Tulle in the interior of the hall - new in 2020

Not a single interior is complete without the design of window openings. It is the textile design that makes the room cozy and attractive. As a rule, such window decoration is done with the help of curtains or curtains in combination with tulle. It is tulle that plays one of the key roles, since it can be used to design a window without blocking the access of daylight to the room.

tulle in the interior of the hall

The design of the hall or living room is one of the most responsible and at the same time pleasant ways to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in the home.

A variety of style solutions, in which it is now customary to decorate the interiors of premises, require a different approach to the choice of textiles. Therefore, we offer you those tulles and curtains for the hall, the novelties of which appeared in 2020 and managed to gain popularity.

tulle in the interior of the hall design ideas

It is in the hall that the whole family gathers after a hard day, guests are taken here on weekends and holidays, it is this room that is always in sight, under close attention.

Tulle without curtains in the interior of the living room

Today, in the design environment, the minimalistic trend in the design of premises has become quite popular. It requires elegant colors, simple shapes, versatility and functionality. That is why, more and more often you can find options for interiors in which the textile window solution is made exclusively by one tulle.

tulle in the interior of the hall of the idea

In the design of the hall, it is important to consider all the nuances - from choosing a color palette and layout, to decorating the interior.

Important! This option is indispensable in the case when the room is made in the Scandinavian style. To do this, choose transparent and translucent homogeneous fabrics, white, pale blue, light mint, pale gray colors.

tulle in the interior of the hall photo

An important and incredibly pleasant finishing touch in the design of the living room or hall with the help of textile is the drapery of window openings.

The shape of the tulle does not imply excesses, therefore it is made in the form of a simple rectangular cloth, which can be picked up with a tack on one or two sides.

tulle in the interior of the hall photo options

With just one detail of the interior, you can radically change the image of the entire room.

Tulle and curtains

A classic option is a combination of tulle with drapes. In this case, it all depends on the style of the room.

tulle in the interior of the hall ideas photos

Tulle is used for drapery windows in a wide variety of stylistic directions in the design of residential spaces.

Here are some recommendations you can give if you want to pick up a tulle in the hall, photos of which are relevant, comfortable and at the same time not trivial:

  • if the room is saturated with decorative elements and bright enough in its design, then you should prefer plain plain, maximally transparent tulle without lambrequins and quilling;
  • if the finish of the ceiling, walls and floor is matte, then the fabric can be with a satin sheen;
  • if there is a need to increase the space in height, use a narrow vertical strip;
  • for a narrow room, select a wide vertical strip or vice versa horizontal rapport on the material - this will visually push the walls apart;
  • you should not choose fabric with a printed ornament - this option is not relevant now.
tulle in the interior of the hall options

Tulle can be used exclusively as a decorative element that adorns the design of windows.

Popular tulle patterns for this year’s living room

When designing in classic interiors, preference should be given to tulle, which gravitate to pastel and beige-brown tones. If this is a transformed classic, then it is better to choose a canvas that is uniform in structure.

tulle in the interior of the hall of the idea

Curtain fabric can act as an accent element of the interior.

If this is traditional, for example, the English classical style, then sewing, arranged in a complex design, is suitable.

tulle in the interior of the hall design ideas

You can use symmetrical lambrequins and jabots, to collect fabric in swagi.

For provence and shabby chic, choose a creamy or milk nylon with scattered small pastel colors throughout the field or on the edge.

tulle in the interior of the hall decor

The traditional use of tulle as a curtain fabric is considered to be a combination of translucent paintings of a classic cut.

For hi-tech, loft, industrial interior, give preference to underlined synthetic fabrics, uniform in structure and painted in one color.

modern tulle in the hall

The time-tested option will look harmoniously in a room decorated in any style.

Types of tulle for the hall

In addition to fibers, colors and uniformity of weaving, it is necessary to pay attention to the very structure in which the canvas is assembled. The overall impression is also very dependent on this.

tulle in the interior of the hall photo design

Having a curtain composition from the ceiling to the floor, you can achieve a visual increase in the height of the ceiling in the living room.

With lambrequin

Complex versions of tulle, with ruffles or lambrequin, are suitable for rustic, ethnic, Provence, Swiss chalets and traditional rococo, baroque.

tulle in the interior of the hall with a bay window

The combination of light, translucent tulle and traditional curtains made of dense fabric is ideal for decorating windows in a bay window, no matter what modification it is.

