On planning a plot on 8 acres - landscape design projects

Planning a plot of eight hundred square meters is a serious task, since it is necessary to place several buildings on the designated, albeit vast, territory and at the same time arrange everything in the form of an integral stylistic picture. Moreover, sections of such an area can have a very different geometry, be in the form of:

  • trapeze
  • pentagon;
  • a triangle;
  • or any wrong configuration.
Lighting the entrance area of ​​a country house

The main thing in the process of site planning is to correctly divide the territory into functional zones

Accommodation must be competent, otherwise normal life will be impossible and fraught with a lot of inconvenience. In addition, the process of arrangement should be subordinated to regulatory acts, taking into account the principles of ergonomics. About everything in detail - further.

How does the size of the plot on the choice of a private house project

The layout of the plot on 8 acres requires familiarization with many nuances. It is important to focus not only on its size, but also on landscape features, shape. Everything needs to be clearly planned and systematized.

Modern house on a plot of 8 acres

The dimensions of the apartment building should be correlated with the size of the plot

If there is a piece of land in the property, the best option is an individual project development. And here it is difficult to do without the help of specialists.

Much needs to be considered. For example, the importance is not only of the dimension of the site, but also of the features of the soil, as well as how deeply the water lies, etc. After all, sites are created by the averaged parameters, in reality - in place - there can be serious differences.

House with an attached garage in a modern style

A plot of 8 acres assumes the maximum workload of the project

It should be convenient not only to move around the site, it should be guided by fire-fighting measures. It is important to pay attention to neighboring interests: if they are poorly planned, they may suffer, for example, if the shadow from a volumetric tree or from any structure on your site will block the courtyard to people living next to you. An individual project of planning a plot of 8 acres is designed to prevent the occurrence of such problems and inconveniences.

Requirements and rules for the location of objects and buildings

When planning the landscape on the site, you must strictly adhere to the regulatory legal framework. Construction, the guidance of which is only its own aesthetic taste, is not an option. Otherwise, considerable fines will be imposed on the owners of the site, in certain cases they will be required to demolish the buildings.

Distances between outbuildings

The minimum distances between objects in the areas are strictly determined by regulatory documents

The regulatory framework implies a full set of relevant permits for the construction of residential and commercial buildings.

The owner of the territory should familiarize himself with the basic building codes and rules:

  1. Fire prevention measures are expressed in the regulation of the permissible minimum: it concerns the distance between buildings made of different materials. In addition, the following addition to the rules is taken into account - the border with neighbors should not be less than 3 meters. You can protect yourself from possible violations by outlining an approximate outline inside the plan - the placement of buildings is allowed within its boundaries.
  2. Sanitation standards - according to them, verification is done not only in order not to get fines, personal safety is important. Because often infectious diseases arise due to our negligence.

The purity of borehole or well water at the site will ensure compliance with simple standards. So, compost pits, buildings that contain livestock or poultry should be placed within at least twelve meters from the source of water intake.

A small shed in the country

Compliance with fire and sanitary standards when planning a site will protect the life of your life in the future

Among other things, there are certain standards for the distance between a residential building and various types of buildings on the site:

  • country street toilets;
  • compost heaps and trash;
  • household blocks, etc.

There are rules regarding the planting of plants, flowers and trees.

Choosing a place for a house, a bath, a garage

When working on landscape design, it is worth paying attention to its specifics. Perfectly flat areas are rare. However, any errors, lowlands or, conversely, elevations can be successfully beaten. What can not be changed in any way is the configuration of the site. You’ll have to put up with her. The main types of land forms are three:

  • triangular;
  • rectangular;
  • square.
Development project of a plot of 8 acres with a garage

On a rectangular site, the house is located on the front line or in the interior, depending on the proximity of the roadway

In the tradition of summer construction - home improvement in the center of the square plot. Then, other necessary buildings are placed around the residential building.

Land plan with a house and parking for a car

With this layout, all zones are located at the same distance from the apartment building

On trapezoidal or rectangular sections, a zone is allocated for housing on the shortest side.

Scheme of development of a small area

Layout option with a front-line garage

If you select an area for construction on the third type of site - triangular - then you should focus on how remote the street is, its fuss and the sounds made there.

Plan of a plot of 8 acres in the shape of a triangle

An example of a successful layout of a triangular section

We figured out the house, let's move on to the bathhouse.

They come in many forms. The most popular are:

  • traditional Russian;
  • Roman
  • Japanese
  • Turkish
  • Finnish.

In summer cottages, they often prefer to build the first and last of the above types of baths. In addition to such steam rooms, mobile constructions are also being organized - barrels-baths with the expectation of 2 to 3 soaring.

