Options for beautiful wall mounted bedside lamp

Nightlights designed for sleeping rooms are slightly different from similar lamps installed in other rooms. Lighting in the bedroom for adults should be soft, diffused, create a cozy, calm, relaxing atmosphere. Almost always, the lamps in the bedroom are installed directly next to the bed, in some models there is a function for adjusting the level of lighting.

Wall-mounted candlelight in the bedroom

A well-chosen night lamp decorates the bedroom interior and completes the thematic design idea.

What can be an adult bedroom bedside lamp?

In fact, it’s more difficult to choose a bedside lamp for an adult bedroom than, for example, a lamp in the kitchen or a classic chandelier in the living room. When choosing a lighting fixture, you need to consider many points: from the interior of the room to the type and power of the lighting element installed in the lamp.

Original Design Hanging Night Light

A huge number of models of nightlights are produced, differing in shape, size, design and functionality

When choosing a night lamp in an adult bedroom, you must first consider the connection location.

  • Conventional wall sconces. Provide high-quality, soft, unobtrusive lighting in a small area near the bed. As the main light source is not used, they are suitable only for additional lighting.
  • False ceiling "night lamps for the bedroom." Devices of this type are characterized by a low arrangement of shades. Lighting devices hang over the bedside tables, casting a slight dim light, which is enough for comfortable reading in bed, but not enough for full lighting of the entire room.
  • Table lamps for bedside tables. Designed for beds and lighting a small space near the bed.
  • Floor lamps. Light up the bed and a small space nearby. The light from the floor lamps is soft, it does not blind the eyes.
  • Wireless lamp nightlights. Such a lighting fixture can be attached anywhere and can be quickly moved if necessary.
  • Spotlights, LED tapes. With the help of such devices, you can highlight the room not only from above, but also from below, highlight a piece of furniture, a mirror, highlight the edge of the stairs or beds.

    LED night light on the bedroom wall

    LED luminaires are considered the safest, as they do not heat up and do not have fragile incandescent lamps in their design

  • Projector lamps. A fairly original and beautiful lighting option, although not very popular. It is located in different places. Using replaceable cartridges, you can project different images onto the walls, not only lighting the room, but also transforming the interior.
  • Solar lamp. It is installed on the window so that the battery is charged during the day.
Compact battery powered nightlight

The battery-powered model can be mounted anywhere on the wall, and wires that do not add to the safety device will not stretch from it.

In addition, when buying a lamp for the bedroom, you need to consider the following:

  • Area and features of the configuration of the room.
  • The presence of the source of the main lighting of the room.
  • Functions of bedside lighting.
  • Room furnishings (lamps for the "adult" bedroom have a number of differences from lamps for children's bedrooms).
  • Is there a need to highlight individual objects (paintings, mirrors, furniture), since the nightlight can be used not only for lighting the bedside zone.
Teardrop-shaped nightlights over the head of the bed

The lighting fixture, correctly selected for the interior of the bedroom, will decorate the room and complement its design

The first and most important point to consider when choosing a lamp is the area and configuration of the room.

If the room is small, a pair of bedside devices will be enough for it, which give a soft soft light. For a large bedroom you need to provide good lighting throughout the area. In this case, special attention should be paid to the darkest areas - corners, niches and the space near the bed. In this case, a couple of nightlights can not do, you will need a source of main lighting. Most often, a ceiling chandelier is used for this purpose, the light from which is supplemented by several sconces or floor lamps.

The best place for a night lamp is a bedside table. Light will fall on the bed, but will not blind. The lampshade on the lamp should be dense enough to gently scatter the light stream.

Table nightlight on the bedside table near the bed

A table night lamp may look like a regular table lamp mounted on a bedside table

Desktop nightlight in the shape of an owl on the bedside table

Tabletop models of original design look interesting, which in the daytime play the role of a spectacular decor

A good option for the location of the lamp is wall-mounted. The night lamp is mounted on the wall in the bedroom at a height of 60 cm above the surface of the bed. In this case, the light, freely falling on the eyes, will not dazzle. If you measure the distance to the floor level, then it should not exceed 1.2 meters.

Swivel wall mounted bedside lamp

Convenient model of a wall-mounted night light with the ability to direct light to the desired point by turning the body of the device

When a room has a large mirror, or several mirrors, it is better to place the lamps near the window. So the mirror will be well lit.

How to choose a beautiful night lamp in the room

Beautiful decorative nightlights are designed not only for lighting, but also to complement and decorate the interior. In this case, the illuminated mirror or a picture on the wall, a small decorative fountain, a stained-glass window, etc. can act as a light source.

Bedside lamp with a photo frame on the bedroom wall

Nightlights look very nice from photo frames

Everyone wants to choose a truly beautiful night lamp in the bedroom, but for this you need to consider the features of the interior. First of all - the type of decoration of the ceiling and walls. The lamp should be in harmony with the decoration, not stand out from the general style of the room, but complement and decorate it.

Designer lamp on the bedroom wall

In order for the lamp to harmonize with the interior of the bedroom, you need to choose a shade that will fit into the color scheme of the room

If the room has a multi-level ceiling, it will be good to install a sconce with a directed beam of light. Such lamps visually make the ceiling higher.

