Basic rules for design in a bedroom

In a dream, a person spends about one third of his life, so the design of the bedroom should contribute to the maximum relaxation. This room is decorated discreetly, harmoniously and is usually combined with other rooms. The bedroom contains not only the bed itself, but also a wardrobe, computer or dressing table, a couple of armchairs and nightstands.

modern bedroom design

Modern design projects strive to ensure that the bedroom looks fresh, spacious, stylish - and at the same time remains cozy.

Stages of creating a bedroom interior design

The design of the bedroom involves its design "from and to." This is a selection of wallpapers and flooring, paintings and chandeliers, soft beds and blackout curtains. The design of the bedroom also always takes into account who will live in it.

loft bedroom

Experienced designers advise experimenting with the position of the furniture in the room, its shape and dimensions, with accessories and decor.

Repair in this room is usually divided into the following stages:

  • drafting with all the important details;
  • it is important to determine the size of the budget allocated to the event;
  • then choose the most suitable interior style;
  • the necessary finishing materials are purchased for walls, floors, ceilings, window, doorways;
  • it is planned and mounted wiring, lighting sources;
  • all basic planes are drawn - walls, floor, ceiling;
  • after they hang the curtains, arrange beds, bedside tables, wardrobes;
  • place decor - paintings, potted plants, vases, figurines, photographs, cushions.

Interior of a small bedroom: design ideas

The most suitable design for a small bedroom is selected based on the personal preferences of its inhabitants. It is not worth cluttering it up too much - there should be a lot of air in the room, a minimum of objects distracting from rest. One of the best options is to leave only the most necessary things, that is, the bed itself, a small cupboard with a mirror, a cupboard or chest of drawers. Placing in a computer room is extremely undesirable.

small bedroom design

It is important to be able to take a fresh look at all the flaws of the layout and find application for previously non-functioning zones.

The accent wall is usually located behind the head of the bed, a flat television screen is on the wall at the foot or side. The walls themselves are painted with the most light colors - so easily and simply you can expand the space visually. On either side of the bed, or on just one, are small nightstands.

Choosing the style of a bedroom interior

There are a lot of styles suitable for this room. This is a classic and provence, Japanese and Scandinavian, English and Gothic, modern and hugg. Minimalism, hi-tech, loft, brutalism are used a little less often.

modern bedroom style

The shape of the room is very important when choosing style-forming elements.

Tip: if you can’t fully recreate the desired design, it’s enough to use two or three of the items that are especially characteristic of a particular style and observe the color scheme.

Design bedroom in a classic style

In the classic interior, the most symmetrical arrangement of objects is observed, relative to the semantic center, which usually becomes a berth. The bed here is large, with a high soft headboard, sometimes with a canopy and a gap.

classic bedroom

The embodied aristocracy, which is characterized by elegance, restraint and minimalism.

Lighting is bright enough, warm, but adjustable. The center of the ceiling is decorated with a multi-path chandelier, one sconce lamp imitating torches is placed above each nightstand. If there is a dressing table, computer desk, a separate lamp is mounted there.

For the decor, wooden panels, volume moldings, tall vases with fresh flowers in them, a mirror or a picture in a heavy carved frame are suitable. The wallpaper, drapery contains intricate drawings of interwoven plants. Natural colors are chosen - wood, cream, beige.

classic bedroom

The decorative nature of the decoration of the room and furniture: painting, stucco, parquet, noble varieties of wood.

Japanese bedroom interior

There is a lot of free space in the design of the "Japanese" room, and almost all the furniture is low. Natural materials are preferred for repairs; natural colors are also used. The furniture is carried out by the simplest, most convenient, obligatory subject - a tea table with pillows laid around it. The walls are covered with rice paper, plain wallpaper, thin fabrics.

japanese style bedroom

The bedroom in the Japanese style is filled with air, light.

The main credo of this direction is freedom and unity with nature. Zoning is made by thin sliding screens decorated with images of bamboo or spring flowers. Lighting is predominantly upper, the ceiling itself is decorated with frosted glass panels, and the backlight itself is cold, not bright, uniform throughout the room. The decor is suitable for paintings, murals with images from old Japanese books, ikebana, bonsai dwarf trees on the windowsill.

japanese bedroom photo

The bedroom in the Japanese style looks very interesting and attractive.

Tip: unique Japanese interiors are often decorated with a bamboo laminate, the most expensive - with a tree of valuable species.

Provence style bright bedroom interior

The style of Provence or the “French village” is characterized by warm, light tones (cream, milk, pale blue, honey), slightly worn furniture, a sample of the middle of the last century. The walls are finished with wallpaper or “white brick” stucco, the floors with wide boards or stone, the ceilings are decorated with thick wooden beams, which are easy to hide wiring behind. The bed is usually made high, standing on elegant chiseled legs, partially covered by a gap. Forged parts are also acceptable. A canopy is hung on the ceiling above the berth. An oval mirror is installed above the dressing table in a carved frame, and gaps are also made at the bottom of the table and chair.