Barrel-shaped wooden bath

Barrel bath is a rather effective solution for a small area

Traditionally, they try to place baths away from a residential building. Previously, everything was connected with a certain superstition of our ancestors, today it is an elementary observance of fireproof rules, because baths are wooden buildings where fire is being fired.

Compact bath in the corner of the cottage

The size of the bath is largely determined by financial capabilities and the availability of free territory

As for the garage, for the car they build a full-fledged building or a parking space, organized under a canopy.

What are garages:

  • built into a residential building;
  • in the form of a separate structure;
  • building type.

The way the garage is located is often due to more than one feature of the site: in this case, the number of owners' vehicles is also important. When there are several cars in the family, a convenient and economical way is to arrange the parking separately.

Two-storey house with a built-in garage

When choosing a garage built into a residential building, it is necessary to provide for high-quality ventilation of rooms at the design stage

Modern house with an attached garage

The attached option is good because the car will always be “warm” in the winter

Metal tile on the roof of a garage in a private house

A separate building is chosen by people who consider the garage incompatible with a residential building.

Rest zone

What does she include? It:

  • gazebo - as a rule, it adjoins a platform where a barbecue is prepared, meat is baked;
  • a pond or small pond - natural type or artificial;
  • possibly also a pool;
  • location for children's games.
Garden swing with polycarbonate canopy

Depending on personal preferences, the relaxation area can be located anywhere

Usually for the relaxation zone they select the “dead” place of a suburban area. Ideally, if it is located as far as possible from the street and the place of passage of cars. If you do not protect the possession of a reliable fence, the owners will experience constant discomfort under the annoying glances of people walking along the street, and the noise of cars will interfere with rest. Usually a garden or a garden adjoins a relaxation zone. It is optimal to place them farther away on the site - in a fenced-off corner living in the neighborhood.

Chinese gazebo in a private garden

The picturesque arbor can be harmoniously entered into the far corner of the garden

Garden Playground

The playing area must be in the direct line of sight of adults.


This farm is best placed in accordance with the following "guidelines":

  • Landscape - the level of underlying water is important and what is the slope of the land. Lowlands will always be in the water during the transition from one season to another, the land on the hills - "require" systematic watering. On the slope blown by the winds, the vegetation will be sluggish. But there is a way out - arrangement of this part of the summer cottage under a high fence.
  • Light - for greenhouses and the garden the optimal solution is the direct focus of sunlight, so do not place them in the shade.
  • Soil quality - it is logical that the most fertile plot is selected to collect good crops. When the soil is poor everywhere and is unsuitable for growing fruits and vegetables on it, you will need to drive the land.
Compact garden with beautiful beds

Under the garden allocate the sunniest place on the site

White fence in the garden front garden

The garden zone is sometimes divided into two parts - the beds at the end of the plot and the front garden near the facade of the house

The “adapter” strip between the garden and the garden is planted with artisanal plants that are loyal to the shade of the trees. Flower beds can arrange the entire land. Pay particular attention to the beginning of garden paths and the location near the house.

Landscaping projects of a summer cottage

Landscaping of 8 acres should ideally reflect the nature of its owners, their priorities and principles. Each homeowner is free to find or create his own “style” of design.

Plan of the garden plot with a hozblok and parking

Rectangular Landscaping Project

Popular elements for landscape decoration

Decoration of suburban areas implies natural and artificial. The first includes various designs made with the help of living plants.

Crimson leaves of girl's grapes in early autumn

Maiden grape hedge is one of the most popular site decoration options

There are many options for the second decor, these are:

  • small fences;
  • paths;
  • benches;
  • gangway;
  • waterfalls;
  • unusual for weaving vegetation;
  • arches and so on.
Garden furniture on a metal frame

A small pond in a cozy sitting area in the backyard of a suburban area

Most of these elements are drawn up by the owners of the site themselves, for others it is necessary to go to special markets. The decor of the site is a creative and interesting activity, activate your imagination and artistic gift for this.

Beautiful examples and options

Let us bring worthy ideas of landscape design projects on 8 acres to life.

Stone rock garden in the front area of ​​the site

In the entrance area, a rock garden or coniferous plants always looks advantageous. planted along the fence

Flowers on the slope of the garden

Effectively located retaining walls will solve the problem of elevation

stone curb along the garden path

Natural stone decor will look great on any garden plot.


Landscape design is a whole science, for which several hours are not enough to comprehend. A country estate of eight hundred square meters is a spacious possession: in such a territory all the objects necessary for housing and recreation can fit. But to dispose of this territory when planning buildings it should be wisely, since errors can become fatal and it will be very difficult to correct them.

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Photo ideas for arranging a small area

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