Interesting wallpaper design options for halls in Khrushchev

The hall is a front room, which guests do not pass by, as well as the hosts themselves spend most of the time in it, communicate with each other or watch TV. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the choice of wallpaper. The room should be cozy and beautiful, and the repair should be uplifting, and not catch the eye with ridiculous combinations.

Bright paper wallpaper with a gray pattern

Wallpaper, thanks to a huge variety of shades and textures, allows you to realize any design decisions

Criteria for choosing wallpaper for the hall in Khrushchev

Before buying wallpaper, you need to decide what color is suitable for furniture, flooring, curtains and more. Which pattern will be best combined with the interior. The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing wallpapers for a room in Khrushchev is quality. They should not fade quickly, fade, it is desirable that they be dense, because they are easier to glue, and they are higher in quality.

Light striped wallpaper on the wall of the hall in Khrushchev

The size and shape of the room, as well as the lighting conditions, affect the choice of wallpaper for the hall.

The environmental friendliness of the wallpaper is also important, the main thing is that they do not emit toxic fumes, but rather saturate the room with oxygen.

Striped wallpaper on the ledge of the wall in Khrushchev

By inserting wallpaper you can beat the working area in the hall

Wallpaper for a small room

A small room needs to be made visually larger. This will help the color and pattern on the wallpaper. It is desirable that the material was without a pattern and had a light shade. If you still want to buy a model with a pattern, then it is better to choose a small one or choose a vertical strip.

Snow-white interior of the hall in Khrushchev

White color perfectly copes with the visual increase in space. You can diversify the “hospital” interior with a cunning design technique by pasting one wall with embossed wallpaper

Of course, you should not completely abandon a large drawing, it is possible to use it as a decoration, that is, to occupy it only a small part of the room. Warm color with relief can create the effect of a large space. You can combine two colors, for example, plain on one wall and with a pattern on the other.

Types of Wallpaper

A successful combination of green non-woven wallpaper on the wall of the hall

Different types of wallpaper can be combined with each other, for example, in the lower part of the wall to use more wear-resistant canvas, and on top of the wallpaper cheaper


This kind is very dense and durable, because it is made from cellulose fibers and a binder is added under high pressure. The application of such material is unpretentious, it does not crease, waves do not form, etc. They are much stronger than paper ones and will last for many years, so when choosing wallpapers for the hall in Khrushchev, you can spend a little more money, but the price remains acceptable.

Yellow wallpaper in the living room of Khrushchev

Non-woven wallpaper often has a relief surface, can be designed for painting

There are two types of non-woven wallpaper - these are completely made from non-woven and released on the basis of non-woven. The second option is a paper wallpaper coated with non-woven, they are not as durable and strong as completely made of this material, they can also be repainted several times, which is a huge plus. You will not need to remove the coating, to replace the colors, just paint them and update the room.

Mirror in the original frame on the wall with wallpaper

Wallpaper will last longer if you separate them from the floor with a practical painted coating


Vinyl wallpaper has one difference - it is a bright and rich pattern that is moisture resistant.

Vinyl wallpaper in the hall of the old Khrushchev

Non-woven vinyl wallpapers have a leveling effect and can hide small wall errors

Vinyl wallpapers are paper or non-woven, but polyvinyl chloride is applied on top of them. They do not tear when applied to the wall, have increased strength, they are difficult to scratch, so if there are children or pets in the house, such wallpapers will be the best option.


Textile wallpapers absorb sound well, due to the coating they do not fade and last for a long time, and also have thermal insulation. They are environmentally friendly, and the variety of colors and patterns cannot but please.

Classic sofa near the wall with fabric wallpaper

Textile wallpapers are practical and durable, but they are more expensive and more difficult to glue.

Despite all the advantages, such a model is very easily soiled and does not tolerate moisture, they also accumulate dust, which is easy to remove with a vacuum cleaner, but such manipulations take time.


To combine means to combine several colors or species. Usually these are different colors or shades, or a combination with a pattern, so the room does not seem overloaded with a picture. So you can mask the flaws in the room and create an aesthetically beautiful look. The division of the hall into functional zones will help precisely various combinations.

Zoning with the wallpaper of the living room dining area

Using various combinations of wallpapers, you can lighten a room, highlight zones, “raise” the ceiling or “push” the walls of a room

Due to the strength and severity of the wallpaper, they must be glued to a particularly strong adhesive, because they can not withstand their own weight.

Color schemes

The most common color scheme is the choice of two-color wallpaper, with a pattern or plain. But you can also meet an unusual design decision with the use of several colors. If you prefer multi-color wallpapers, then it is better to contact a professional, as self-selection may be incorrect. The wrong combination can turn a cozy room into an absurd combination of colors. Making a choice yourself is quite difficult.

