Interior of a modern bedroom with two kinds of wallpaper

The most inexpensive, simple and effective way to create an unusual bedroom design is to use a combination of two types of wallpaper. There are many advantages to such a repair - a lot of room for creative imagination, the ability to change the situation every 2-3 years, budget design. The interior of the bedroom with two types of wallpaper is created for a penny, and looks expensive. This is an ideal way out for those who constantly move from one rental apartment to another. Such a solution is suitable for amateurs to often change the atmosphere, refreshing the interior of the room. This option will also be useful for creators who gladly implement even the most daring ideas.

The choice of two varieties of wallpaper for the bedroom

When combining two types of wallpaper, it is important to correctly combine colors and textures

Design of a bedroom with two kinds of wallpaper - why do you need a combined apartment design?
Who came up with the idea of ​​combining different wallpapers is not known for certain. But the idea itself is just great. It will help to solve several problems at once, the most acute of which:

  1. Small dimensions. Wallpaper allows you to conditionally divide the space into parts, create in one room several zones at once - for sleeping, relaxing, reading, working, receiving guests. This design technique is called zoning. It consists in the allocation of areas of the room, in which materials of different textures or colors are used.
  2. Defects in construction work. Unfortunately, walls in houses rarely boast of an ideal surface, clear geometric shapes. A combination of diverse colors or textures will help to hide all roughnesses, irregularities, as well as other imperfections. The embossed texture or large print is best suited for this task.
  3. Imperfections of space. Extend the low ceiling, expand narrow rooms, make the room more visually - all these options for adjusting the area are easily realized if fragments of different colors and textures are correctly combined. For example, the ceiling will immediately become visually several centimeters higher if one of the parts of the room is decorated with transverse stripes or a vertical pattern, and all the other walls, together with the ceiling, are made in white or pastel colors.
  4. Small financial opportunities. Everyone likes high quality repair products. They immediately turn simple housing into a work of design art. But not many can afford such materials. Combination solves this problem. Indeed, not all walls can be decorated with pieces of expensive rolls, but only one of them can be made or even made out of pieces of panels, highlighting the edges with a molding. The rest of the room can be sealed using other, cheaper materials. True, here you will need to carefully choose a palette, texture, so that the price difference is not too strikingly striking.
Orange wallpaper on the walls of the bedroom

Combination of wallpapers of one color, but different print

Wallpaper for the bedroom: varieties, pros, cons

The time when only ordinary paper wallpapers of two or three types were at the disposal of stores was long gone. Today, the market of finishing materials is testing buyers for strength with a huge assortment for every taste.But choosing the right wallpaper for your room will not be difficult if you know about their types, as well as their pros and cons.

Rolls of different wallpapers for decorating a bedroom with your own hands

The design of the bedroom begins with the choice of wallpaper


The oldest variety. The fashion for paper design in China has existed ever since rice paper was invented there. In Europe, they adopted this tradition more than two centuries ago.

Paper wallpapers come in two types:

  1. Simplex Wallpaper in one layer. They differ in inexpensive price, but their disadvantage is that they are short-lived.
  2. Duplex. Several layers are applied to them. Moreover, the top coating, in addition to decorative, performs some other practical role. It can protect against excess moisture or light.
Wall decoration in the bedroom with wallpaper with rhombuses

Paper wallpapers with rhombuses will create a festive atmosphere

In texture they can be different:

  • Smooth. Most often, this is ordinary wallpaper in a single layer with a pattern printed by the printing method.
  • Structural. This option is mainly used when the top coat is intended for painting. The volumetric pattern is applied using special paint and a stencil. Convex motifs resemble the relief that remains after textured plaster.
  • Embossed. This is a duplex variety. That is, they have two layers, one of which serves as the basis. On another, a three-dimensional drawing is applied. This is done using a special printing method. For it, special stamping forms filled with paint are used. The print is embossed.
Red cots in a children's room

The walls in the nursery are covered with two types of paper wallpaper


Short service life. They easily burn out, become clogged with dust, and quickly lose their visual appeal.


Affordable price, which allows you to make repairs every 2-3 years. Thanks to this, the interior always looks neat, does not bother with monotony.


