Choose wallpaper for the living room. Wall Design Tips

The interior design of your own home is one of the most interesting activities that can captivate any even the most busy person. How to choose furniture? What to buy wallpaper? These and many other issues are an integral part of quality design. Today we’ll talk about wallpaper for the living room. The living room is considered to be one of the most important rooms in the house or apartment. It is in the living room that the whole family gathers for joint dinners, here you can comfortably accommodate guests during the holidays and parties.

the idea of ​​an unusual design of wallpaper for the living room

The living room is one of the main rooms in the apartment, so it should look beautiful

An example of a beautiful style of wallpaper for the living room

The choice of wallpaper is an important point in the design of the living room

option for a bright decor of wallpaper for the living room

Wallpaper should harmoniously fit into the interior

Living room style

Having come to the question of which wallpapers are most often used in the interior of a living room, let us dwell on a few important points.

  • Which side the windows face.

  • The size of the living room and its shape.

  • Size and location of windows.

  • The design style of adjacent rooms.

  • Style of furniture in the living room.

  • Personal preferences of the owner.

Of course, the owners' expectations of the appearance of the living room play the most important role in choosing wallpapers. But even if the choice is obvious, you must consider the above points.

If the room is located on the north or shadow side, it is better to focus on the warm colors of the wallpaper, for the sunny side - it is permissible to leave cold shades.

Many owners select wallpaper in the interior of the living room for existing furniture, while others, on the contrary, want to select furniture for the wallpaper. For a successful interior, in addition to the accompanying general shade of wallpaper, it is also important to pay attention to several accents (painting, accented wall, single print), combined with the design and color of the furniture in the living room.

Will your living room be an exclusive sitting area or combined with a eating area? The combination of the two zones leads to a more complex design that includes decoration and integrated decoration.

option for a light interior wallpaper for the living room

When choosing a wallpaper in the living room, it is worth considering the features of the room

the idea of ​​a light wallpaper design for the living room

When choosing wallpaper plays an important role the location of the window

2018 trends

The new season has been called the season of comfort and well-being. At recent exhibitions on interior design, a clear emphasis has been placed on the well-being motive. In times of serious media innovation, overloaded with information technology, the living room is designed to become a place of relaxation, coziness and maximum comfort.

Light soft shades in combination with natural materials, unobtrusive decoration in the living room interior will help to make the center of the hearth cozy and create a safe haven from the modern rhythm of life.

The contrast based on light tones is still relevant in the new season. The most successful combinations are recognized as follows.

  • White graphite or dark chocolate. Such an interior will always look concise, practical, versatile. In addition, it is easy to decorate with bright accents.

  • White Red. Originality of decisions, dynamics, freshness of thought. In combination with single prints or well-chosen paintings, the interior of such a living room will amaze with the brightness of the find.

  • White blue. Dignity, chic, reliability, strength. It is these qualities that blue possesses, which is appropriate to soften with a few silver and airy strokes or to give contrast with yellow or orange accents.

  • White is purple. Comfort, tranquility, joy, refinement.If you want to impress guests with a chic style and enjoy the sophistication, then the purple color is just for you. The color of hope, inspiring strength and desire. This color is good in combination with bright color spots and bold solutions.

An example of a bright style of wallpaper for the living room

The white living room will look beautiful, practical and concise.

an example of a beautiful decor of wallpaper for the living room

Wallpaper with floral patterns will bring warmth and comfort to the living room interior.

version of the unusual interior wallpaper for the living room

With the help of wallpaper you can create an accent wall

Of course, a combination with white is not the only solution in the new season. The leading fashion trends in interior design include:

  1. Natural mainstream. The closest approach to nature or the decoration of "natural" corners in the interior of the living room is designed to create coziness and comfort. Used materials such as wood, stone, any natural decoration in combination with photo wallpaper.

