Useful tips for decorating a decorative stone kitchen

Every woman wants to have a cozy, comfortable and convenient to use kitchen. To do this, you need to competently think about its design with the help of modern finishing building materials.

decorative stone in the kitchen

Stone decoration will transform the interior of your kitchen

The advantages of decorative stone

A demanded building material for the decoration of kitchens is decorative stone. This material impresses consumers with an aesthetic appearance and good technical characteristics. Decorative stone has a lot of advantages, namely:

  • wide range of textures and color schemes;
  • long term of operation;
  • resistance to negative factors;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • strength and reliability;
  • environmental friendliness and safety.
decorative stone in the kitchen

Highlight the kitchen area with a coarse sandstone stone texture

decorative stone in the kitchen stove

Decorating with a decorative stone stove in the style of an old stove

It is easy and simple to work with. It is sawn and drilled with various improvised tools.

Designers recommend the use of decorative stone in the areas of Provence, country. And also in a medieval style.

decorative stone in the decoration of the kitchen provence

Finishing an apron kitchen style provence decorative stone

decorative stone in the decoration of the country kitchen

The stone is well suited for background decoration of the walls of a country-style kitchen

decorative stone in rustic finish

Large cobblestone walls fit perfectly into the rustic style

decorative stone in the loft kitchen

Decorating the kitchen wall with loft-style decorative stone

Decorative stone does not like bright lighting. Therefore, it is recommended to make dim lighting. If the material is finished with a work surface or an apron, there should be a lot of light in this zone.

decorative stone in the decoration of the kitchen lighting

Soft dim light gives the decorative stone a warm shade

Designers love to combine decorative stone with natural greenery. To emphasize the individuality and originality of the kitchen, put ampelny flowers.

Decorative stone in the kitchen with herbs

Flowers and greenery will enliven the interior of the kitchen when decorated with decorative stone

Also, decorative stone in harmony with rough cobblestones in the interior, wicker furniture and aluminum.

Important! For small rooms it is worth choosing small tiles of artificial stone. Since large elements will overload the room.

Dilute decorative stone with softer finishing building materials, for example, wallpaper, decorative plaster and other decorative elements.

stucco decorative stone

Light finish stone blends well with decorative plaster

decorative stone in the kitchen

A single column, trimmed with stone, against the background of dim wallpapers

Material Care Features

A decorative stone is unpretentious in leaving. It is recommended to clean it with a vacuum cleaner or you can carry out dry and wet cleaning.

decorative stone in the decoration of the kitchen

Undemanding in cleaning and resistance to damage are the main advantages of decorative stone

For wet cleaning a spray is used. Spray the water evenly over the surface, it will collect dust and drain down. You just need to wipe the floor later.

decorative stone in the kitchen

Finishing stone is easily washed with water and any detergents.

If the apron is laid out with artificial stone, you will need to use cleaning products.

Use any detergents to clean the work surface.

Step-by-step instructions for wall decoration

If you decide to finish the walls with artificial stone, you will need to do some small preparatory work.To begin with, the walls are leveled with cement or putty, then a primer is applied to them and you can begin to decorate.

Important! When processing walls in the kitchen with a primer, it is advisable to use antiseptic agents.

To lay artificial stone on the walls, prepare the following tools:

  • grinder;
  • putty knife;
  • file;
  • building level;
  • rollers, brushes.
decorative stone in the kitchen tools

Stone doesn’t need a lot of tools to decorate a kitchen

Phased work is as follows.

  1. Remove dust and dirt from the processed surfaces.
  2. Treat the walls with an antifungal primer and wait for it to dry.
decorative stone in the kitchen

Carefully level the walls before laying the finishing stone

Important! Artificial stone is laid only on even, clean and dry walls.
  1. Remove the finishing material from the packaging and place it on a flat surface. This will help to choose the material by color, texture, thickness.
  2. Mark the walls to see how the decorative stone will look on the walls.

Important! Do not forget to count the distance of the seams. The width of the seam varies depending on the type of masonry and the type of material used.

