Interior of a kitchen in a wooden house: bright ideas and tips for arranging

Spending summer days is much nicer in the fresh air outside the city. Owning a wooden house, you can enjoy nature at any time, arrive in a special atmosphere of warmth. Small dachas, baths, full-fledged mansions for permanent residence are built from wood. Regardless of the purpose of the building, the interior of the home should be comfortable, beautiful. It is especially important to properly equip the kitchen interior.

Original kitchen in a wooden house

Original kitchen using natural materials in the decoration

It is in it that the most pleasant evenings will be held over a cup of fragrant tea. How to create an attractive design of the kitchen-dining room in a wooden cottage? Useful recommendations are discussed in this publication.

Attic kitchen

The interior of the white kitchen on the attic of a private house

Design features

Unusual interior in black and white colors.

Unusual black and white kitchen interior in a country house

The rooms in the house should be decorated taking into account certain features.

  1. Buildings are shrinking. It is possible to carry out interior decoration only after a certain time. Shrinkage usually takes about six months. However, this period for each house will be different. It is necessary to focus on the type of wood, the method of construction.
  2. Laying of communication can be done in an open way, using a special pipeline. Hide the wires, pipes directly into the walls will not work. When creating a design project, it is important to consider this nuance. You need to consider a way to mask communications in the kitchen.
  3. Electrical equipment, heating appliances must be placed at a certain distance from the walls. Fire hazardous wood. During construction, each element must be treated with special impregnations. The area around the stove will further protect the apron. It is best made from non-combustible materials. Ceramic tiles are ideal.
An island in the middle of a great kitchen

In the center of the large kitchen, an island is successfully located, which serves as an additional working area

Kitchen finish

Wood trim in the kitchen

In a wooden house, finishing from the same material is appropriate, this is consistent with the concept of green housing

Panels Deformed

In addition to beams, the ceiling can be decorated with panels, lining or stretch linens.

It is impossible to make a kitchen design in a wooden house attractive, practical without buying high-quality finishing materials. The choice of building materials today is great. Lacking experience in repair work, many may just get confused. When buying, focus on the helpful tips in the table.

Material Tips
Walls During the arrangement of the kitchen, you should not depart much from the main concept of a wooden house - its environmental friendliness, naturalness. The cheapest, easiest way to decorate the walls is painting. In this case, the stage of surface preparation will play a huge role. Walls must first be cleaned, sanded, treated with specialized impregnations. Paint must be applied in several layers. If you want to keep the relief, you can replace the paint with varnish. When repairing an old building, it is better to first sew up the walls with drywall, then paste over with wallpaper, overlay with tiles. Drywall allows you to level the surface, hide its flaws, help hide communications. MDF panels are another good way to decorate walls. They have an attractive appearance, are relatively inexpensive. You can also decorate the walls with beams, natural stone.This method is more relevant for medium-sized rooms. Bars can provide good thermal insulation.
Floor The kitchen floor will be subject to constant stress. For finishing, laminate, parquet, stone tiles are suitable. These building materials last a long time, withstand the effects of moisture, high temperatures.
Ceiling Making the ceiling in a wooden house is not an easy task. For safety reasons, wiring should be placed on the ceiling. The only way to hide it is to install a corrugated pipe. However, you can sacrifice the height of the room by installing a suspended ceiling. Behind him, all communications will be securely hidden. If this solution is too expensive, you can purchase an ordinary lining.
Apron In the area near the sink, the hob, the walls always suffer from excess moisture, high temperatures, fat. Only an apron can protect the finish. For an apron, usually choose ceramic tiles, mosaics, glass. Each of these materials has many advantages. They have an attractive design, easy to clean.
Wooden beams

Wooden beams indicate the location of the kitchen and living room

Kitchen apron tile

A universal option for lining a kitchen apron - tiles in bright yellow

Facade of eco-raw kitchen

The facade of the kitchen from eco-raw materials will give the kitchen naturalness and originality

Design project of a small kitchen

In the presence of free space to create a convenient, beautiful design of the kitchen in a wooden house is not at all difficult. Problems arise in the process of working with small rooms. How to fit all the necessary items into a tiny kitchen while maintaining aesthetics? Consider some helpful suggestions.

  • A small area is not a reason for refusing to equip a full-fledged kitchen. The barbecue on the street will not be able to completely replace all the benefits of civilization. A stationary stove, a sink will help out in bad weather.

    Small kitchen - studio

    Kitchen - studio in a small narrow country house

  • Do not use too massive finishes. The beautiful view of stone, wooden blocks should not confuse you. Such materials are not suitable for decorating a small room. It is better to buy ordinary varnish, paint. Design color should be as natural as possible.
  • A wooden house with tiny rooms should not have much furniture. A multifunctional corner headset is ideal. A few roomy cabinets will be enough. The rest of the place must be left under the technique.

    Light miniature kitchen

    Bright miniature kitchen with the necessary equipment and furniture

  • Furniture is better to take transforming. Roll-out board, sliding table, shelving on casters will save space.

