The choice of curtains for a modern bedroom in 2020 with a photo

It is difficult to find a room in an apartment that can do without curtains. Just think, they are even in the bathroom! Of course, the bedroom was no exception this time. In this room it is very important to create a feeling of coziness and security, comfort and privacy. After all, this room should have its own atmosphere in which you and your partner will spend time alone with each other after a hard working or school day.

curtains for a bedroom

The bedroom is a place where, at the end of a long day, people regain strength and vitality.

But it is also worth taking care that the curtains in pursuit of a beautiful design do not cease to fulfill their direct function - protection from sunlight and prying eyes. In this article, we will just try to tell you in detail about how to easily and without any special financial costs learn to combine two parameters: beauty and functionality. Read carefully and learn about the current colors, textures, types of curtains and much more.

pink bedroom

A healthy sleep and well-being of a person directly depend on how correctly its environment is chosen.

Actual colors and materials for curtains in the bedroom 2020

Fashion is very changeable, and it is difficult to disagree with this statement. Trends in window decoration with curtains change as quickly as trends in the overall interior of a room. And keeping track of all this kaleidoscope of trends can be very difficult. But that’s why this article was created to help you keep track of the trends of 2020-2021 and quickly make a choice.

bedroom curtain design

In ensuring a complete sleep and comfortable rest, modern curtains for the bedroom play the same important role as a comfortable bed.

Natural fabrics have become very fashionable. For example, linen, natural cotton. For curtain drapes, you can use velor and velvet, and maybe even dense silk! Give preference to matte or semi-matte, satin textures. Fabrics with interweaving of shiny threads will not be relevant for several more years for sure.

curtains for bedroom ideas pics

They should not only be beautiful, but also well shade the sunlight.

Now let's talk about fashionable colors.

  • Deep dark shades. It can be the color of red wine, cherries, dark wood or chocolate.
dark curtains for the bedroom

Monotony replaced the colorful drawings.

  • Solid fabrics in pastel colors are also at the peak of fashion in recent years. And it’s fair to say that this option is not going to turn in!
plain pastel curtains

The photo shows original pastel curtains in the bedroom interior.

  • This option will also look spectacular: curtains matching tone will repeat the color of the bedspread that lies on the bed. And it doesn’t matter what shade it is: blue, green, or even pink!
curtains under the bedspread

This bedroom design has become fashionable again.

  • All the same, do not completely exclude curtains on the fabric of which a floral print is depicted. But do not overdo it. It is better to scatter several floral elements throughout the room than to concentrate them in one place.
floral print on the curtains

This option will look especially advantageous if the flowers are directly embroidered on a light background.

Beautiful curtains in the interior of the bedroom 2020

There are a lot of curtains that will look profitable and beautiful in the bedroom. A huge selection of curtains provides us with a wide scope for the embodiment of their craziest and brightest ideas. Many types also help in this, an abundance of materials from which sewing is carried out, a large number of colorful and calm ornaments and, in general, a large species diversity of fabrics.

bright curtains in the bedroom

This season, designers recommend adopting several curtain models that fully meet the requirements for curtains for the bedroom, and correspond to fashion trends.

Everyone will be able to find the option that he will like the most. But let's add some specifics so that it is easier for you to find the option that is ideal for you. So, which curtains will be most suitable for the interior in such an intimate and secret room as a bedroom? Let's get it right.

two-tone curtains in the bedroom

Draperies and tulle never go out of style.

Curtains or classic tulle.

This is one of the simplest and therefore the most common design options for a window opening. By the name of this type of curtains - "curtains" - it is customary to understand straight cuts of translucent fabric, for example, tulle, lace, tulle, organza, mesh. At the same time, the length of such fabric cuts should remain impressive so that the fabric can beautifully fall and flow from the ceiling cornice to the floor.

sky tulle for bedroom

Classic curtains this year are very common in fashion design projects.

Initially, the curtains appeared in the southern hot countries of Europe. There, in the summer, people take refuge in their houses with dense shutters or blinds, and the tulle carries on its shoulders a decorative, or scattering light of the evening sun, function. Thanks to this fact, a similar design of a window opening can only be used with an additional method of protection from harmful sunlight.

white tulle for the bedroom

If your windows in the bedroom overlook the other side of the courtyard, where there is almost no sun, then you can not worry about additional insulation.

Do not like classic tulle? Looking for extravagant and unusual solutions? But at the same time you do not want to refuse a curtain? Then we have an extraordinary offer for you! Use the so-called filament blinds. These are curtains, which consist of many separate threads on which beads, rhinestones can be glued, ribbons are woven.

filament curtains

In a word - this is the most unusual solution!

And now let's talk about the additional solar barrier, which should be used in a beautiful tandem with tulle and other curtains. Stylish curtains will be an excellent solution, because they are sewn from very dense fabrics that completely do not let in sunlight.

tulle with drapes in the bedroom

Their cut and texture have remained unchanged for many years.