  1. Laying of the material begins with corner elements. You can start installation from both the top and bottom edges of the wall. If you will be using masonry technology with jointing, start work from the top edge. Without jointing, work starts from the bottom.

Important! Laying artificial stone from the top edge will prevent the adhesive from getting onto the finishing material. And laying from the bottom edge will prevent the material from sliding along the wall.

  1. Prepare the adhesive mortar according to the manufacturer's instructions and apply it on the decorative stone and on the wall.
  2. Attach the decorative stone to the wall, push on it, and knock with a rubber mallet.
  3. 40 minutes after the glue hardens, remove the rest with a spatula.
decorative stone in the kitchen

The thickness of the mortar on the wall should not exceed 5 mm

Interesting ideas for wall decoration in the kitchen

Decorative stone blends harmoniously with the wallpaper. For the kitchen, it is recommended to use plain wallpaper and slate. A combination of the same colors in the kitchen and in the hallway will look original. Such a design will visually enlarge the room, and make it spacious and bright.

decorative stone in the kitchen decoration wallpaper

Finishing stone can serve as a frame for wallpaper with photo printing

If you want to highlight the bar, clad it with large material, and paste over the walls with pistachio wallpaper. The allocation of the dining area with the help of brickwork also looks original. If your kitchen and dining room are connected, choose light and gentle colors.

decorative stone in the decoration of the kitchen

Monumental bar counter trimmed with decorative stone

decorative stone in the decoration of the kitchen

Imitation of a niche in a stone wall in combination with a tiled apron

decorative stone in the kitchen

Decorative stone should be combined with the tone and color of the furniture

decorative stone in the decoration of the kitchen as a background

Use asymmetric masonry made of stone as a background for hinged elements of the kitchen interior

Decoration with decorative stone creating the atmosphere of the Middle Ages in the kitchen

To create the spirit of the Middle Ages in the kitchen, choose natural decoration materials. The ideal option, in this case, would be the use of decorative stone. You can use any stone in the interior of the kitchen: slate, limestone, sandstone, cobblestone. This material can be large or small. It can have a relief and smooth texture. As for the color scheme, there are practically no restrictions.

decorative stone in the decoration of the kitchen of the Middle Ages

The total dominance of stone in the decoration will create the atmosphere of the Middle Ages in the kitchen

In the manufacture of artificial decorative stone, various materials can be used: textured limestone, sandstone, gypsum.

Attention! If you are looking for a budget option for finishing the kitchen, pay attention to the plaster decorative stone. It naturally mimics natural material, and is distinguished by practicality, durability and reasonable cost.

To create a medieval atmosphere, you can partially stone the walls with stone.Select the columns, arch, door and window openings.

decorative stone in the kitchen wall decoration

Partial cladding of walls and columns with decorative stone

Pay particular attention to the finish of the ventilation duct. Use artificial stone to disguise it as a pillar or a raised fireplace.

decorative stone in the decoration of the kitchen

Decorative stone hides the hood over the stove and brings a touch of the Middle Ages

Attention! Decorating a kitchen with decorative stone is an expensive type of repair. But such an interior looks luxurious. On the walls, you can lay out both solid material and its fragments. By the way, with the help of fragments an original and interesting design is created.

decorative stone in the kitchen

A large stone wall looks like part of a fortification

Tips and ideas for decorating a kitchen with artificial stone

If you follow the recommendations of professionals, you can make exclusive designs in the kitchens. For a visual increase in space, lay out the decorative stone horizontally. And for the decoration of dining areas it is worth choosing soft and soft tones.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the decorative stone in the interior of the kitchen looks unusually aesthetically pleasing. It captivates with its unique structure, interesting texture and overflow of colors. Due to the ease of installation, decorative stone is widely used in modern kitchens. He is able to hide minor defects and imperfections of surfaces, create an original ornament, and make the room unique. Use decorative stone in your kitchens, and enjoy its ease of use, aesthetic appearance and durability.

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