Bottom layer - the base can be made of paper or non-woven. A vinyl layer is applied on top of it (the full name is polyvinyl chloride). He not only decorates the surface, making it embossed. It protects the outside from environmental influences. Compared to paper counterparts, they wear out more slowly. Indeed, such "little things in life" as pollution, sun rays, mechanical impact are practically not afraid of them.

Examples of vinyl wallpaper designs

Vinyl wallpapers are represented by a huge variety of colors and ornaments.

Vinyl wallpapers come in two forms:

  1. No embossing. Their base is foamed vinyl. There is no embossing on them, but due to the fluffy texture they get an interesting structure. She successfully disguises all defects, roughnesses of plaster.
  2. Embossed. The drawing is applied to the surface using the hot stamping method.

The second group is divided into several varieties:

  • Screen printing. The top layer is glossy with a shiny structure. Suitable exclusively for flat surfaces, without any flaws.
  • Compact vinyl. A texture that copies rough materials such as brick or stone.
  • Chemical embossing. Very durable vinyl subspecies, a leader among finishing materials for wear resistance.
Two types of wallpaper in the classic bedroom

The decoration of the vinyl wallpaper in the sleeping area is matched to the tone of the bedding, and the wall with windows is papered with curtains.


Differ in expensive cost. The PVC layer immediately after repair releases a chemical odor, which, however, disappears with time. Vinyl creates an airtight film that delays air and moisture exchange.


Long service life - up to 10-15 years. The ability to change the bedroom interior several times, repainting the glued surfaces in different colors. High decorative qualities, as well as protection against sounds. Vinyl coating allows for wet cleaning, sometimes with detergents.


Their base is non-woven. This material is considered one of the environmentally friendly. Its structure is similar to paper, made of cellulose with the addition of a small amount of fibers of chemical origin. Its main advantage is easy sticking.All that is needed is to apply glue to the walls, then attach wallpaper to them. The wrong side of the fabric is not treated with glue. Embossing may be present on top.

Shelf with decorations over the head of the bed

Fleselin wallpaper does not fade from time to time, keeping the repair fresh for a long time


Translucent texture. Remains of paint or stains can be seen through it. Therefore, the walls before repair should be monophonic, thoroughly cleaned.


Environmental friendliness. Under the influence of glue, they do not stretch, so there is no risk of strong shrinkage after drying. Ease of use, the ability to paint several times with paint.


One of the most sought-after repair materials in recent times. It's all about environmental friendliness. They do not have a single gram of chemistry. Raw materials for their production are taken from nature itself. They can be conditionally divided into three groups:

  1. Vegetable. The basis for them can be plants with an interesting texture - sisal, flax, papyrus, jute.
  2. From a natural tree. It uses the beauty of the wood pattern of trees such as bamboo, palm, cork.
  3. From textile. Fabric is an excellent material for decoration. Most often, silk, flock, velor is used. Tufted wallpapers that look something like carpets look original. They have practical value - they are able to save heat.
Dark textile wallpaper in the bedroom of the spouses

Textile wallpapers are highly environmentally friendly


Difficult care. Natural materials like sponges absorb odors, dust. Therefore, they must be regularly cleaned or washed. Sometimes a disadvantage can be a high price.


One hundred percent environmental friendliness. Throughout the entire service life, they are not harmful to health and the environment.

Bedroom interior with natural wallpaper

Accent wall decoration with bamboo wallpaper


In addition to these, there are many other types: glass, liquid, metallized, photo wallpaper, leather, stone, link crust.

Wallpaper for the bedroom depending on the style

The choice of finishing materials is another half of success. The second depends on how harmoniously they fit into the overall style of the room. The design of the bedroom must be considered before decorating the wall.


Classics are characterized by a combination of antique motifs and elements of the Renaissance. Therefore, ornate curls, a large floral ornament, images of cherubs, stripes in the traditional English style - this is what harmoniously fits into the interior of the bedroom in a classic style.

