Design photo of a bedroom with suspended ceilings and lamps

Choosing a way to decorate the ceiling in the bedroom, it is worth considering the tensile structure. Durable material has a number of undeniable advantages, but building forums are full of disputes about stretch ceilings. What is the matter? We will understand the features of tension systems, their disadvantages and advantages. Examples of design of ceilings in the bedroom and numerous photos will help you choose the right option.

white ceiling in the bedroom

Stretch ceilings in the bedroom will not only reduce the time of repair, but will also help to visually adjust the height of the room.

The main advantages of suspended ceiling systems

The essence of the stretch ceiling is simple: an elastic film (PVC) or polymer fabric is greatly stretched and mounted on a pre-installed metal or plastic profile.

bedroom ceiling design

Stretch ceilings will help add light to the bedroom, create a cozy atmosphere.

Advantages of suspended ceiling structures:

  1. Practicality. The canvas will hide cracks and spots on the ceiling. There is no need to prepare the surface for facing work. After installation, the surface becomes perfectly flat.
  2. Profitability. There is no need to hide communications, pipes, wires, ventilation. They are masked by stretched fabric.
  3. Durability. Suspended structures regularly serve a minimum of 10-12 maximum - 50 years.
  4. Quality. Modern paintings do not fade under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Do not fade and withstand any temperature. Do not accumulate static electricity, do not ignite.
  5. Lack of joints and seams. Sizes of a standard roll - from 1.3 to 5.1 m in width. A competent installer will design the system so that there is no seam on the ceiling.
  6. Elasticity. The film protects from the neighboring flood or the current roof. It is gradually stretched, not passing water. There are cases when the surface sags almost to the floor, holding tens of liters of water. In this case, installers are called to pump water through special technical holes.
  7. Simple care. A special impregnation that repels dirt is applied to the fabric. The flow only needs to be wiped sometimes with soft, non-abrasive means. It is forbidden to use products with vinegar or any acid.
  8. Aesthetics. A variety of installation options, colors and textures suitable for any style of interior.
  9. Lighting. Tensile structures are perfectly combined with classic lamps, modern energy-saving gas or LED lamps.
  10. Heat and sound insulation. Achieved thanks to the air gap.
  11. Easy installation. The ceilings are pulled in 3-4 hours, there is no debris during installation. The profile frame is attached to the walls or to the ceiling.
suspended ceilings in the bedroom

Such ceilings can turn a standard room into an unusual space.

Note! The fabric surface is advised to wash once every six months. PVC - once a year.

An additional advantage can be considered a wide range of prices. From the cheapest available to any family (white matte types) to expensive multi-level fabric designs.

white stretch ceiling

To choose the right stretch ceilings in the bedroom, you need to clearly imagine what effect you want to achieve.

Drawbacks of Stretch Ceilings

The flip side of the coin is doubts about the environmental friendliness of PVC. During the period of active dissemination of new technology, disputes on this topic did not subside. To date, experts have spoken in favor of coating safety. It is less environmentally friendly than natural materials, such as wood. But the content of harmful substances in the coating does not affect the environment, is in the range acceptable for humans. This is confirmed by relevant studies, documents and sanitary certificates.

bedroom ceiling design

If you have a room with low ceilings and a small window, you can make it lighter and higher using glossy white ceilings.

Additional Information! The history of stretch webs begins with Ancient Egypt. Once the emperor threw up a goblet of wine, and a spot remained on the ceiling. The manager ordered the servants to cover the problem area with beautiful cloth. And gave life to the decoration, known since then at different times in different countries. Fabric as ceilings was also used in Ancient Rome and Armenia.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom photo ideas

Multilevel ceilings will make it possible to organize space, realize interesting lighting schemes, create unexpected effects.

Cons of suspended ceilings:

  1. The film can be damaged by impact or the impact of a sharp-cutting object. Therefore, to finish the walls, after installing the ceiling, should be more careful.
  2. In a spacious room you will have to use two rolls of coating. A weld seam will appear on the material. The two parts of the film are connected using high-frequency welding, so the seam is durable, but it can be noticeable.
  3. A stretch ceiling takes 3-4 cm of space, which is critical for low rooms. If you use mini baguettes (trims) during installation, the loss is reduced to 1.5 cm.
blue stretch ceiling

Too large a room can be made more comfortable and chamber, if you use a matte stretch fabric of dark shades.

Attention! 1 sq m of PVC film withstands 100 l of water. After pumping out the liquid, the film can be dried and installed. The fabric after flooding becomes worthless, it will have to be changed.

The advantages of cladding prevail, so stretch ceilings gradually displace the finish with paint, plaster or wallpaper.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom ideas

When installing any ceiling, precious centimeters of the height of the room are “eaten”.

Choose the type of stretch fabric

It is sometimes difficult to choose a stretch ceiling in a bedroom. Which is better, matte or glossy? The main thing is that the atmosphere created by them contributes to a comfortable rest. Consider the main types of paintings and their characteristics.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom ideas photos

If the ceiling is single-level, the loss will be five to seven centimeters, the ceiling of three levels will “take away” twice as much.

Glossy Ceilings

Glossy or lacquered canvas has a shiny reflective surface. The degree of reflection is up to 90%. It looks beautiful and visually increases the area of ​​the room, "raising" the ceiling. It should be noted that evening street lamps and neon signs will also be reflected on the varnish surface. Dense curtains will have to be provided for the bedroom.

stretch ceilings in the bedroom glossy

The glossy stretch ceiling in the bedroom is sometimes called lacquered - its surface has a very high reflection coefficient.

Attention! The darker the color of the ceiling, the better the bedroom environment is reflected in it.