Note! Please note that if you make a pelmet from tulle, then in this case the window is not supplemented by curtains or curtains. Otherwise, it will cause a feeling of chaos and disharmony. And, conversely, if the curtains are provided with a lambrequin, then the tulle is made in the form of a simple rectangular canvas.

Other varieties

If you plan to hang a thin transparent canvas in a minimalistic style on the window, you can slightly “invigorate” the space by creating a complex composition of two types of fabric, combined vertically or horizontally. As a rule, they combine in such a way that a darker color falls on the lower part, while light ones turn upward.

tulle in the interior of the hall

Such an approach to window decoration is appropriate not only in classic interiors.

Another original tulle for the hall of photo design in 2020, the novelties of which are very popular, are crossed straight canvases of transparent fabric. It is this arrangement that forms the original halyards, giving grace and lightness to the whole room.

crossed tulle to the hall

Curtains from translucent tulle, like curtains, can be decorated with intercepts of various modifications.

Additional Information! This relatively new technique fits most styles. With the right choice of fabric and color, it can be in harmony even with the hi-tech style.

In what style to design a window opening

It is important to consider that all design elements, including textile design, should form one single harmonious space. You can combine different styles, but, as a rule, this is a job for professionals. Since they know exactly all the subtleties of each design and the laws by which they can be combined.

tulle in the interior of the hall

In some cases, the need to use curtains on the windows disappears, and tulle acts solo as the main attribute of window drapery in the living room or hall.

Choosing curtains and tulle for the hall, you should consider the photo, as this will help to create a harmonious design, and the current trends of 2020 and the novelties presented in the article will make it possible to make an actual choice.

tulle in the interior of the hall ideas design

The snow-white veil organically fits into any design of the living room, helps to create a light, airy and clean image of the room.

Choose only what you like, as living in a room will have a certain period of time.

tulle in the interior of the hall photo design

If the traditional version of the veil for making curtains seems too simple for you, the boring way of decorating the windows in the room, then a wide palette of pastel colors at your service.

Important! Keep in mind that an overly flashy color scheme causes a fairly quick visual and emotional satiety. In addition, synthetic and natural fibers, painted in bright colors, can quickly fade in direct sunlight, which will spoil the appearance of the product and lead to its forced replacement.

tulle in the interior of the hall design ideas

Violet color is proposed to be used by designers this season to decorate spacious enough living rooms and halls.

Trend colors of tulle in 2020

Before you pick up the tulle in the hall, the photo of the novelty will give an idea of ​​the trend colors and fashionable combinations.

tulle in the interior of the hall photo design

Light translucent veil will be the perfect decoration for your living room.

For modern and minimalist styles use fabrics dyed in:

  • light gray;
  • steel;
  • pale blue;
  • snow white;
  • pale lilac;
  • bright yellow colors.
tulle in the interior of the hall of the idea

The snow-white window design helps visually increase not only the window openings, but the entire room, if the tulle is located from the ceiling to the floor and from one wall to another.

For classic styles, including Provence and country, you should prefer:

  • white;
  • lactic;
  • creamy;
  • Ivory;
  • cappuccino;
  • straw yellow;
  • gentle peach;
  • pale pink;
  • pale pistachio.
tulle in the interior of the hall photo species

This design option is suitable for living rooms with panoramic windows and medium or large areas.

If there is a need or desire to combine two colors of tulle, you should play on the contrast of the saturation and warmth of the color.

tulle in the interior of the hall of the idea

If your pastel colors seem not original and modest enough, then you can use a bright tulle.

So, a new trendy color combination can be implemented in:

  • a combination of white and cappuccino colors;
  • violet and golden;
  • pale gray and steel.
combined tulle in the interior of the hall

Combining a translucent tulle with a denser fabric allows you to create a variety of combinations.

If you take care to choose a tulle in the interior of any room, you can get a harmonious, comfortable space. It is in this will be comfortable to spend time.

tulle in the interior of the hall

It seems that all the possibilities of tulle are already known, but every year designers create new interesting options for using this material as a decor.

VIDEO: Stylish window decoration with tulle.

50 trendy tulle options for the hall in 2020:

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