Provence style bedroom

A bedroom in the Provence style is something beautiful, delicate and incredibly cozy, just what you need for a comfortable sleep and relaxation.

Small floral ornaments are one of the most recognizable features of this style. They are present on wallpaper, curtains, rugs, furniture upholstery. The decor is made of clay or straw, the textiles are decorated with embroidery, hemstitches. If the room is spacious enough, it contains old chests that store all sorts of things, wicker chairs, a hand-painted chest of drawers, and a vintage corner sideboard. Window draperies abound in folds, made of natural fabrics. Lighting is not too bright, warm, the most suitable option is chandeliers, floor lamps with forging elements.

bedroom provence style photo

The modern interior design and the Provence style decor are inspired by the amazing beauty of this southern French region.

Tip: if you plan to place a TV in the bedroom, it is hung on the wall, decorated with a heavy wooden picture frame.

Modern style bedroom

The design of any bedroom in a modern style is unobtrusive minimalism, comfortable furniture, neat decor, subtle window draperies. Warm yellow-red-brown, gray-green design options are preferred, bright accents in the form of photo wallpaper on landscape (forest, sea, mountain) themes are acceptable. The decor will be bright sofa cushions, designer watches and lamps.

photo wallpaper in the bedroom

Computer programs, ready-made samples or specialist help will help you create a design project.

The modern design in a cramped bedroom is done using a small number of objects and colors. The background is necessarily made light, instead of curtains - blinds, zoning is done with different floor and wall coverings. Storage places are arranged in the podium on which the bed is placed, in a low cupboard under the TV, built-in cabinet.

modern bedroom

The palette depends only on the preferences of the owners, and the right choice is based on the recommendations of experts on the color scheme of the bedroom.

Tip: the presence of one or more mirrors will help to slightly increase the room visually.

Scandinavian style bedroom

The bedroom, decorated in this style, comes out bright, looks as spacious as possible. Most of the finishing materials here are natural, and there is very little decor. The furniture is only wooden, with smooth aluminum handles; simple shapes are preferred. There are thin “flying”, translucent draperies on the windows, but more often there are no curtains at all.

Scandinavian style bedroom

The Scandinavian interior in any bedroom involves the use of additional light sources in the form of sconces, spotlights.

There are many lamps; to one degree or another, every corner of the bedroom is illuminated. Suitable colors are pale light green, pinkish-cream, beige, light gray, no sharp contrasts. The walls are covered with plaster, the ceilings are made stretch, white, matte. Highlighting the sleeping area, a large fluffy carpet, decorated with simple geometric ornaments, is placed on the floor.

Scandinavian bedroom interior

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom is in demand not only in countries where the cold climate prevails, but also in hot regions.

English style bedroom

The design of the spacious bedroom in the English style is characterized by bright colors, sophisticated decor, solid antique furniture. Especially “in the subject” there will be a fireplace decorated with wood, stone, a solid bookcase made of dark wood. Furniture is preferred carved, wooden, varnished, upholstery is made of expensive, dense fabrics. Lamps are made of bronze, decorated with crystal lampshades.

english style bedroom

Connoisseurs of luxury and restrained aristocracy will find English-style interiors.

The floors are laid out with parquet, the walls and ceilings with wooden panels. The most suitable prints are a cage, strip, small floral or heraldic ornaments. Valves are caissons, pilasters, moldings, large plaster bas-reliefs. Preferred colors are red-brown, dark gray, terracotta, ocher. Decor - old books, collectible figurines, candles with candelabra, plot tapestries.

Art Nouveau bedroom

It is convenient to be in such a room, because everything is created here for maximum comfort. The decor is very diverse - it is permissible to combine details that came from very different styles. The decoration is made luxurious - in the decoration there is natural wood (maple, ash, bog oak, wenge), stone (marble, travertine, onyx), metal and glass elements. There are few straight lines, angles - only smooth, rounded shapes, elegant details.The color scheme is reddish-brown, gray-beige, dirty green, beige-silver, wood.

Art Nouveau style in bedroom interior

Art Nouveau combines versatility and practicality, elegance of forms and luxury.

The most important thing in such a bedroom is furniture, which is made comfortable, practical, sometimes folding, modular. It is very voluminous, mostly soft, standing on thin legs, therefore it seems light. An abundance of hand-carved details is also a suitable option for furniture and interior decor.

Lamps are made voluminous, placed in each logical zone, but not symmetrically, as in the classics. The central ceiling chandelier is made large, but proportional to the height of the ceiling, the area of ​​the room itself.

Design bedroom: do it yourself

The bedroom is the quietest, most comfortable place in the apartment, therefore it is decorated accordingly. Cozy, with the correct arrangement, zoning, it will easily become like a small "Khrushchev" bedroom, an area of ​​5-10 square meters. m., and more spacious, located in a private mansion. The simplest repair is easy to do with your own hands - to install plasterboard partitions, mobile screens, wallpaper, photo wallpaper.

bedroom 6 sq m

Powdery color looks original and self-sufficient.

