We create with our own hands an attractive interior for the kitchen of 15 square meters. m

Make a practical, stylish, extraordinary design of the kitchen of 15 square meters. m. pretty simple. A large area allows you to provide everything you need. In a small apartment, such a kitchen is often combined with a living room. This solution allows you to significantly expand the functionality of the room.

living room kitchen design 15 sq. meters

It is difficult to make an interesting design in a rather small area, but it is quite possible /

In the kitchen-living room you can fit bar a rack, a sitting area with a sofa, a chic dining table, a comfortable work surface. The most important thing is to correctly manage the area. In this article, we will look at how to make the kitchen as functional as possible, attractive in appearance, convenient in the process of operation.

kitchen living room 15 sq m

It is only necessary to make efforts to get the correct zoning, and family members were comfortable being indoors.

Advantages, disadvantages of the kitchen-living room

A kitchen combined with a living room is the best solution for owners of tiny apartments. So it is much easier to receive guests, more space to accommodate all the necessary equipment. This combination has several advantages, disadvantages.

kitchen living room 15 sq m photo

Before proceeding with the layout of a room measuring 15 m2, it is necessary to correctly and accurately measure it.

They are given in the table.

Benefits disadvantages
· Getting a spacious, bright, functional room; · Foreign odors in the living room from the kitchen;
· Increase the spaciousness of the kitchen; · The need for demolition of the wall.
· New features in design, color selection.
kitchen living room 15 sq m ideas

The combined kitchen-living room measuring 15 m2 requires the manufacture of furniture according to the parameters provided.

Kitchen Zoning

To make the design of the living room kitchen 15 sq. m. ideal, it is necessary to correctly distribute the functions of each square meter. In this matter, zoning will help. Creation of functional zones is the main principle of constructing a practical space, regardless of the chosen furniture or style.

zoning kitchen living room

Separate lighting is recommended for both the kitchen working area and the living area.

kitchen decoration 16 sq. meters

Depending on the height of the ceilings, the size of the kitchen furniture is also calculated.

Four separate zones should be created in the kitchen-living room.

  1. Working.
  2. Dining.
  3. Living room.
  4. Passing through.

The first zone should consist of a functional, compact headset, sink, stove, household appliances. The listed items should be located nearby for the convenience of preparing dinners, lunches, snacks.

bright kitchen living room 15 sq m

At the planning stage, experts also advise providing for the installation of additional devices for comfortable work - an extractor hood, mounting a microwave oven, and an oven.

Dining space can be represented by a bar, a roomy table with chairs. The next area is the living room. Here you can put a comfortable sofa (several armchairs), a TV, a fireplace, a stylish glass coffee table. Between the living room, the kitchen, the last zone should be located - the entrance.

living room kitchen design

The checkpoint can be decorated with decorative flowers, a path.

Choose a style

Convenience, attractiveness of any room depends on the choice of style. The style should be in harmony with the overall design of the apartment, be liked by its owners, meet the latest fashion trends. To design a kitchen combined with a living room, a classic style is often used. It is universal, suitable for any zone.Classics are characterized by the rigor of lines, shapes. For design, calm tones are used: brown, black, white, sand, beige.

furniture in the living room kitchen

Preference is given to natural, expensive materials.

kitchen 15 sq m in bright colors

A room or living room with a small area and good design, I constantly want to slightly increase in size.

Lovers of romance can embody the Provence style in the interior. This is a French style, which is distinguished by the use of delicate colors, aged objects, many accessories. In provence, various prints are used. The most popular is floral.

kitchen living room provence

Correctly selected colors will help in solving such a problem.

Minimalism is the best solution for a modern family. This direction does not include the use of unnecessary details. In the interior you need to use only the most necessary. Functional furniture, modern appliances are preferred.

kitchen living room minimalism

The design uses bright colors with bright details.

Kitchen design 15 sq. meters

Having chosen the style direction, it is necessary to proceed to the selection of building materials. An area of ​​15 squares is enough for experimenting with the decor, colors. Creating a kitchen interior of 15 square meters. m., you need to decide on the size of the budget, your own desires, preferences. For convenience, all these nuances are best written on a piece of paper.

kitchen living room 15 sq m design

It looks interesting to combine several types of wallpaper, different in texture and color.

kitchen living room 15 m2

The most modern and interesting option for repair work on the ceiling is the use of suspended and tension structures.