Using two types of wallpaper in a classic style bedroom

Chic bedroom interior in a classic style

The palette is better to choose light, with warm, pastel shades. Pearl gray, creamy, caramel, vanilla, tea rose, jasmine, light taut, pale coral - an approximate color scheme for a cozy room for sleeping. The stucco molding, bas-reliefs, decorative columns with friezes and capitals will help to complement the design.

Japanese style

The Asian atmosphere will help convey the design in the Japanese style. The most relevant prints for him are sakura in flowers, hieroglyphs, drawings in the form of open fans, Japanese umbrellas or lanterns, birds on branches, bamboo branches with leaves. The tone palette is extensive. From delicate gray, beige, restrained black and white to expressive red, pink or turquoise shades. One of the parts of the bedroom can be decorated with Asian-style photo collages.

Japanese style bedroom with two types of wallpaper

The wallpaper with drawings of bamboo, sakura or hieroglyphs will help to recreate the Japanese interior.


Provence - style of the French heartland. It combines elegance and simplicity. For the interior in the spirit of provincial aristocracy, you need to find special wallpapers - sincere in filling and soft in tones. What is their highlight? In unobtrusive, pastel colors, as close as possible to the nature of France.

Zoning the bedroom with wallpaper

To design a bedroom in the Provence style, suitable wallpaper with a patchwork ornament

The interior decoration should be decorated with calm shades of lavender, terracotta, gray-blue, beige-pink, sand. Often cold shades are combined with warm ones.Cool white or blue colors are complemented by warm yellow or beige colors. No less important is the print. Suitable flowers, still lifes, images of animals, birds, vertical stripes, imitations of natural stone, wood - all that brings to mind the idyllic pictures of the South of France.

Art deco

Art Deco is not characterized by lush flowers or intricate curlicues. Solid color is also not suitable. Choosing the colors for this eclectic style, you need to know about his "three pillars".

  • Concise geometry. Strict drawings with clear lines and shapes are the hallmark of the Art Deco style.
  • Sophisticated colors. Colors are not too bright, but not boring. They are very mixed. You can’t tell right away which shade is used.
  • Luxury and chic. Such a design should look not only original, but also expensive. Insertions or zoning create the effect of a priceless painting in the style of cubism or futurism.
The combination of different wallpaper in the bedroom in the art deco style

Art Deco welcomes a combination of straight lines and geometric ornaments with graceful curls

The best shades are gray, diluted with other colors: white, blue, burgundy, black, marsala, beige. Print - geometric or ethnic.

Scandinavian or eco

A lot of light, simplicity of design, proximity to natural shades, asceticism are the main features of the Scandinavian style or eco. For him, the main plain background with the addition of contrasting inserts is perfectly suited. Such color accents should not occupy all walls. It is advisable to choose one of them and arrange in cool gray and beige colors. The subject of the drawing may be different - geometric shapes or ornaments, abstraction, floristry. The minimalist interior will perfectly shade the wallpaper with the image of natural materials - stone, wooden beams, plant motifs. Bright colors are rare in such a design, it is better to choose cold, light shades.

Scandinavian style bedroom interior with wallpaper

Scandinavian-style wallpaper with a pattern suitable for decoration of individual elements


If the room is devoted to Art Nouveau, then the most optimal option for design is plain wallpaper in light or pastel colors. Reliefs, voluminous drawings, floral prints will be inappropriate here. It is better to give preference to a smooth matte or glossy surface. A drawing is also allowed, but it should be concise and not too catchy. Suitable for these purposes are abstraction, geometry, graphics. There is such an image only as a color partner of the main background. The main role should not be assigned to him.

Art Nouveau bedroom design with two types of wallpaper

Highlighting an accent wall with darker wallpaper

Rules for choosing a color palette

Combining two types of wallpaper, designers beat the effect of light and shadow. So you can easily change the space, highlight areas, eliminate the disadvantages of the geometry of the room. There are several schemes that are used to play with dark and light tones:

  1. The floor is dark, the rest of the room is light. The most traditional way to make a room more spacious. At the same time, walls can be decorated with different textures and prints.
  2. The floor and wall where the bed is located are dark. The remaining space is bright. Such a design will help to expand the narrow room visually.
  3. The walls and floor are dark, and the ceiling is light. Suitable for a large but low bedroom. This design narrows the room, but visually raises the ceiling.
Fan chandelier in the bedroom of a private house

A harmonious combination of two types of light wallpaper with a dark floor in a small bedroom

Using similar techniques, you can solve almost any "geometric" problem of the premises. But you need to be careful not to distort the space, not to make it closed or uncomfortable.

