How to decorate the interior of a girl’s room in a modern style

A personal room is the most important room for any individual tenant of an apartment or private house. For a modern person, this is not only a bedroom, but also a place for relaxation, solitude, and even, possibly, work. To ensure that all necessary areas are present in the room, creating a comfortable and functional interior, you should carefully think through all its details. This is especially important if you plan the interior of a room for a girl. Unlike men, young girls are more attentive to small details, and even the smallest elements in the room are of great importance to them.

Interior of a bright room for a modern girl

The room for the girl should reflect the character of the hostess, as well as be cozy and comfortable

In order for the room design to be acceptable for a young woman, it is important to take into account all the nuances of her lifestyle: how much time she spends at home, who works, how much attention she pays to her appearance, etc. All of the above factors have a direct impact on what materials and furniture to use. which zones to divide the interior into and how to plan the lighting.

Black wall in the design of a spacious room for a girl

A girl must participate in the interior design of her room

In addition to the arrangement of furniture, an important role is played by the colors of decoration and decor. Since a personal room is a room in which a girl will spend a considerable part of her free time, you should use the colors and shades that are most pleasing to her eye. In a properly designed interior, rooms for a young girl should ideally combine functionality and convenience, practicality and beauty.

Stylish interior room of a modern girl

In order for the design of a room intended for a young girl to please her eye, it is important to consider not only the global features of the modern style, but also personal preferences. Special musical preferences, an unusual hobby, a favorite sport and even your favorite food can find their place in the interior, making it in a way native and dear to the heart. For example, you can decorate the interior in the clothes of your favorite superhero, use wallpaper as a favorite movie for decoration, or arrange a decorative shelf in the form of your favorite musical instrument. Such original design solutions can create a unique room that you always want to return to.

Easel for drawing in the room of a modern girl

When decorating a room, you can use hobbies and hobbies: collecting, drawing, books - all this will create an original and modern interior

If we talk about global things, then in modern interiors can not do without zoning rooms. Even a small room can be divided into a sleeping area, work, and others. You can add a nook on the windowsill or in the corner of the room, where the girl can plunge into her thoughts. The design of a room for a girl in a modern style cannot be similar to the rest of the premises, because each young lady is unique and inimitable, and her features are simply obliged to be reflected in the interior.

Arrangement of a recreation area in the room of a modern girl

In the sleeping area should be a comfortable bed and a spacious storage system

Organization of a workplace in a room for a girl

To sit with a laptop, view mail or write notes, you need a workplace. It is best to place it in the brightest place - near the window

Classic dressing table

And of course you need a dressing table

Only the main distinguishing features of the modern style should remain unchanged:

  • Prevalence in the interior of simple and concise forms. There is no place for an excess of bends and decorations - everything is simple and functional.
  • The game is in contrast. Unusual scenery, focusing on yourself, must be present, but in moderation.
  • Free space. The interior should have enough light and air.
  • Combinations of materials. In a modern style, both the most modern finishing materials and natural wood and metals are harmoniously combined.
Decoration of the reception area in the girl’s room

If the room size allows, it is worth considering the arrangement of the guest area with a sofa, armchair or poufs

Everything that is within the boundaries of these general rules can be varied as you wish, creating a real dream room.

The interior of the bedroom of a modern girl in white

For a romantic and tender fairy, you can create a snow-white room, the highlight of which will be white in everything except the floor

Purple curtains on the windows of the room for a young girl

Active girls like the abundance of bright colors

The basic principle of designing a room for a girl

Rationality is a fundamental element designed to create a comfortable living environment. The design of the room for the girl implies the presence of more decorative elements than in a typical men's bedroom, however, it is important to maintain balance. A personal room is primarily a functional room with a clearly defined task (ensuring a comfortable stay and, possibly, work), and not a museum in which the visitor's eyes widen. In this regard, modern style is the best option - when it is implemented it is extremely difficult to “go too far”.

Shelves at the head of the bed for storing small items

Try to strike a balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Bedroom design for a girl in lilac shades

Despite the common stereotypes that there are “female” and “male” colors, preference should be given to colors that are most to your liking

Although the main difference between the modern style is conciseness, it is also possible to find opportunities in it to create a special cosiness. For example, you can use delicate curtains, a curly stretch ceiling or patterned wallpaper. Any element of the interior, used wisely, will create a comfortable room without overloading the space.

What room design do young girls prefer

Perhaps the most difficult question that could be raised is: “What do girls like?” Surprisingly, it is almost impossible to give a general answer, because each girl is unique, and in the age of modern technology, preferences can differ dramatically.