Corner sofa in the hall with light-colored wallpaper

Light wallpapers create a light airy atmosphere in the room and are best suited for small rooms.

Green walls in the living room

Green wallpapers are associated with nature and cause only positive emotions.

Wall decoration of the hall with blue wallpaper

Blue wallpapers give the interior a refined, luxurious setting.

The yellow wall in the hall of the Khrushchev brick house

A cheerful yellow color cheers up and fills the room with sunny warmth

White shelf on the gray wall of the living room

Gray wallpapers will serve as a good background for light furniture

Two-tone options

Two-color options can be completely chosen independently, if you know some rules. Some choose contrasting options, such as black and white, or red and green. If you do not like flashy colors, but prefer calmness, then it is better to stay on plain wallpaper, warm or neutral colors. It can be brown, white, beige, gray and other shades.

Two-tone wallpaper in the interior of the Khrushchev hall

The main background in the hall is better to give a light shade, and the sofa zone can be distinguished by darker wallpaper

You can divide the room into two parts, paste two walls with a monochromatic shade, and the other bright or use a pattern that matches the color. There is an option with dividing the wall into two parts, upper and lower. The top is usually pasted over in a plain color, while the bottom uses patterns. This allows you to visually increase the volume of the room. If there is not enough lighting in the room, then it is better to choose light shades of wallpaper, but if there is a lot of light in the room, then it is possible to choose bright or dark colors.

Light wallpaper with a small floral ornament

You can divide wallpapers of different colors using a paper border.

Wallpaper decoration options

Decorating white walls with dark wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used to create original compositions in the form of panels, framed by moldings

Wallpaper with patterns

A model with patterns always looks more interesting than a plain look. But the patterns should match the color of the furniture, curtains, floor and other things.If you are a supporter of luxury, then you can use patterns with the application of gold chips, it has an attractive aesthetic appearance and amazes with radiance. But the best choice is always combinations, they look at ease and do not make the room flat. If you want to create an accent, then choose a wallpaper with a large pattern.

Small print on paper wallpaper in the hall

Wallpaper with small patterns makes the interior more free, airy and elegant

Wallpaper with a large print on the wall behind the sofa

A large drawing “draws” the wall, so it’s more suitable for creating accents

With ornament

An ornament is a repeating element that looks beneficial. There are three types of ornament: meander, geometric and floral. Geometrics include various shapes, squares, triangles, horizontal or vertical stripes, etc. There is a wallpaper with a checkered pattern, it belongs to the Tartan ornament, he came to us from Scotland, where a cell is often used, because it is a national feature. Primary colors: white, blue, green, yellow, orange, gray, brown, red, black and white.

Wallpaper in a cage on the wall of a bright living room

Cage in the interior of the hall, decorated in a modern style

The “four-leafed” ornament is known to many, as it is quite common. It is well suited both for historical styles and for classics, gothic and more. They consist of four circles, median between themselves by sharp angles. This option is well combined with a strip or cage.

Light wallpaper in the living room style Provence

Light “four leaf” on the wallpaper in the room of Provencal style

When choosing wallpaper for the hall in Khrushchev, it is worth paying attention to the floral ornament. This is an image of various plants, leaves, birds, trees, animals, everything connected with nature. If you love nature and relax at its sight, then it is worth using combinations in the hall with this ornament. Plants are most often used, because it is easy to create an ornament from them and bring beauty and exclusivity to the room.

Two-level ceiling in the living room of Khrushchev

The classic design of the hall with a floral print on bright wallpaper

In a room with small dimensions, a large pattern will look ridiculous, thanks to it the room will visually look even smaller, so in a small room, it is better to choose a very small and inconspicuous pattern.

Wallpaper under a brick in the interior of a small hall

Looks interesting with an imitation of brickwork

The choice of wallpaper in the hall for Khrushchev is a crucial moment. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the height of the ceilings, the size of the room, how the windows are placed, how the light falls, and what furniture is present in the interior. Also pay attention to the style that you prefer and see if the room is overloaded, are the colors matching correctly.

TV on the wall of the living room with photo wallpaper

Wall murals with the prospect visually expand the borders of the room

Of great importance is the quality of wallpaper and price. You can give more money for quality, because you do not have to change the wallpaper in 2-3 years. Pay attention to environmental friendliness, whether they are washed or not, what material they are made of and who the manufacturer is.

Video: Combined wallpaper in the interior of the hall

Photo ideas for decorating the hall with wallpaper

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