A rich palette of glossy canvases allows you to realize any design ideas. If you wanted to hang a mirror in the bedroom, then the glossy finish can replace it.

stretch ceilings in the bedroom gloss

A wide room with low ceilings becomes visually twice as high if you use a glossy ceiling canvas to decorate it.

Frosted ceilings

An ideal choice for lovers of the classics. The matte surface resembles plaster in texture, it is slightly rough.This decoration does not reflect, but dims the light and street lights, which brings an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to the relaxation room.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom matte

Matte stretch ceilings look great in the bedroom - a classic option, suitable for all, without exception, interior styles.

Stretch ceilings in the bedroom photo illustrate suitable colors. Yellow and its shades fill the room with warmth, and beige or gray look interesting and stylish. If the glossy type of canvas looks better in calm, muted colors, then matte looks great in color.

matte stretch ceilings in the bedroom

Such a ceiling can be made in any color.

Satin and Suede Ceiling

An intermediate option between a mirror and opaque cloth. Its distinctive feature is a delicate mother-of-pearl shine, which gives the bedroom a soft glow.

stretch ceilings in the bedroom satin

Satin ceilings look like ordinary matte ceilings, but their surface is more silky.

The fabric imitating suede has a velvety surface. Great for bedrooms, used in combinations of textures.

Ceilings with photo printing

Want to create a bright, original interior? Pay attention to the stretch ceiling with photo printing for the bedroom. Photo printing is applied in odorless safe ink. Drawing - absolutely any, even photos from the wedding.

stretch ceilings in the bedroom photo printing

The color of the ceiling should be in harmony with the other colors of the interior of the room.

Most popular are:

  • abstraction or ornament in oriental style;
  • flowers: orchids, poppies in the corners of the room or perimeter sakura branches;
  • drawing around the chandelier.
  • image of a starry sky, space or sun with clouds;
  • reproductions of famous paintings;
  • pacifying landscapes.
stretch ceilings in the bedroom with photo printing

Drawing should have a positive effect on the psyche.

It is important that photo printing be an element of a seamless interior, go well with walls and furniture.

Fabric stretch ceiling

The design of fabric cloths does not differ in variety, but they look noble and more natural than PVC. Manufacturers offer materials of neutral pastel colors, creating a calm, cozy space in the bedroom.

fabric stretch ceilings in the bedroom

Design must be selected taking into account the preferences of the owners of the room.

When installing polyester textiles do not use a heat gun, it simply attaches to pre-prepared trims. The material is durable and resistant to low temperatures.

Designs of suspended ceilings in the bedroom

The listed options can be combined by linking various elements into a single concept. With the help of modern technology, two-tone glossy and matte, fabric and satin surfaces are combined.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom design

Single-level suspended ceilings in a bedroom of any size look stylish and modern.

Single tier ceilings

A single-tier or single-level ceiling is a suitable, concise option for a small room. It looks exquisite in any interior. Moreover, you can use interesting colors and textures, depending on the style in the bedroom.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom design photo

Single-level models are suitable for any interior styles, and compare favorably with others at a budget price.

Two-level ceilings

Stretch two-level ceilings for the bedroom in bewitching photos are amazing. Unique designs in two or three levels look spectacular and visually zonate the space. They are used to separate the relaxation area from the study, wardrobe or library.

two-level suspended ceilings in the bedroom

In the event that the room is quite large, two-level stretch ceilings in the bedroom will help visually highlight the functional areas.

Two-level ceilings with different lighting scenarios can become a real architectural masterpiece. They are made stretched or mounted, using drywall.

Stretch ceilings with lights

Modern false ceilings with lighting in the bedroom allow you to mount lamps of any shape and size. They should be energy efficient and give off some heat. You can use an incandescent bulb, but with a capacity of not more than 60 watts.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom with lamps

In such cases, levels located at different heights can differ in texture and color.

Note! The fabric is more resistant to heat. PVC when exposed to more than 60 ° may turn yellow or lose elasticity.

The layout of the fixtures should be thought out and drawn in advance. This is necessary for proper installation. First, fixtures for fixtures are mounted in the main ceiling, then holes are cut out for them in the finishing material.

Additional information: Halogen and incandescent lamps should be placed at a distance of 30-40 cm from the ceiling surface.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom photo design

A big plus, especially for classic interiors - the lack of glare, crushing attention.

For a stretch ceiling use:

  • Spotlights;
  • chandeliers;
  • LED strip
  • raster lighting devices.

An exotic option is also possible - small lamps that create the effect of a starry sky.

Choose the color of the ceiling in the bedroom

The color of the ceiling is chosen, guided by personal preferences and the style of the interior. It is important to consider the psychological point:

  • white and blue soothe;
  • purple stimulates vital energy;
  • green, orange and yellow stimulate mental activity.
suspended ceilings in the bedroom photo design

Blue, green and pink tones have a relaxing effect, and therefore are well suited for bedrooms.

Important! A light shade visually raises the ceiling, a dark shade lowers.

Light colors are more suitable for the bedroom, multi-colored ceilings will simulate, and not soothe.

Photos of the best designs in different styles

For the bedroom, designs in a classic style are suitable. Natural tones and textures without flashy shades.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom design ideas

The classic version is a white stretch ceiling.

If you like high-tech and minimalism, you can equip a blue, gray or white film ceiling with neon or LED lights. Art Nouveau means white, peach and olive colors. In the spacious bedrooms, baroque is appropriate with a complex ceiling in several tiers.

suspended ceilings in the bedroom design ideas

Such a ceiling is perfectly combined with any other colors, gives a feeling of cleanliness, visually increases the space.

Stretch ceilings will last for many years, so it is important to make the best choice!

VIDEO: Stretch ceilings in the bedroom - design ideas.

50 design options for suspended ceilings in the bedroom:

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