taken into account:

  • Wallpaper does not accumulate moisture, but the water is afraid, for this reason they can not be used in rooms with high humidity;
  • can not be washed - it is possible to clean with a vacuum cleaner or a dry cloth (rag);
  • the cost is higher than the cost of ordinary wallpaper;
  • the final result can be seen only after complete drying, and the application can consist of several layers, each of which is glued after the previous one has dried, which takes time;
  • to extend the life and durability, after drying, the surface is coated with a protective layer of acrylic varnish or water-based varnish.
liquid wallpaper in the corridor photo options

Perfect surface preparation is not required, enough to get rid of large tubercles and chips - small scratches and holes will be hidden due to the texture of the wallpaper.

There are four types of liquid wallpaper.

  • Cellulose - the most susceptible to moisture, dirt, normal touch. The main component is paper.
liquid wallpaper in the cellulose corridor

It is worth remembering that they have a short life, become dirty and do not tolerate moisture.

  • Liquid silk - more durable to external influences. The basis of the composition is paper in combination with the addition of silk threads.
liquid wallpaper in the hallway silk

They are not only reliable, but also cope with the impact of negative factors.

  • Textured wallpaper with crumb stone. The composition includes small crumbs of marble, which makes them more durable and resistant to external factors. The most expensive option, but it is great for the hallway.
liquid wallpaper in the corridor with stone chips

Cost more than other varieties. But at the same time they have a longer service life.

  • Combined wallpaper - as a rule, it is a homogeneous white mass with various additions as desired. Most often they are used by professionals, since their application requires certain knowledge and skills.
liquid wallpaper in the corridor combined

This is a snow-white mass, into which the necessary component should be added before the start of finishing work.

Interior design tricks: interesting design options with liquid wallpaper

Using liquid wallpaper indoors does not limit imagination. If the laconic plain walls are tired - you can revive the interior by adding patterns (oblique, horizontal, vertical, broken lines or abstract shapes).

beige wall with flowers

Everything will depend on the taste and skills of the creator of the masterpiece.

Wallpaper with an abstract pattern will help solve the problems of the hallway with uneven walls - this is the main problem of old houses.

For rooms with low ceilings, it is necessary to select materials with a vertical arrangement of patterns (stripes, ornament, monograms). For high ceilings - horizontal.

liquid wallpaper in the corridor with a pattern

Liquid wallpaper is often chosen for hallways, since in addition to numerous advantages, they are also easy to clean.

To apply the picture, you must first clean the wall and draw contours with a pencil or marker. Be sure to note where and what colors will be used. The next stage is breeding wallpapers of the color that is the main one in the picture. Then, with a small spatula, without leaving the outline of the sketch, a thin layer of the composition is applied to the wall. After you can apply the primary colors, but without touching the primary, as well as with each other. After that, it is necessary to let the first layer of wallpaper dry for 1-2 days.


Liquid wallpaper is environmentally friendly, does not smell anything and has an extensive palette of colors.

The more complex the drawing, the more time it will take to create it. Next, you can proceed to filling the background with the same small spatula, very carefully so as not to damage the bottom layer. It is possible to apply 3-4 layers or more. Each layer needs to be dried.

liquid wallpaper in the corridor photo

By applying liquid wallpaper in the corridor, you will create a stylish space from which your home will begin.

There is an easier way to apply liquid wallpaper. You will need a stencil with a pattern that you can make yourself or order.

liquid wallpaper in the hallway kinds of ideas

Do not forget that liquid coatings have a very pronounced texture, so do not overload the walls of the room with decorative elements.

The first step is to create a common background - the entire wall is covered with liquid wallpaper. After this layer has dried, a stencil is attached with masking tape and the next layer of a different color is applied.After giving the material some time to dry (30-40 minutes), the stencil is removed.

liquid wallpaper in the hallway drawing

Drawings are a rather difficult process, but they are able to decorate, add zest to even the darkest, most boring room.

The reception of dividing walls with a horizontal border is great for the entrance hall. The lower part can be made of more durable materials (even stone or tile), and the upper - of more tender ones.

Popular color scheme and pattern

These finishing materials are presented by manufacturers in all kinds of shades. Using beige will help to highlight the elements of furniture, give comfort, softness.

liquid wallpaper in the corridor of roses

The types of liquid wallpaper depend mainly on the substances used in the composition.

For lovers of creativity, combinations of various shades and additional elements in the form of rhinestones or sparkles, the use of silk are suitable. A kind of symbiosis will visually increase the space of the hallway, give individuality.

Note! It is better to use light shades for the corridor. Dark tones will add gloom and visually make the room even smaller, especially if you do not think through a special lighting system.

The ideal solution for choosing colors in the hallway will be peach tones, golden, beige, as well as light shades of gray.

liquid wallpaper in the cellulose corridor

When choosing a liquid wallpaper, you should consider the lighting in the room: if the room is well lit, then any colors will do.

A double corridor can be decorated with the same wallpaper or harmoniously combined variants of different colors.

Liquid wallpaper allows you to use several colors in the same room at the same time as a drawing or vice versa - one tone without a picture and with it.

Liquid wallpaper in the hallway of different styles

The design of the hallway must be carefully considered so that the interior is harmoniously combined with the style and color of the entire living room. To give the apartment originality and originality, to bring unforgettable charm and coziness will help liquid wallpaper.

liquid wallpaper in the hallway and hallway

Their skillful combination with other finishing materials will make dreams come true.

Classic hallway

When decorating an apartment in a classic style, liquid wallpaper will not only not bring disharmony into the interior, but, on the contrary, will make it more modern. Coatings with sparkles or other small details of the filler will create the magnificence and luxury of a palace style in the room.

liquid wallpaper in a large hallway

By making small accents using golden particles, you can create a warmer interior.

Classics are characterized by the use of light colors (beige, light brown, gold). They go well with dark furniture. Seamless joints of liquid wallpapers are also suitable for decorating walls in this style. Interior additions can be:

  • moldings, baguette, paintings;
  • a combination of various patterns and types of wallpaper;
  • properly placed wall sconces on opposite walls.
liquid wallpaper in the hallway in a classic style

Light pastel colors help visually expand the space.

Several spotlights on the ceiling will allow you to play wallpaper in a new color, give a unique charm to the whole room.

Other styles

The combination of bricks and walls with textured wallpaper will be an excellent design solution for the Loft style entrance hall, which will give it softness.

liquid wallpaper in the hallway design ideas

If you prefer white, the corridor can quickly lose its attractive appearance and aesthetics.

In the Provence style, you can combine liquid wallpaper with a pattern, as well as with a tree or brick. This direction is also impressed by simple white plaster.

High-tech style is a combination of sharp lines and minimalism. It is relevant for small halls. All kinds of shades of gray and white will do. As an accent, a combination of red or green wallpapers is possible.

black and white hallway

When choosing wallpaper for the hallway, keep in mind that this is a narrow and elongated room, in which there is rarely a window opening.

In the photo below, you can appreciate the whole variety of design ideas for the interior of the corridor in a modern apartment using liquid wallpaper.

Among the existing variety of finishing materials, liquid wallpaper is by no means the last. They are great for the hallway. The main thing is not to be afraid to fantasize and experiment, and this material will help to realize the most daring design decisions.

liquid wallpaper in the corridor photo ideas

In the hallway there should be a harmony between your chosen wallpaper, furniture and decorative elements, both color and texture.

50 hallway designs with liquid wallpaper:

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