  2. Photowall-paper. In the age of modern technology, the quality of photo wallpaper has reached tremendous forms. Of course, you should not be too zealous, cluttering up your living room with 3D decorations, but it would be more appropriate than ever to emphasize one of the walls or to add themedness to the design of the living room.

  3. Bright prints. A vivid print is a concept that must be approached with the greatest caution. Wallpaper with a bright print can spoil the design of the living room so much that in a month you will have a desire to change everything. Prints are appropriate in order to highlight one of the walls of the living room with a brighter color, or for a single thematic accent. At the same time, the use of several types of prints in one room is unacceptable!

  4. Wallpaper with a pattern. Despite the massive enthusiasm for light plain wallpaper, wallpaper with a pattern has not lost its relevance. Art wallpaper containing a rolling pattern on the entire wall or ceiling of the living room is in particular demand. An unobtrusive drawing of the main wallpaper will also look great, appropriately selected in combination with an accent and furniture design.

the idea of ​​a beautiful style of wallpaper for the living room

Printed wallpapers are often used to create an accent.

an example of an unusual design of wallpaper for the living room

When decorating walls, you can use different wallpapers

Modern styles of interior design

Modern living room decoration styles incorporate the trends of fashion and culture as a whole. Are you a follower of the classical style or are you closer to modern? Some of the nuances in the design of the living room will help you realize your expectations.

  • Classic (regular shapes, pastel colors, multiple light sources, luxury).

  • Art Nouveau (ornate lines, stained-glass windows, wood, floral patterns).

  • Minimalism (strict lines, minimum colors, clearly changing shades).

  • Loft (minimal decoration, the presence of multiple accents, workshop style, utter naturalism).

  • East (bright contrasts, patterned drawings, several light sources, openwork carving).

  • High-tech (simple lines, minimalism, the presence of industrial materials, good lighting, shades - black and white, gray, metallic, avant-garde accents).

  • Eco-style (purity of materials, simple lines and shapes, natural colors).

And this is not an exhaustive list of possible styles in design. Here everyone is trying to choose what meets his needs and taste. But it’s important to remember that a combination of several styles in one room is not recommended. Allowed to use no more than two styles. Wallpaper in the interior of the living room should be combined with the general style of interior design. The accents are designed to emphasize, but not take away the attention. So, the use of print or photo wallpaper should bring a general harmony to the design, but not be a separate color spot.

Remember some simple rules.

  • Enlarge the room, help light wallpaper, with a small print or without.

  • If you need to raise the ceiling, use a vertical strip and light wallpapers.

  • A large pattern and dark colors visually reduce the room too large and make it cozy.

When you have decided on the style, selected the primary and secondary colors, picked up the necessary accents, you can safely proceed to the choice of wallpaper.

the idea of ​​a bright interior wallpaper for the living room

Wallpaper should be chosen in the style of the room

version of the unusual design of wallpaper for the living room

At the moment, there is a huge selection of wallpapers both in color and in materials

an example of an unusual style of wallpaper for the living room

You can stick on the sofa over the sofa.

What wallpaper to choose

In an age of trade and oversaturation of production, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sort out the quality of goods and suppliers. The wallpaper market, which thirty years ago didn’t have a special choice, is currently replete with manufacturers, types and forms, and it is the quality of the wallpaper that determines the interior design and the long-term duration of your repair. Which manufacturers should give their preference:

  • Omexco;

  • Eco;

  • Casadeco;

  • Marburg Wallcoverings;

  • Arthouse;

  • Rasch;

  • Erismann.

These companies produce high-quality wallpaper on a fabric or thickened basis. But the manufacturer is not the only thing worth paying attention to.

The idea of ​​bright design wallpaper for the living room

Choosing a wallpaper for the living room is not at all difficult

the idea of ​​a bright interior wallpaper for the living room

Prefer trusted suppliers

Types of Wallpaper

  1. Paper.

Such wallpapers are considered the most environmental. The quality of paper wallpaper is highly dependent on the composition - how many layers of pressed paper are in them. Distinguish: simplex, duplex and triplex. Multilayer wallpapers are more durable and allow you to hide the unevenness of the walls. But, get ready for the fact that in a few years you will have to re-glue your living room, if you want it to keep a fresh look, the quality of even multilayer wallpapers is not very high with low wear resistance.

