Modern kitchen wallpapers and curtains in 2020

At home in the kitchen a woman spends most of her time. The choice of the kitchen interior plays an important role in the mood of the hostess, who prepares food, treats guests and loved ones.

Green leaves on the wallpaper in the kitchen with white furniture

Wallpaper can completely cover the walls of the kitchen or be used as accents, it all depends on the taste of the owners and the design decision

Modern kitchen wallpapers and curtains in 2020

To decorate the kitchen with wallpaper is the most common and most affordable option, with which you can decorate the room in any design solution and style to your taste and with your own hands. The main thing is to determine the color of not only the walls, but also with what furniture is already standing in your kitchen, or what you want to purchase, what area of ​​the room and what design style you like best.

Green wallpaper with an ornament on the kitchen wall in a modern style

With wallpaper, you can decorate the kitchen in any style, you just need to know the measure. For example, in the interior of a modern style, it’s enough to glue one wall or even a small part of it

At the end of the overall design style, it is necessary to choose the right curtains that emphasize the general idea of ​​your interior.

Fashion wallpapers: photos in the interior of real apartments

Wallpaper for the kitchen photo 2020 and modern design styles.

  • Classic style - suitable for all types of rooms, usually it is light tones of plain wallpaper that will suit any type of floor and furniture. A bright accent in this style is usually done with an original apron above the work surface and dining table.

    Fashionable curtains in the interior of the kitchen in the style of the classics

    For a classic style, the wallpaper is matched to the tone of the furniture

  • French style - light wallpaper with a small floral ornament in one tone or embossed pattern with the addition of a gold accent, which will add lightness and elegance to the room.

    Tablecloth with flowers on a round table

    Combined wallpaper on the wall of the kitchen in the style of French Provence

  • Country - natural shades with floral motifs or striped and checkered. Design in this style involves a combination of various textures, stylized as wood or stone.

    Bright kitchen with wallpaper after renovation in 2019

    A floral pastel pattern is great for rustic interior styles.

  • Art Nouveau - bright and saturated colors with a large pattern, which can be in a geometric or floral theme.

    Design of a kitchen-dining room with vinyl wallpaper

    Geometric ornaments gracefully decorate the walls, making the interior stylish and attractive.

  • Oriental style - walls decorated with hieroglyphs and floral themes with many small leaves and flowers.

    Kitchen mosaic paper wallpaper

    Oriental style wallpaper with imitation mosaic ceramic coating

Fashionable wallpaper for the kitchen you choose with ease, if you decide on the overall design. Classical and French styles are more suitable in a small room, country and modern - for large and bright rooms.

Beautiful wallpaper with photo printing in the dining area of ​​the kitchen

Well-chosen wallpapers will make the kitchen interior bright and attractive.

Color schemes for a small kitchen

A small kitchen is a classic of our Soviet-era apartments, and when choosing a design you must follow small rules that will help you with the design:

  • it is better to choose light colors with a small pattern that visually expand the space and add more light to the room;
  • do not choose textured drawings, it will be better to have smooth surfaces that are easier to clean and wash;
  • choose pastel colors, and the original design of the room will help you with a bright kitchen set and curtains to match the furniture;
  • when choosing a large picture, it is better to paste over such a wall with one of the largest walls, where, as a rule, there will be a dining table;
  • do not use wall-murals in a small room; the bright accent above the table in the general style with an apron in the working area would be better.
Floral wallpaper in the kitchen with white furniture

When choosing wallpaper for a small room, it is important to pay attention to the amount of light in the room and the color of the furniture

White wallpaper in a bright kitchen

For a small room it is better to choose options in light colors

Orange chairs in narrow parallel kitchen

For a small kitchen, it is better to choose a wallpaper with a small print

The combination of wallpaper, ideas and trends in 2020

With the right combination of colors and textures, you can easily highlight individual areas and correctly emphasize the advantages of the room, and visually remove the imperfections of the room.

Wooden ceiling in a spacious kitchen

The combination of wallpaper with a pattern and plain surfaces is used to highlight the accent area of ​​the kitchen

The working area and one of the walls can be made in the same style. To decorate the apron, tiles are usually used - you can easily pick up photo wallpaper to match the pattern on the tile, and decorate the walls in a classic style. Wall decoration should also match the flooring. If the floor is wood-like, add something wooden to the wall decoration, for example, a kitchen unit or an apron in the work area.

Paper wallpaper under the glass of a kitchen apron

Wallpaper can be used to decorate an apron, if you close them with a transparent panel of tempered glass

Now many people choose bright kitchen sets - you can combine this color with an unobtrusive pattern on the walls to match the furniture.