If the walls in the bedroom are painted in bright colors, wall mounted nightlights with a small radius of illumination are well suited. This is important, since light walls reflect light well, and its excess does not contribute to rest and relaxation. For a room with a light finish, the best option is a table lamp or pendant lamp located on the bedside table. Of course, an outlet should be provided next to the bed.

Fabulous patterns on the bedroom wall from a night lamp

Night lamp with a carved openwork shade, forming incredibly beautiful patterns on the wall

A beautiful lamp is not just a lighting fixture, it can be an original product - for example, a luminous statue, a 3D lamp, a Chinese lantern - anything. The main thing is to comply with the rules for the design of the bedroom interior.

Nightstand with clothespin for bedroom

A small lamp on a clothespin can be mounted anywhere - on a wall, bookshelf, headboard or desk

Despite the wide selection of varieties of decorative fixtures, most often use simulations of candlesticks. Such a lamp has a ceiling in the form of a candlestick, or a lamp in the shape of a candle.

Soviet-made wall-mounted night lamp

Night lamp with a lamp, the shape of which imitates the burning flame of a wax candle

Night lamp with an adapter for a plug in the socket of a bedroom

One of the simplest, most compact and inexpensive models of night lights

Design and style of nightlights

There are so many design options for nightlights that it is impossible to list them all. For a classic bedroom interior, it is recommended to choose night lights that have a traditional design that mimics a table lamp. Such devices cast soft diffused light, creating a calm, intimate atmosphere.

Table lamps on bedroom bedside tables

Romantic lighting in a chic classic-style bedroom

Brightly decorated modern bedrooms are well lit by neon or designer nightlights. Such lamps will well complement the unified concept of the interior, and a designer fixture will emphasize the individuality of the bedroom.

Minimalist bedroom nightstand with shelf.

Modern model of a night lamp with a shelf for decorations

In the design of modern night lamps for the bedroom, the following styles prevail:

  1. Classics - traditional forms and high-quality expensive materials.
  2. Art Deco is an unusual combination of colors, textures and materials.
  3. Loft - the so-called "attic" style - rough lines, dark shades, a minimum of decor.
  4. Art Nouveau - nice design, solid materials, smooth lines and rounded shapes.
  5. Floristics - design of lamps in the "floral" style.
  6. Ethno - popular and practical lamps, characterized by "nationality", naturalness and color.
LED lights in a contemporary style bedroom

Bedroom in a modern style with lighting, built into a niche wall behind the head of the bed

Night lamp and bedroom interior style

Properly selected adult bedside lamp in the bedroom will emphasize and complement the style of its design, make it more attractive and expressive. Therefore, when choosing nightlights, it is necessary to take into account all the features of the design of the room.

Cat Bedside Lamps for a Modern Style Bedroom

Nightlights come in a wide variety of shapes - round, square, spherical or in the form of animals, birds and plants

So, if the bedroom is decorated in oriental style, you can use a night lamp with crystal or glass pendants. A table lamp with a beautiful elegant glass shade will look good. The design for the "eastern" bedroom can be different, but most often designers use simulated candlesticks and original lights with pendants.

Oriental sconce for night illumination of the bedroom interior

Beautiful Moroccan night lamp

For the bedroom, decorated in a classic style, floor lamps and table lamps with lampshades, which have a calm color scheme, which contributes to rest and relaxation, are suitable.

Night illumination in the interior of a classic bedroom

Elegant implementation of night lighting in a classic-style bedroom

Night lighting in a modern bedroom

Art Nouveau bedroom night lights

For the modern hi-tech style, which is distinguished by strict and concise forms, fixtures of strict geometric shapes are selected, without unnecessary details. An LED lamp made of plastic, stone, metal or glass is well suited for this style.

High-tech bedside night lamp

High-tech decorative lamp with neon lights in the bedroom

Night lamps in a bedroom with a wide bed

Impressive design of wall lights in a futuristic style bedroom

To place in a country style, use lighting devices made of wood, glass, trimmed with vine, wrought iron elements, decorated in a certain style.

Retro night lamp over bed in country style bedroom

A retro-style wall lamp will look good in a rustic bedroom

Lamps can be easily selected for any room style, you just need to follow a few simple tips:

  • To maintain balance and balance, a large number of details will oversaturate the interior and make the room uncomfortable.
  • Do not be afraid to play and experiment with colors. You can use bright contrasting lights as decoration elements.
  • Pay attention to the shape - textiles and rounded elements of furniture combine well with a light source in Provencal or French style.
  • If you need to complete your bedroom quickly, you should pay attention to the built-in solutions. For example, downlight fixtures are combined with almost any design style.
  • Consider the size of the space. So, a large lamp in a small bedroom will visually reduce it.Lamps with an upward flow of light will help to make the ceiling “higher”.
Wooden headboard in the bedroom

Original night lamp mounted at the head of the bed

Choosing night lights for the bedroom, it is necessary to consider not only the style, but also pay attention to the manufacturer. Chinese fakes, as a rule, do not differ in quality and do not last long. A domestic modern manufacturer is more preferable in this regard, and if funds allow, it is better to buy fixtures from proven European companies that produce high quality products.

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Photo of nightlights in the bedroom

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