The pluses include:

  • price;

  • range;

  • environmental friendliness;

  • simplicity in sticking.

By cons:

  • fragility;

  • low moisture resistance.

  1. Vinyl.

Most popular wallpapers. Consist of a paper-based polyvinyl chloride layer. Such material is strong enough, but at the same time flexible. The following types of vinyl coatings are distinguished.

  • Washable - durable, moisture resistant, smooth surface.

  • Foamed - soft to the touch, reminiscent of plaster.

  • Compact vinyl is very durable and durable.

  • Screen printing - hot stamping, silk decoration.


  • big choice;

  • low price;

  • strength;

  • moisture resistance;

  • color fastness.


  • low environmental friendliness;

  • air tightness.

Modern technology allows the production of vinyl wallpapers with a special finish in the form of pores, allowing the wallpaper to breathe. But for mass production, such a technology is still too expensive.

version of an unusual style of wallpaper for the living room

Choosing a wallpaper is worth considering all the features and disadvantages of the room

the idea of ​​a beautiful wallpaper decor for the living room

Choose wallpaper suitable for the style of the room

An example of a light style of wallpaper for a living room

Try eco-friendly materials.

  1. Non-woven.

Consist of pressed paper and synthetic adhesives. Such wallpapers are strong enough, durable and environmentally friendly.

This type of wallpaper is well suited for painting. The standard width of the wallpaper is 1 meter. There are exclusive hand-painted wallpapers.

The production of metallized non-woven wallpaper containing an aluminum layer on the surface has also been launched.


  • environmental friendliness;

  • breathability;

  • fire resistance;

  • well glued and removed;

  • the possibility of staining.


  • price;

  • The inconvenience of using meter width.

  1. Cullets.

Consist of a vinyl or non-woven backing, but with the addition of reinforcing fiberglass. Very durable and wear resistant. Widely used in painting.

An example of a bright design of wallpaper for the living room

The design and choice of wallpaper in the living room should be considered in advance.

the idea of ​​an unusual decor for wallpaper for the living room

In small rooms it is recommended to use light shades, this will expand the boundaries of the room


  • wear resistant;

  • non toxic

  • refractory;

  • hypoallergenic;

  • suitable for repeated painting;

  • strengthen the walls.


  • abrasive dust when cutting;

  • non-original (plain).

  1. textile.

They consist of a paper or non-woven backing, on which silk, linen, velor is applied with glue. Used as wall decor.

variant of a beautiful interior wallpaper for the living room

Textile wallpapers are fully eco-friendly

variant of the bright interior wallpaper for the living room

Choose a wallpaper based on budget

An example of a light decor for wallpaper for a living room

Wallpapering the whole room is not worth it, it is better to make an accent wall


  • breathable;

  • environmentally friendly;

  • easily glued and removed.


  • price;

  • accumulate dust;

  • easily damaged.

  1. eco wallpaper.

Wallpaper from reed, rice, bamboo, herbs. Mainly on a non-woven and paper basis.


  • have healing properties;

  • environmentally friendly;

  • heat and sound insulation;

  • hide wall defects.


  • price;

  • joints are visible;

  • heavy;

  • hard to stick.

the idea of ​​an unusual style of wallpaper for the living room

With the help of wallpaper you can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

variant of a beautiful style of wallpaper for the living room

Black wallpapers on a background of white walls will look beautiful and modern

For the living room, they most often use: embossed duplex, silk-screen printing, foamed non-woven, fabric models. But the choice of wallpaper depends on your personal preferences and your preferred design style.

Interior design is a reflection of our expectations, aspirations and perceptions in general. A well-made design, the right colors, good wallpapers will create a general atmosphere of coziness and style, able to please the owners and their guests for many years.

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