Shabby chic white bedroom interior

Shabby Chic is one of the most romantic styles. Many girls choose it to emphasize their femininity

Perhaps it’s worth highlighting the main nuances that are most important for each young woman:

  1. The style. The sense of style is different for all people, so you can’t please a girl with an ordinary trend. Only what she personally considers stylish can give her aesthetic pleasure, so it is worth considering personal preferences to the maximum.
  2. Originality. This is an important difference between women and men. It is unlikely that the girl wants herself the same room as her friend. She wants to be unique, therefore, to develop an interior design for a young lady is in close collaboration with herself. And even in this case, you will have to work hard to create something unique.
  3. Modernity. Most girls want to keep up with the times, so they will appreciate the availability of new technologies in their personal territory, even if their role is not so significant.
Laconic design of a modern room for a girl

Modern style with a minimum amount of furniture is chosen by girls living in step with the times

Design bedroom in a classic style

A classic bedroom for a girl is a calm atmosphere, comfort and a bit of solemnity

White room for a girl in the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style with its simplicity is ideal for small rooms.

As you can see, none of the above points is anything concrete.Any furniture, decoration and decor should be selected in the course of close cooperation with the girl. This is the only way to please her dreams and whims.

Wallpaper in the interior of the room for a girl

Of course, in any interior, both furniture and lighting play an important role. However, it is the surface finish that mostly forms the impression of the room as a whole. Properly executed decoration can even change the visual size of the room, not to mention the emotional perception. And if the walls and ceiling in a modern interior, as a rule, are in a narrow framework, then the walls provide a huge scope for creativity.

Paper wallpaper with flowers in the design of a room for a girl

Lovers of vibrant colors will love the floral wallpaper room

When decorating a room in a modern style, a huge variety of materials can be used, however, if we are talking about a room for a girl, the best option would be wallpaper. A variety of types of wallpaper allows you to use them in completely different areas, and countless colors will help create a unique cosiness that any young housewife will appreciate.

Design a beautiful bedroom for a young girl

Romantic wallpaper in the room for a young girl

Interior of a modern bedroom for a young girl

Decoration of the wall above the bed with murals with large flowers

It is important to remember: wallpapers should not be saturated with bright colors, otherwise they will distract attention from the entire interior, and at the same time boring monotonous colors should be avoided.

Vintage wardrobe in modern girl's room

As decorating elements, use everything that the hostess of the room likes - photographs, souvenirs, toys, embroidery or drawings

Well-chosen wallpapers, especially if the pattern and color are favorite for the girl, will play a key role in shaping a modern room that can become the real pride of any hostess.

Bedroom options for a girl in a modern style

We offer you a few design concepts for a room for a girl. Depending on the lifestyle and preferences, one can distinguish the following types:

  1. Classic bedroom. In a room intended primarily for sleeping, it is recommended to use calm tones that can relax and calm the nervous system. Dividing into zones is not necessary at all, but if you wish, you can separate the bed from the closet, dressing table and other furniture. A decorative partition with shelves is perfect for this.

    Room of a modern girl in blue tones

    You can separate the sleeping area using a screen

  2. Work room. If a girl plans not only to relax, but also to carry out activities indoors (to study or work), it is worthwhile to separately single out the working area. It is recommended to use different wallpapers that correspond to the purpose of each part of the room (for example, the wallpaper near the desktop should not be too relaxing, because concentration is important in work). As a tool for zoning, a bookcase or other similar shelving is suitable.

    The design of the desktop in the bedroom

    If the room is small, the window sill is used for the workplace

  3. A guest room. If the girl is extremely sociable, often calls for friends or gathers companies, it is worth taking care of the presence of a guest zone in the interior. A sofa with a coffee table, separated from the bed by a wardrobe or a decorative partition, will help to spend an interesting time with friends, without disturbing the rest of the apartment's residents. It is also recommended to use different wallpapers for each zone and separate lighting.

    White sofa guest room area for girls

    A comfortable place for gatherings with girlfriends

Of course, in the case of the interior design of a room for a young girl, there cannot be uniform standards. Take as a basis the most suitable concept and start creating, not forgetting about the main distinguishing features of modern style. The award will be the unique and inimitable interior, which will be a joy for the girl for many years.

Design bedroom girls with original bed

Creative girl bedroom interior

Monochrome wallpaper with the image of the capital of France

Exquisite French accent design

Wall for drawing in the interior of the living room

The interior of the room for a girl can be made in any style - the main thing is that it reflects her inner world

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