The main thing is not to overdo it with bright accents, otherwise the room will look bulky and intrusive. Do not forget that the design of the kitchen should correspond to the general style of the apartment in which you live.

Black and white checkered wallpaper on kitchen walls

Wallpaper with a predominance of dark colors are suitable only for large rooms

Basic color guidelines

When choosing a basic color scheme, try experimenting, but you need to rely on the basic combinations of furniture and walls.

  • Monochromatic - choose the wallpaper in the same tone as the headset with the addition of a picture in the same gamut. But so that the room does not look faded and too simple, it is necessary to add bright accents that will be the main decoration.
  • Contrast is a combination of opposites: blue and orange, green and red. If you like these combinations - feel free to choose two primary colors for wall decoration, but remember that this contrast is more suitable for large and bright rooms.
  • Harmony - select a yellow color with a green or blue unobtrusive pattern to the green headset.

When using dark shades, it is possible to zone a narrow room and, as it were, deepen one of the walls, but provided that the remaining walls are light.

Light wallpaper with a rare pattern on the kitchen wall

If you appreciate a relaxed home atmosphere, choose a wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern in pastel colors.

Feel free to decorate the room on the sunny side with flowers of cold shades - blue, blue and turquoise, and for a darker room, buy beige and yellow, which will add warmth and comfort to the room.

Important! Bright wallpapers can only be used with furniture in white or cream color, and delicate shades will fit any headset.

Interior of a trendy 2019 kitchen with striped wallpaper

Wallpaper with vertical stripes visually raise the ceiling of the kitchen

Beautiful kitchen design in 2020 of bright colors (selection of photos)

The choice of wallpaper is now very diverse, the main thing to remember is that the kitchen is a place with high humidity and a high polluting environment. In order not to be disappointed in the state of the walls in a year, take this very responsibly.

Types of wallpaper and selection criteria.

  • Paper - the cheapest and short-lived option. For the kitchen, washers are usually chosen, which are covered with a thin layer of plastic, but when washing the walls this layer is easily damaged and does not perform its function for long.

    Paper wallpaper in the kitchen with access to the balcony

    Paper wallpapers absorb odors and get dirty quickly.

  • Vinyl - the best option, easy to clean and clean. They do not absorb fat, moisture and dirt, due to their vinyl coating, they have a unique ratio of low price with decent quality.

    Vinyl wallpaper in the dining area of ​​modern kitchen

    Vinyl wallpapers last a long time due to their multi-layer structure

  • Fiberglass is very strong and durable, they can be used for repeated painting. But they are quite expensive, and not all of them can afford to buy.

    Bar counter in the kitchen with fiberglass wallpaper

    Wallpaper for painting perfectly hide small irregularities of the walls

  • Self-adhesive - have a base impregnated with glue, very convenient for repair on their own.

    Highlighting the accent wall of the kitchen with colored wallpaper

    With these wallpapers you can paste over one accent wall, leaving the other surfaces plain

  • Wall murals and 3D - perfectly create the desired design and unique atmosphere in the room and complement it with a bright accent, are convenient to care for and wash well.

    Wall mural with the image of Paris on the kitchen wall in a city apartment

    Wall murals are great for creating accents.

Tip. When buying, choose smooth types without a relief pattern - they are easier to care for.

What to choose curtains for the kitchen in 2020

The finishing touch in the design of your room will be the selection of curtains that emphasize the overall style. When choosing curtains, you need to be guided not only by the combination of the color palette of the overall design, but which side your windows face:

  • the south side allows you to experiment with bright and saturated colors;

    Direct curtains on the high windows of the kitchen

    For the decor of sunny windows, it is appropriate to use curtains made of thick fabric

  • for the north side, buy light transparent curtains without additional shading of the room;

    White translucent curtain on the kitchen window

    French curtains made of transparent tulle look good

  • Western - implies the use of delicate beige and milky color curtains;

    Short curtains in the kitchen with windows to the west side of the house

    If there is a sink in front of the kitchen window, it is better to choose short curtain models

  • on the eastern side, cool shades of gray, silver and blue are desirable.

    White kitchen with trendy gray shades

    White kitchen with gray curtains made of thick material

Pay attention not only to the quality of the material, which can quickly fade in the sun, but also to the resistance of such curtains to washing and ironing.

The interior of the kitchen photo 2020, modern ideas for wallpaper and curtains, a large selection of design solutions will make it possible to make a beautiful design option, and your kitchen will be a favorite place not only for the hostess of the house, but also a gathering place for the whole family.

Video: wallpaper design for a modern kitchen

Photo-ideas of modern design for kitchen interior wallpaper

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