There is usually no problem with decoration, furnishings either - old, dilapidated furniture is replaced with new ones, beautiful carpets are laid, fashionable curtains, bedspreads, lamps are purchased. Part of the unique decor is created with your own hands - these are abstract paintings, panels, baskets woven from newspaper tubes, embroidered pillows, carved shelves, painted vases.

Bedroom interior with dressing room.

The presence of a dressing room, just a couple of decades ago, was considered a luxury. In modern dormitory rooms, this is one of the most important areas. The wardrobe space is separated by sliding translucent doors, a screen, less often - located on the podium. There is a corner or direct sliding wardrobe, a large mirror, a bench, and in the presence of free space - a soft sofa.

bedroom with dressing room

The appearance, dimensions and functions of the furniture determine the style in which the interior of the room is made.

Bedroom interior with balcony

The design of the bedroom, in which there is a loggia or balcony, often involves the combination of both spaces. The balcony is glazed, insulated, and the window-door block is removed. In place of the windowsill equip the countertop, a through shelf. Less often, after obtaining permission to redevelop, part of the wall is demolished, and a sleeping place or work area is arranged in the space of the former balcony.

bedroom with balcony

Choose environmentally friendly and safe materials.

About the design of the bedroom in Khrushchev

The interior of the bedroom in the Khrushchev’s house is not always modest, although the rooms are small. For such spaces, minimalism, Japanese, modern style is optimal. Such a bedroom is zoned with a partition - the bed is positioned as far as possible from the entrance to the room.

bedroom in Khrushchev

When choosing sleeping accessories, it is necessary to take into account their compliance with the color scheme of the interior.

Design male and female bedroom

The design style, shapes, sizes, colors of the same objects in a modern apartment, are selected depending on the gender of residents. It is preferable to design a female bedroom in the style of classicism, shabby chic, romanticism, modern, Indian, vintage. Suitable colors are white-pink, honey-red, peach, light green, fuchsia. The room for a man is decorated under the style of brutalism, louange, grunge, minimalism, industrial, constructivism. The colors used are mostly cold - gray-blue, violet, graphite, pale brown, olive.

gray bedroom

Do not be afraid of the dark gamut. Cold tones will make the bedroom modern and unusual, and not at all gloomy.

How to combine a bedroom with a living room

To combine the bedroom with the living room, partially or completely remove the partition between them.Zoning remains only symbolic - transparent partitions, through racks, textile curtains on ceiling cornices, carpets and podiums.

living room bedroom design

In most cases, redevelopment will have to obtain special permission.

If you need to equip both the bedroom and the hall in one large room, use the following simple tricks:

  • folding sofa - at night it becomes a place to sleep, during the day they sit on it, watch TV with the whole family or with guests;
  • wardrobe bed - at night it is a sleeping place, during the day - an ordinary large wardrobe. Additionally, armchairs and a small sofa are placed in the room;
  • placed in one space and the bed and sofa. They make up a single ensemble, are made out by the same draperies;
  • it is permissible to hide the bed behind a sliding screen made of textile stretched over the frame, sliding doors made of translucent or patterned glass. A smaller part is allocated for sleeping space, a large part for the living room;
  • the loft bed also solves the issue of placing a berth, which is located on the "second tier". The higher the ceiling in the room, the wider the possibilities of decorating the “attic” space;
  • columns are used as zoning elements, the bed is hidden in the podium, on which the working, living room, sports area will be hindered.
bedroom living room

Today, a bedroom and a living room in one room are considered one of the most difficult methods of zoning.

Design a bedroom in a private house - how to do it yourself

The most comfortable bedroom interior is the one in which it is pleasant to live, work, relax. The bedroom is placed in an impenetrable room, in the warmest corner of the house. It is advisable that a beautiful landscape opens from the window, which will delight residents in the morning. The most suitable sleeping space for one person is 9-12 square meters, for two - 13-16 square meters. m. The bedrooms are equipped on the attic floor - windows located on the inclined planes of such a "insulated attic." Equipped with upper and lower cornices, for tight mounting of curtains or roller shutters.

bedroom in a private house

Attic bedroom is an excellent solution for the embodiment of a cozy and attractive interior.

The best style options for the rooms of a private mansion are Provence, loft, classicism, rustic. For non-standard, original design, avant-garde, gzhel, futurism, shabby chic are suitable. The shape and size of the bedroom of your “own” house are laid at the construction stage - it is extremely difficult to make serious changes to the already created building, and the demolition or transfer of walls threatens with collapse. Zoning is performed here with wood and textiles, less often with plastic, metal, glass, as well as light and color.


Well-designed bedroom interior design is a harmony in everything, to the smallest detail. Such a space is a place to relax, because extra items are not needed here, and lighting, decor are made as thought out as possible. Style, color design is selected based on the size of the room, and placement options depend on the number of inhabitants of the bedroom. The most budgetary repairs are also very simple.

cozy bedroom design

The success lies in the details, and these are not only obvious accessories, but also thinking over the details that create the style.

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