Living Room Design Options with Combined Wallpaper

Each person strives to make his living room the most cozy, beautiful, functional and comfortable place in the whole house. And this desire is quite logical and justified, because the hall or guest room is one of the most important places in the whole apartment. After all, it is in it that we most often receive guests dear to our hearts, meet with our beloved relatives, friends, and every day after work and study on the couch, the whole family sits on a sofa in front of the TV.

combination of wallpaper in the living room

To give the room originality and make the interior truly alive, wallpapers of any shades of the selected primary color will help.

First of all, most often the owners of the apartment think about how to decorate the walls so that it is durable, beautiful, stylish, but does not hit the family budget too much. And in this situation, wallpaper always comes to the rescue. Paper, vinyl, non-woven, acrylic - it does not matter, because among all types of wall decoration, wallpaper was and will be the best option.

combined wallpaper in the living room

Lighting conditions, the size and shape of the room play a decisive role.

In this article, we will talk about methods of zoning and combining with wallpapers, about popular patterns and colors, so be careful and do not miss important and useful information.

Design options for the living room with combined wallpaper. Photo selection

Before you begin, let's figure out what gives a combination of wallpaper in principle.

  • Concealment of defects and defects of the initial wall covering.
  • Visual division of the living room into zones, thereby creating a comfortable environment.
  • Balancing the geometry of the room. The combination of wallpaper will help align the walls, raise the ceiling and expand the space on a visual level.
  • Filling the room space with minimal furniture.
  • The emphasis on the necessary sections of the hall.
combined wallpaper in the living room

Color, saturation, and the pattern of wall coverings can significantly change the perception of the interior.

Also, the main advantage of the combination is that they are suitable for designing rooms with any area. To make sure of this, you just need to look at these examples of photos, which depict the most successful options for design projects and their implementation.

Ways to combine wallpaper in the living room: tips from professional designers.

If your family has already made the final decision to repair and update the wallpaper in the living room using the technique of combining paintings, then you must adhere to a number of rules so as not to visually narrow the room, but, on the contrary, to make it cozy, spacious and loved by all members families.

combined wallpaper in the living room

With the modern variety of finishing materials, decorating a living room with a wallpaper becomes a real creative challenge.

It is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the room itself, its illumination, and proportions.It is important to understand that if the hall in your apartment is not very lit by itself, then gluing dark canvases that absorb sunlight into the walls is not worth it, otherwise instead of warm home comfort you will get a cold, tearing away crypt.

combined wallpaper in the living room

To make the combination of wallpapers look attractive, it is necessary to observe the laws of balance and harmony, which are based on the practical experience of many designers.

It is also necessary to take into account the number of zones in the room, and how to properly separate them from each other using a combined technique.

combined wallpaper in the living room

The most faithful approach to combining wallpaper is the ability to determine the main background of wall decoration.

Especially for you, we have prepared several rules for modern professional designers, structured them, summarized them and wrote them down in a simple and understandable language for everyone. Read carefully, delve into this information and then everything will immediately become clear to you!

  • In a spacious room, which is well lit by the sun in the daytime, and in the evening you light a lot of lamps, bulbs, garlands, thereby creating a lot of light and comfort, dark, noble shades, bright, voluminous patterns and embossed patterns are allowed.
combination of wallpaper in the living room

Embossed wallpapers, materials with drawings or ornaments are most harmoniously combined with smooth and plain structures.

  • And, in general, it is very important when selecting the entire color gamut that one should be based on the total area of ​​the room where you are going to make cosmetic repairs. In this case, it is worth giving preference to weightless, calm colors. For example: gray, blue, pink, pastel. After all, such a color scheme perfectly visually expands the space.
combination of wallpaper in the living room photo

In a small room, it is better to replace dark shades with light ones.

