Arch design between the kitchen and living room

Arch between the kitchen and the living room - photo with such an element they look very harmonious - a very simple and at the same time functional item of the style decision. It helps visually increase the amount of free space by making design The rooms are very spacious and bright.

An arch between the kitchen and the living room.

Combining the kitchen space with the living room with an arch.

Arch between the kitchen and the living room: beautiful design options (selection of photos)

If your apartment has enough free space, you can build a magnificent baroque arch. IN beautiful and the elegant interior will fit in well with the arched design, decorated with snow-white columns and decorative stucco molding.

Baroque arch.

An arch between the kitchen and the baroque living room.

Such a doorway can organically fit into the interior of the room. This option is suitable for owners of a bright and spacious kitchen with a breakfast bar. Such a design decision will help to visually enlarge the living room.

Arch with a bar counter.

An arch between the kitchen and the living room with a breakfast bar.

If free space is limited, you can erect similar kitchen division. The walls can be covered with tulle or hung on them several thematic paintings. Formed due to the construction of the shelves can be made vases or interesting little things.

Arch with tulle.

Arch for a small room.

Why do we need arches

Arch between the kitchen and large room for example the hall has not gone out of fashion for several centuries. For a long time, arched structures were erected only in the luxurious houses of eminent merchants. But over time, such design decisions migrated to ordinary apartment-Khrushchev.

Arch in Khrushchev.

The erection of arched structures is possible in Khrushchev.

Their main advantage is clear zoning of the space. Such elements will look good in the studio: with the help of arches you can divide kitchen from the bedroom. In addition, the construction can become a transition between two rooms with different designs.

Arch for zoning.

Zoning space using an arch.

Arched structures can visually increase free space, while ordinary wooden doors narrow the room. The building will help to make your apartment brighter and brighter.

In addition, such a design decision will help to add a drop of personality to the typical layout of apartments built during the Soviet Union.

Arch to increase space.

With the help of arched structures, you can visually increase the space.

Advantages and disadvantages of arched structures

Kitchen living room with arch It has many important advantages:

  • Visual increase in volume. With such a design decision, even a small kitchenette in an old apartment will look like a dining room in a richly decorated house.
  • More light. Even a glass door does not let in as much sunlight as an arched opening.
  • Possibility to add additional decor elements to the style. Building is optional to decorate stucco molding or other decorative elements.
  • Additional zoning of the room. Can split up between each other 2 rooms in different styles so that it looks harmonious.
  • The arch will easily fit into any design - baroque, hi-tech, minimalism and so on.
Arch in the interior.

Arch in interior design.

The disadvantages of this design are as follows:

  • There is no door between the kitchen and the living room. As a result, extraneous odors from the cooking quickly spread throughout the room.
  • Arched structures are not suitable for apartments with too low a ceiling. The construction will look too “heavy”.
Arch in apartments with a low ceiling.

For apartments with a low ceiling, an arched design will not be the best solution.

Materials suitable for mounting the arch between the kitchen and the hall


One of the easiest options is to build drywall arch between the kitchen and the living roomas shown in numerous a photo. This material is considered the cheapest. It's easy to get it: you just need to visit any wholesale building materials market in your city.

Drywall arch.

Drywall Arch.

One of the main advantages of drywall is its flexibility. Using this material, you can create buildings of any shape. You can create a curved arch with smooth transitions between layers.

The building material is very durable. Such an arched structure does not collapse over time. Average life drywall sheets - about a dozen years. For restoration, it is enough to cover the building again with paint or plaster.

Drywall Arch.

Creating a drywall arch between the kitchen and the living room.

Such an arch is very easy to maintain. To extend its service life, it is enough to periodically wipe the structure with a wet rag. The material is completely safe, suitable for the home where children live.

Stone (brick)

The second design option for a beautiful arched structure is the use of natural stone materials. It was such arches that previously stood in the rich houses of wealthy merchants. The use of masonry is suitable for decorating baroque apartments.

Brick arch.

Brick arch in interior design.

Stone, brick and concrete are most often used in the construction of an aperture in private homes. You should not build such arches in small apartments - they visually make the zone heavier and reduce the room, making it too dark.

Please note that not every building is able to withstand such a load. Stone or concrete is an excellent solution for building with very dense and strong walls. If you erect a structure incorrectly, it can suddenly collapse.

Stone arches look very beautiful and noble, but for their construction it is better to hire a team of professional builders. Stone care is a little more complicated - you need to make sure that water does not get into the building.

Arch of stone.

Arched construction made of artificial stone.

Other materials

In addition to all of the above options, you can make a beautiful arch of wood. For a private house, a natural wooden structure coated with varnish is suitable. If you live in an apartment with thin and fragile walls, you can build a building of lightweight chipboard.

The only drawback of the material is that it is afraid of water and fire. If in your kitchen something is regularly cooked in a steam bath, and steam is always floating around the room, it is better to turn your attention to other materials. With a constant high level of humidity, the tree will simply bloat.

Arch of wood.

Wooden arch in the interior.

The finished building can be further decorated with clay. Thanks to this material, you can imitate real marble stucco molding or decorate the doorway with noble snow-white columns. Additionally, you can drape the building with lightweight fabric.

Stucco arch.

A stucco decorative arch.

Arched constructions of an asymmetric form (selection of photos)

If you are not afraid of non-standard design decisions that deviate from global standards, pay attention to this option. One of the advantages of this style is that you have additional shelves. They can be decorated with fresh flowers in pots.

Asymmetric arch.

Asymmetric plasterboard arch.

Such a multilayer design is suitable for the transition between the kitchen and the children's room. Easy randomness and asymmetry of the opening will easily fit into minimalism or hi-tech.

Laminated arch.

Layered plasterboard arch.

A beautiful rounded shape is a great choice in tight spaces. Your kitchen will look spacious and modern.

Rounded arch.

Gypsum plasterboard arch rounded.

The main forms of arches

In total, several varieties of arched structures that differ in their shape stand out. The list of the most common design solutions includes the following items:

  1. Classical An ordinary semicircular arch without additional decorative elements. It looks neutral and noble. Fits into any style solution.
  2. Gantry. It looks like a simple doorway, but without the door itself. Suitable for homes with very low ceilings. Virtually no increase in free space.
  3. Modern. Reminds a mixture of the two above categories. An angle is formed at the junction of the upper half-arc and straight struts. It can be decorated with additional stucco molding.
  4. Romance. Almost the same as Art Nouveau, but sharp corners are smoothed during construction. It looks very gentle and airy. Most profitable in large and spacious rooms.
  5. Trapezoid. Very powerful and a bit rough form. It looks quite massive. The beveled corners give an arched design to help add a bit of brutality to room design.
  6. East. Fits only in the corresponding interior. Helps create the atmosphere of an exotic apartment filled with incense. This form is characterized by an abundance of jewelry, stucco molding and lancet arches.
Arch in the living room.

The original arch between the kitchen and the living room.

How to decorate the arch in the kitchen

One of the most common solutions in decorating is the use of decorative panels. You can finish the arched structure of ordinary drywall panels with noble mahogany.

You can take advantage of the Greek style by designing columns and decorative stucco molding made of polymer clay. The decoration of the arched opening with ivy will perfectly fit into such a design.

Clay arch.

Polymer clay arch in the interior.

If there is no extra money, diversify the appearance with nailed shelves or tiled mosaics.

Interior Design: Kitchens with Arch

50 photo ideas of arches between the kitchen and the living room

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