Hanging chair on the background of wallpaper with a pattern

The pattern will be more original if it stands out against a calm main background.

Options for finishing living space with two types of decor

What wallpapers are best suited for combination in bedroom design? To understand how to combine the wallpaper correctly, you need to know what finishing options exist.Of course, it all depends on your imagination and taste, but such combination methods showed themselves best:

  • vertical
  • horizontal
  • geometric;
  • inserts with moldings and frames;
  • niche.

With vertical combination, the walls become noticeably higher (visually, of course). The same room, the ceiling of which seemed to touch the top of the head, would noticeably “grow up” if you use a picture with vertical stripes during repairs. Here you can give free rein to your creative thinking. Combine strips with a glossy and matte finish. A plain striped pattern is well combined with a color print. But it should also be vertical.

The combination of dark walls with gray wallpaper print

Vertical placement of the wallpaper will stretch the walls in height

Horizontal combination expands the narrow space. The combination of longitudinal stripes will perfectly fit panoramic photo frames. The view of the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal will visually expand the squeezed borders of the room and allow you to dream about fascinating travels around the world.

Horizontal wallpaper in the bedroom of a private house

An example of a successful combination of wallpaper with horizontal stripes with plain wallpaper for painting

Geometric Geometry is an exact science. Knowing its laws, you can refract space from any angle. It is this technique that designers use to distract the eye from uneven corners, defects and roughnesses of the plaster. All these shortcomings are hidden under images with various cubes, rhombuses and parallelepipeds. The main thing is to choose them taking into account the area of ​​the room, its advantages and disadvantages.

Wall above the head of the bed with pieces of various wallpapers

Patchwork bedroom wall decoration


The inserts differ from the main background in color or texture. They help give the room a new sound and make it boring. Such an “application” is carried out very simply. A piece of any shape is taken, glued to a selected part of the wall and edged with a molding or frame. It is important that the cut puts a color accent in the room. To do this, he must have high decorative qualities and contrast with the surrounding design. The background, as a rule, is chosen monophonic, and the insert is printed or embossed. The role of the frame can be performed by the edging of gypsum, wood, metal. If there is artistic talent, then the border can be painted with acrylics.

Bedroom with embossed ceiling in bright colors.

Wallpaper inserts look great in classic interiors


A great option to expand a small room is to make a niche at the head of the bed. This simple technique will be just perfect if you select a recess in the wall using a picture with imitation of wood, stone, brick. Wall murals will do a good job, especially if they depict a road going into the distance or another motive with a perspective.

Wall decoration over the bed wallpaper

Highlighting a niche behind the head of the bed using wallpaper with a fine geometric pattern

Coloring your bedroom wallpaper: tips for choosing the right shades

For the bedroom, it is better to choose light, calm shades. The most suitable colors: white, gray, pastel colors, heavenly shades of blue. The northern room will be warmed by a warm palette - yellow, beige, light coral, caramel shades. If you want to make the southern room cooler, you can choose muted halftones of green or blue. Heavy, saturated colors are best avoided. Expressive red, dark chocolate, black, burgundy, purple color blots will “eat” the space and will crush with its concentrated filling.

Decorative pillows on the bed in the bedroom

Proper selection of colors and textures will effectively arrange the space of the bedroom

There are several “contraindications” for combination. For example, you should not select shades that are too distant from each other in color. Especially this rule applies to the combination of warm and cold tones. It is also important to consider the style of color - doll pink is unlikely to look good when paired with a metallic from high-tech design.

Interior of a modern bedroom with two varieties of wallpaper

An interesting solution - the transition of some wallpaper from the walls to the ceiling

Video: how to choose the wallpaper for the bedroom

Photo: combinations of two types of wallpaper in one bedroom

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