    Wooden table transformer

    Wooden table transformer for a small kitchen of a country house

  • Carefully consider the amount of household appliances you need. You should not buy a lot of equipment at the cottage. It is enough to take a refrigerator, stove, oven, coffee maker, kettle. The rest of the equipment will be superfluous, it will take up a lot of space. When buying equipment, be sure to consider the dimensions of the room. Today in any stores there is a large selection of compact items.
  • A kitchen unit is better to buy in light color. White would be the perfect solution. Light shades visually increase the space. Many white headsets seem easily soiled. However, on furniture of any color, significant impurities will be equally visible.
Wood set

A wooden set creates a warm and homely atmosphere in the kitchen

Interior style

In a wooden house, harmony is important. A harmonious environment can only be achieved by choosing the right style. You need to choose a style based on several criteria.

Shabby chic rustic cuisine

Fabulous and vibrant rustic cuisine in the style of shabby chic

The first, most basic - the general style of the home. Too much variation in styles in different rooms will make a wooden house inharmonious. It is better to adhere to one or two directions that are similar to each other.

American style for kitchen design

American style in the design of the country kitchen

The second criterion is the size of the room. Not all styles are suitable for tiny little rooms.If the area is significantly limited, it is better to choose modern areas - minimalism, modern, loft.

Small home-made kitchen

Small home-made kitchen for a country house

The third criterion is the budget. To implement certain ideas, you need money. This should also be taken into account. The personal preferences of cottage owners are another important criterion. The owners should be comfortable, cozy. Some housewives already have their own vision of the future interior.

Scandinavian cuisine in a country house

Bright Scandinavian style kitchen with wood elements.

Styles of Provence, Country

Country style kitchen

Country-style kitchen with artificial aging effect

In the design of a rustic wooden house, it is important to preserve the rustic romance, emphasize naturalness. To achieve this effect, styles of Provence, country will help. Provence is characterized by tenderness, aged look of furniture. If the grandmother’s furniture is left in the country, you don’t need to throw it away. It is better to restore objects, paint them in the right color. The Provence style is welcome light.

Design of a kitchen in a private house in the style of Provence

Kitchen design in a private house in the style of Provence in pastel shades, with artificially aged furniture, with textile with floral print

Ideal milk, light yellow, cream color. Brighter shades can be used in the decor of the headset, window openings. Curtains can be chosen with floral print. Kitchen textiles should be natural.

Delicate Provencal cuisine

Rustic country house in a gentle Provence style

Country is a brighter style. He is characterized by the following features.

  • Unusual wall decoration. When repairing, you can use brickwork, artificial stones. You can leave the walls wooden, having varnished them well.
  • Communication can not be hidden. They will not ruin the room.
  • For the floor, it is better to choose parquet, brown laminate. The flooring should be as close as possible to the natural look.
  • A must-have element of the kitchen is a solid wooden table. It is installed in the dining area. The table needs to be laid with a tablecloth, decorated with a vase of flowers.
  • You can put interesting tracks on the floor. Handicrafts are especially appreciated. Their coloring should be combined with the color of the remaining elements of the interior.
  • Furniture should have a simple design. No need to buy a newfangled headset. Suitable standard cabinets in light color.
Country style kitchen interiors

Country-style kitchen interiors often contain artificial “aging” of not only the wooden surfaces themselves, but also furniture elements


Laconic U-shaped headset

Laconic U-shaped set in the style of minimalism in a house made of timber

A properly designed minimalist kitchen interior can be extremely practical. This style is characterized by functionality. The main task of the owners of the cottage is the choice of roomy, functional furniture. It should not have unnecessary details, compartments. It is necessary to think in advance what will stand. An ideal option would be to purchase custom-made furniture. Then all items will be developed jointly with the owners. The designer will help you fit everything you need into a compact headset. The color of the furniture should be light. No need to be afraid to buy white cabinets, countertops. White furniture will somehow dissolve in the setting, will make the room more spacious.

In a minimalist style, lighting is important. It is better not to clutter the windows with heavy curtains. They can be decorated with a white, transparent curtain. However, natural light alone will not be enough. If the ceiling is made hinged, spotlights can be built into it. It is necessary to place them in work areas, above the dining table.

Another characteristic feature of minimalism style is the almost complete absence of decor. You can decorate such a kitchen interior with flowers in pots, a beautiful tablecloth on the table, and bright kitchen textiles. Decor in the form of modern utensils, unusual vases is allowed. Other elements will be redundant.

Minimalism in decoration and furniture

Minimalism in both decoration and furniture involves a combination of modern materials with natural

Classic dining room

Interior of a white classic kitchen

Interior of a white classic kitchen in a wooden house

You can make a full kitchen-dining room in a large wooden house. This room is ideal classic style.

Specific traits.

  • Light, expensive finishes. The walls can be decorated with natural stone, wood panels. The ceiling can be made suspended. All communications will hide in it. It is better to lay tiles on the floor. Colors may be different, but light. Light shades of olive, brown, milk color look noble.
  • Multilayer, complex curtains. Curtains can be long, with a bright ornament. Beautiful magnets can complement the curtains.
  • Wooden furniture. Set, shelves, shelving, table should be made of natural wood. Luxurious furniture will be an indicator of the good taste of the owners of the cottage. Cabinets, racks can be decorated with author's carvings. The color of furniture can be chosen almost any. Dark furniture looks great in the large kitchen. It stands out from the bright interior.
  • Luxurious decorative elements. Stucco molding, paintings, statues - all this can be, even need to be used to decorate the classic style of the kitchen.
In the classic interior kitchen

Classic cuisine - luxury and comfort

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