If the windows of your bedroom face the sunny side, we recommend choosing curtain drapes with a dense lining, for example, from synthetic winterizer or felt. In this case, such curtains will also have a soundproofing function, albeit not significant. So the lining will protect the fabric from the inevitable burning out in the sun and will significantly extend their service life and maintain a presentable appearance.

tight curtains in the bedroom

Only fabrics change, their appearance, quality, colors, which is natural.

Another plus in the piggy bank of the curtains with lining: they form simply breathtaking shuttlecocks and waves. And this is the main trend of the 2020 season! It is possible to supplement this design option for a window opening using ribbons, clothespins, grabs, ropes and much more than others.

combined curtains

One has only to turn on fantasy.

Note! The dense fabric from which curtains are made can hide cosmetic defects in a window frame, walls or battery that heats a room.

French, Italian, Roman curtains will be an excellent solution for bedrooms, whose windows overlook the courtyard, which almost does not get sunlight. On the one hand they are light and flowing.But not so transparent thanks to their frills and drapery, so as to open to strangers, people passing by all the personal space of such an intimate room.

roman curtains for the bedroom

In any performance, the classic looks worthy, elegant and gives the bedroom not only comfort, but also status.

Natural bamboo curtains in the bedroom interior 2020 - eco-friendly and beautiful

Earlier we talked about the main types of curtains. Now let's talk about more unusual decor options for the window opening. One of these is window decoration with bamboo curtains.

bamboo blinds

They are a simple plexus of several dozens, and maybe hundreds of bamboo sticks to each other with braid made of linen or cotton.

If desired, such roller blinds can be made independently! Another fact in favor of buying bamboo curtains will be that such a decor element is completely environmentally friendly and does not cause any harm to the health of your children and pets.

bamboo blinds in the bedroom

Eco-friendly bedroom design with bamboo curtains on the windows.

Sliding curtains in the bedroom interior 2020 - a simple proven option for window design

This option is very popular in Japan. It looks very impressive and unusual. Such screens are rarely seen in the vastness of Russia. But this also attracts a similar option, doesn’t it? Who does not want to stand out from the gray mass.

japanese curtains

Japanese curtains are not only attractive in appearance, but also highly practical.

Curtains in a modern style on the grommets or with lambrequins for the bedroom

Recently, eyelets and lambrequins have become popular in the design of windows in bedrooms. They found popularity due to their romantic and unusual appearance. Moreover, the highlight is introduced very simply and it does not take a lot of effort or a large amount of time. But for beginners and ordinary people, these words may not be clear. Therefore, let's immediately clarify and understand everything.

curtains on grommets

A traditional option for the bedroom is heavy sliding curtains.

Eyelets are the most common rings that are tightly and firmly fixed to the fabric. Their main purpose is to help people easily hang curtains on the ceiling cornice, because, in fact, they replace the curtain tapes and hooks familiar to us all. It is worth noting that the grommets are an incredibly convenient invention, they make the curtains more stable, that is, if you inadvertently hook a cloth with your hand or foot, it will not come off with a bang.

curtains on the eyelets for the bedroom

This season, the color of the curtains should be saturated, without shine, reminiscent of gouache paints.

Curtains on such fasteners are easily opened and in any position form smooth, beautiful folds. But at the same time, the cringle can also be located around the perimeter of the curtain, in which case you can insert a piece of tulle-veil into it, thereby creating an unusual, and most importantly - a unique window design.

curtains on grommets with tulle

The tulle can be transparent or the same color as the curtains, but very diluted.

Lambrequin is a decorative drapery located just below the cornice horizontally. Often it is created from dense fabric. Also, the lambrequin can have additional decorative elements in the form of laces, lace (which is very important for the bedroom), beads, embroidery. Most often, this decor element is placed on top of the main curtains and fastened to hooks either to the cornice, or sewn to the curtains themselves with a transparent fishing line or threads to match the fabric.

curtains with lambrequin

The emphasis in their design is on the texture and coloring of the fabric.

Color scheme for curtains in the bedroom in a modern design: photos of models in the interior

In the very first section of this article, we already touched on the topic of color and materials, but suddenly, just textual information was not enough for you. Therefore, we have selected for you the best color schemes for bedrooms in modern styles: minimalism, loft, hi-tech. And all this in photo format. Enjoy it!

options for curtains for the bedroom

Curtains create a soothing calm atmosphere and help get rid of the negative energy that we have accumulated during the day.

In conclusion, we suggest you look at the most fashionable curtains of 2020-2021, be inspired by the ideas and trends of recent seasons and start creating your own, unique and unique design projects for your bedroom!

VIDEO: Modern curtains for the bedroom.

50 design options for bedroom curtains in 2020:

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