Starting repairs, you should choose the right finishing materials. Consider useful recommendations for their selection.

  1. Many people prefer to start the decoration from the ceiling. When choosing material, you should consider the special conditions in the kitchen. The room will always be wet, the temperature will constantly change. The ceiling should be washed well. The ideal solution would be a stretch ceiling, budget - painting with water-based paint. Colors should be chosen not too bright. In the living room area, additional lighting can be mounted on the ceiling.
  2. The choice of color of the walls is the main thing in the design. They will become a kind of background for the rest of the details. It is recommended to give preference to light shades. Brightness can be added with accents. For example, with a rich apron design. It is better to make it from tiles, special glass. These materials are easy to clean, serve for a long time.
  3. In the kitchen-living room you can use two types of flooring. In the kitchen you can install tiles, in the living room area - carpet.
classic style living room kitchen

Experts advise to pay attention to the color scheme, because certain shades are able to change under the influence of different lighting.

Choosing furniture

Having decided on the style direction, decoration, it's time to pick up furniture for the kitchen-living room. Furniture you need to choose compact, functional. A set of furniture can be different - it depends on the needs of each individual family.

selection of furniture for the living room kitchen

Making a small room is possible, you only need to carefully plan the design.

kitchen living room with peninsula

The quality of electrical wiring should be in the first place, because here everything is interconnected with safety.

When choosing items, it is worth giving preference to items made from natural, safe raw materials. For example, made of wood. Wooden furniture will last a long time, it always looks attractive. Kitchen sets should be equipped with many shelves. They will allow you to place all the necessary products, utensils, dishes.

kitchen design 15 sq. meters

If the owners have at their disposal a small room, it is better to limit themselves to a minimum amount of furniture and appliances, then there will be no clutter in the room.

Planning tips

Choosing furniture, you need to think about its proper placement. Consider useful planning tips.

loft style kitchen

The choice of owners offers a large number of styles that can be brought to life.

beautiful design kitchen living room

If you do not have experience in designing, it is best to contact a design and construction organization.

  • The simplest option for placing furniture is linear. In this case, the kitchen (working) zone is located opposite the living room. This option is suitable for a room in the form of a square.
  • The island way of placing furniture is suitable for an irregularly shaped room. It provides for placing the headset in a corner. This saves space;
  • The peninsular layout is suitable for lovers of modern interiors. It involves the use of a bar instead of a table.
  • In a rectangular room, the furniture can be placed with the letter P. To do this, use three adjacent walls. In this method, the most important thing is to correctly place the key work elements: sink, work surface, stove, refrigerator. They should not be far from each other.
Scandinavian style kitchen living room

When creating a kitchen and combining it with a living room, you need to take care of installing a modern and powerful hood.

We use the area as useful as possible.

Fifteen square meters is enough to equip a multifunctional kitchen-living room. However, with an independent interior design, mistakes can be made. They will lead to a lack of space to accommodate the necessary things.

kitchen living room 15 sq m ideas

The creation of a combined kitchen and living room will add mystery to the interior, and characterize the owners as stylish and modern people.

The first mistake is to leave the corners empty. The corner of the room can be occupied by a sink, shelves, cabinets for household appliances. The second mistake is not using walls near the work surface. On the walls you can hang hooks, open shelves for seasonings.

set in the living room kitchen

A part of the utensil can easily fit on the walls and will always be in sight.

The interior of the kitchen-living room with a balcony

The kitchen-living room may have a balcony. It is wonderful! Due to the balcony, you can further increase the usable area. For this, the balcony room should be properly insulated, glazed. The transition to the balcony can be removed by combining with the room.

kitchen living room with balcony

This option is suitable for owners of small apartments.

If there is no desire to completely demolish the partition, you can install a convenient sliding door. On the balcony you can easily set a table, several soft poufs. It will be a great place for tea parties. You can install large household appliances, freeing up useful space in the room.

kitchen living room with balcony

Furniture can be made using bright details - pillows, wraps, bedspreads, original tablecloths - this will create a certain harmony and comfort.

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