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Feng Shui is an ancient Taoist practice of organizing space. This is philosophy, this is the whole religion. People who make out an apartment in accordance with the rules of this practice notice that they are less likely to get sick and less nervous. Moreover, the room furnished according to Feng Shui is incredibly comfortable and harmonious.

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“Feng Shui” - this name has been known to people since ancient times, when the energy of water and wind were considered the most powerful forces for people.

What should be the bedroom in feng shui

The basis of Feng Shui is the proper formation and circulation of energy in the room. This is facilitated by the location and shape of the room, as well as the location of all its components.

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All existing areas and schools associated with "Feng Shui" are aimed at creating harmony of a person with his environment.

So, the correct room in Feng Shui should be a perfect square shape, rectangular is also allowed. A round, triangular, trapezoidal room, as well as any irregular shape, is not allowed.

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If you plan a bedroom in Feng Shui, the rules for its arrangement are also directly related to the harmonization of a person's stay in this room.

Important! The walls, floors and ceilings of the bedroom should be perfectly aligned.

The room should be located away from the kitchen, toilet and entrance door. It should not be a passage, and it is impossible that the doors of another room should be located against the bedroom door.

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Not everyone imagines that a person spends almost a third of his life in the bedroom, in a dream.

Bedroom by feng shui rules for a couple: basic rules

The main task of Feng Shui arrangement of space for the couple is to eliminate the differences and balance the energy in the pair. Therefore, to make the right bedroom for feng shui for a couple, you need to know certain rules and laws.

Feng Shui bedroom interior decor ideas

The positive energy “qi” has an effect on the body not only during a person’s wakefulness, but also in a dream.

  • To maintain a warm relationship in the family, the couple’s room should be in the north-western or western part of the apartment, at home.
  • To enhance romantic energy, use paired accessories, joint photos or paintings with paired figures.
  • There should not be beams or lamps above the bed; it is better to hang a dreamcatcher or canopy over it, which will accumulate positive energy.
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The situation in it should be peaceful and conducive to relaxation.

It is better for a married couple to equip the bedroom together so that it turns into a real love nest, and the energy circulating in it strengthens her relationship.

Feng Shui bedroom interior photo ideas

The interior design should be dominated by pastel colors, soft lighting and flowing forms related to the beginning of "yin".

Important! In the joint arrangement of the room there should be no quarrels and disputes on any issues related to repair.

What kind of flowers can I keep in the bedroom in Feng Shui?

Flowers play a large role in the room: they produce the necessary oxygen, and they are also able to absorb harmful substances released by other objects.According to Feng Shui, plants still have their own energy, which they transmit to the environment, and also absorb negative energy.

Feng Shui Design Bedroom Interior

From where the bedroom will be located in the house or apartment, the influence of positive energy “qi” largely depends.

In accordance with this philosophy, the following colors are best suited:

  • aloe;
  • Uzambara violet (also it can be replaced with ordinary indoor violet);
  • chlorophytum;
  • laurel;
  • geranium.
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Based on the above recommendations, you can try to equip the bedroom in the right way, from the point of view of “Feng Shui”.

The main thing is that the inhabitants of the bedroom should like the flowers and not have a pungent smell.

Feng Shui bedroom interior with orchids

In a harmoniously arranged bedroom, “yin” energy should prevail, which contributes to rest and relaxation.

Bed arrangement according to Feng Shui

The bed is the main place in the room. And in Feng Shui philosophy, it also occupies a central place. And for the Feng Shui bedroom to function well, position the bed correctly.

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The main piece of furniture in the bedroom is always a bed.

  1. It should be facing the head of the wall (preferably on the south, southeast, or southwest side).
  2. If the room is adjacent to the kitchen or bathroom, make sure that the bed does not adjoin the wall, behind which there is a bathtub, sink or toilet.
  3. The bed should not adjoin sideways to the wall so that it can be approached from both sides.
  4. Do not place it with the foot of the door.
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The bed cannot be placed opposite the front door. This placement is associated in Feng Shui with death.