  • The overall layout of your apartment also plays a very important role. In particular, which side your windows of the guest room look: sunny or in the courtyard. If during the daytime a sufficient amount of sunlight does not enter the room, then their disadvantage should be compensated for by the warm shades of the color palette. For example: sand color, warm red, beige.
combination of wallpaper in the living room

When choosing a finish, you should take into account the color scheme of curtains, furniture and additional accessories, the presence of which is expected in the room. ”

  • Do the windows face south? In this case, you can add wine and ruby, blue and blue, grass-green and emerald shades to the wall design. But this option is only suitable if your room can impress with its area.
living room wallpaper combination

In order not to oversaturate the room, it is worth highlighting no more than two vertical surfaces.

  • Does your room have very low ceilings? This problem can be easily corrected by applying wallpaper with vertical stripes of contrasting colors. But it is not necessary to use strict geometric lines alone. Pay attention to wicker vertical floral motifs or baroque monograms.
combination of wallpaper in the living room

In a narrow room, short walls are papered in bright colors, and long ones are quiet.

  • In a narrow room with high ceilings, you can use a horizontal strip to visually expand the space. The same effect can be supported by the floor. It is only necessary to lay the parquet or tile not at right angles to the wall, but along the diagonals and the room will immediately transform and become larger.
combination of wallpaper in the living room

The combination of soft warm and cold colors also allows you to visually increase or decrease the area.

So, here we are with the basic rules and tips that are followed by the world's leading interior designers in the professional field of repair. Now it’s time to move to a higher level, and to analyze in more detail specific examples of ways to combine with photographs and explanations.

Combination with vertical stripes

As we said above, vertical stripes on the wallpaper can very visually raise the height of the ceilings, if this option in your room does not quite satisfy your tastes, desires and needs. When you arrive at a hardware store for rolls of wallpaper, we strongly advise you to choose rolls that contain wallpaper of the same length and density. The color scheme can be any. It can consist of both two and five or six shades at once.

combination of wallpaper in the living room

The width, frequency and overall appearance of the strip depends only on personal taste preferences and the overall design of the room.

Important! Please note that wallpaper rolls must be from the same production batch. Otherwise, the finished repair may look stupid, dirty and incomplete due to the fact that the shades of the picture on the canvases differ literally by half a tone, and the paper itself differs in density, due to which ugly bubbles formed on the walls.

Combination with horizontal stripes

If your room has no problems with the height of the ceilings, but you do not have enough width and freedom, then we strongly advise you to use a wallpaper with a horizontal striped pattern to decorate the wall.

wallpaper design

This option in two ways is able to “push”, “expand” the walls, thereby adding room to the width.

Also, using a horizontal strip, you can create vertical zoning in a room. Vertical zoning, by the way, is the division of the wall into two equal or unequal parts. Most often, the upper part of the wall is done in light shades, and the lower, on the contrary, is darker in tone. This is done so as not to visually weight the upper part of the zone.

wallpaper design

Pictures are often placed on a neutral top, photos are hung, and a TV is mounted.

Accent wall

A reception with an accent wall looks most advantageous in that part of the room at which the eyes of the incoming person fall first. In modern fashionable living rooms, this is the wall behind the sofa.

combination of wallpaper in the living room

In such a "cozy corner" all your household members will be happy to spend time.

Is your room long and narrow and doesn’t suit you at all? Then the simplest solution to your problem will be gluing contrasting wallpapers, bright, saturated colors with a voluminous printed image. If you glue such a canvas on the wall, it will visually stretch to the center of the room, thereby bringing the shape closer to the square. But it is worth remembering that with this technique you can not overdo it. After all, the emphasis is on that and the emphasis to place it only in one place in the room.

wallpaper in the living room

The original color wallpapers are the easiest to combine.

As for the color scheme of the accent wall, it can be any and depend not only on the general stylistic direction of the room, but also on the personal taste preferences of the owners of the room.

wallpaper in the living room photo ideas

Before you begin to embody a bold idea, you need to critically look at how the acquired wallpaper is combined with each other.

Advice! It is important that the colors, shades and elements from the bright accent wall are also repeated in the rest of the interior of the guest room. For example, a similar ornament may be lost among textiles, and the adjacent wall will completely repeat the basic shade of a bright canvas.