At the same time, do not forget that the bed itself must be made of natural wood, have smooth sides and clear shapes.

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If two people sleep on the bed, then it is desirable that there is enough free space around it on three sides.

The location of other furniture in the bedroom according to the rules of feng shui

It is also important to know how to arrange the rest of the furniture in the bedroom by Feng Shui. This room should not have much furniture: it impedes the free circulation of Qi.

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The bedroom should not have massive pieces of furniture, such as large wardrobes or other wardrobes.

Of the furniture, except for the bed, the bedroom may contain:

  • cupboard;
  • a couple of chairs;
  • mirror;
  • bedside tables.
feng shui bedroom interior design ideas

Do not clutter the bedroom with a lot of furniture, as the space should be “breathing” and free for positive energies.

They should be located along the walls, not block the windows and free access to the bed.

On a note! Feng Shui bedroom must contain a mirror.

Feng Shui Design Bedroom Interior

It is recommended to purchase mirrors with rounded corners for the bedroom.

The mirror in the bedroom by feng shui opposite the bed, what can be done

According to the philosophy of this practice, the mirror should never be placed opposite the bed. This interior item should not display a sleeping person. According to the Taoist religion, the soul of a person in a dream is very vulnerable, so the mirror cannot be placed against the bed. But if there is no way to remove it, hang it with a thick cloth every day before going to bed.

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If it is planned to install a dressing table with a large mirror in the bedroom, then you need to choose a place for it so that people sleeping on the bed are not reflected in it.

Feng Shui and paintings: which images will decorate the walls

For the bedroom of the spouses, a picture with the image of blooming peonies is best suited. This flower symbolizes passion, love and loyalty in a relationship. The following images are also suitable:

  • sea;
  • snow-capped peaks;
  • dawn (but do not hang a picture of sunset in the bedroom);
  • elephant (symbol of stability and fidelity);
  • river.
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For the bedroom to comply with the rules of "Feng Shui", you must adhere to the interpretation of color shades, according to this science.

Give up abstraction, minimalism, images of aggression, decadence and misery. Also discard the image of standing water.

feng shui bedroom interior design ideas

By reducing or increasing the intensity of the design, you can change the situation in the bedroom in accordance with the goal.

The location of the bedroom in a house or apartment according to the Feng Shui technique

Each of the cardinal points for Feng Shui bedroom has its own meaning.

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The northern region of the apartment contributes to a calm and deep sleep, which means that a person will receive a good rest after everyday troubles and stressful situations.

  • South: romance and passion.
  • Southeast: business prosperity and favorable cash flows.
  • Southwest: the bad side with the concentration of negative energy.
  • North: calm and poise.
  • Northeast: the side with active energy, stimulates human activity.
  • Northwest: warmth and health. Especially suitable for mature couples.
  • East: passion and strong energy.
  • West: strengthening romantic relationships in pairs.
Feng Shui Decor Bedroom Interior

The South is an optimal place for young people who seek passionate relationships, as this zone is especially favorable for an active intimate life.

Determine the place for the bedroom, depending on what is needed for your couple.

How to choose the color of bedding by feng shui for a good sleep

First, consider the basic colors - black and white. The first symbolizes passion, and, contrary to stereotypes, it is worth using it to improve sexual relations in a couple.

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One and the same color, having different shades, can have both negative and positive perception and influence.

White is considered peaceful, symbolizes purity. Great for both single people and couples.

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White color combines all the shades found in nature, and at the same time is associated with purity and innocence.

Cyan and blue are also soothing. Suitable for restful sleep and balancing too active energy.

feng shui bedroom interior ideas ideas

Blue color is a symbol of clear sky and water. It contributes to a sense of depth and mystery.

For couples, pink and purple are also suitable, which embody romance and passion.

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Pink color contributes to conditions such as cheerfulness, good mood, strengthening of hope, feelings of warmth and comfort.

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