Combination of two types of plain wallpaper

Different shades and tones of the same color, which is not surprising, can be perfectly combined with each other, creating amazing combinations and color schemes. Such a solution will look very beautiful and stylish!

wallpaper in the living room

An interesting "game of shadows" will create several shades of gray.

Combination of a monophonic covering with a pattern

Few argue that the combination of plain wallpaper with a bright, contrasting and stylish ornament is not one of the most popular and common solutions.A floral pattern in a niche above the sofa, combined with textile pillows with the same pattern, is one of the best and most beautiful interior design solutions for a modern living room. But in order not to overload the overall picture of the room, modern professional designers advise that all the other walls be glued with monophonic, balancing wallpapers that will shades overlap with contrasting patterns.

combination of wallpaper in the living room

A good solution is to repeat the accent in the decor - on the sofa cushions, narrow borders, frames.

Combination of two types of coatings with patterns

In one room, two patterns can also converge at once. The main thing is that one pattern should be brighter and more contrasting than the other, but at the same time, two ornaments should also be united by a common theme. For example, floral or animal motif. Or maybe it will be fashionable recently geometry?

combined wallpaper in the living room

In the traditional version, two companion materials are selected - dark monophonic and lighter with a pattern.

The combination of ordinary wallpaper with photo wallpaper

It is important to understand that photo wallpaper is a striking element of the interior, so they should not be used on all four walls in the living room. Choose one, and take a good walk on it. Also not unimportant factor is the fact that this type of wall covering can easily increase and reduce space. It all depends on the photograph that is depicted on the canvas. A road, a river that goes into the distance, a bridge over a foggy bay - these are landscapes that can add extra visual meters to a room. A bookshelf, the underwater world, city skyscrapers - those images that are suitable for narrowing the space, if it is required in your case.

combined wallpaper in the interior

Real photos, floral drawings or shadow projections will transform the living room space and set the style axis for the interior.

Trendy colors to combine in 2019

And now let's talk about how to combine wallpaper by color and which shades are the most fashionable in 2019. There is no definite answer to the second question, each designers use their color scheme in their projects. But still, there are three areas that should be repelled, one can distinguish: calm light shades, noble dark colors, bright neon.

wallpaper in the interior of the living room combination

The interior created using wallpaper combinations fills the living room with beauty and makes it attractive to guests.

Well, now let's move on to color combining methods. There are only three of them: monochromatic, analogous, complementary. We will analyze them in more detail.

  • The monochromatic method involves a combination of two or more shades of the same color, which differ from each other only in saturation. The brightest color is used for emphasis, muted to dilute and fill the rest of the space.
  • Complementary. This method uses those shades that lie opposite each other, if you look at the color wheel. For example, green plus red, purple plus yellow. Of course, you should not use these colors in equal proportions, otherwise it will look too bright.
  • Analogical. Here it is proposed to combine, at first glance, the incompatible. You take several adjacent shades from the color wheel and use them in the design project, making them flow into each other and gradients. But do not combine more than three or four shades.
living room wallpaper combination

The combination of wallpaper, despite the complexity of the selection of finishing materials, can be considered a highlight of the modern interior.

What style of interior can be used combined wallpaper

The hall can be decorated in a single stylistic direction, or you can create a unique and inimitable mix. Now, in the modern world, the boundaries between styles, fashion trends and design methods are rapidly erasing and therefore it is difficult to say how to do it right and fashionably.Based on this fact, we can conclude that such a unique and universal solution as combining wallpaper is suitable for any style, from minimalism to country.

combination of wallpaper in the hall

Using the right combination of wallpaper, you can easily create a festive atmosphere in the living room, give the room a personality, and sometimes visually increase it.

VIDEO: Embossed Combination Wallpaper 2019.

New wallpapers for combining with patterns

We suggest you look at the most fashionable and hottest new wallpapers with patterns this year. You may even take notes for yourself, so look carefully and save your favorite ideas to your gallery.

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