DIY room decor for a teenage girl. Where to start the change?

Girls at any age they want to decorate their personal space so that it differs from the adult the rooms wallpaper furniture in bright colors. Young people constantly want to highlight their own originality and make it easiest in their room. If girl creative personality, let it self improvement the interior. Let her tell her what she would like, or rather let her make a plan of ideas. During the repair, do not drive it, let me make the choice myself, and if something doesn’t like, tell me how it will be better. So this article goes into detail how to decorate a teenager's room their hands.

girl room decor

In the life of each parent, sooner or later (but, as a rule, unexpectedly), the moment comes when the children suddenly become very adults.

For aboutshaping of space child no reason required. But it will be right to coordinate this with as a teenager. You can offer to remodel the room for his birthday. You will not only make it pleasant, but also make it clear that she is perceived in the family as an adult and listen to her opinion. If the mistress of the room is not against change, feel free to proceed with your plan. Take it out of it first furniture, look at what you can leave and what’s better to buy a new one; remove pictures and accessories that no longer correspond to her age.

teenage girl room

Along with changes in preferences, the teenage girl’s room also changes.

The beginning of the school year is also not a bad way to offer repairs or relocation. Its main goal will be to expand the berth, especially when teenager already grown, and his legs rest against the head of the bed, but also of course the preparation of the workplace where he will work throughout the school year.

room for a girl

First of all, you need to come to terms with the idea that from now on the girl herself is involved in making decisions on the design of her own room, and not just her parents.

Discuss with the whole family how to decorate a girl’s room, but so that they liked and did not distract from work. Absolutely the whole family can take part in this simple creative business. The most difficult thing will be to make a general decision regarding the design concept, as parents have their own opinions in execution, and children have their own point of view. However, you have to listen to the opinion of the child, because all you want to do is for him and the main goal is to make him pleased. It’s better if she does the decoration herself rooms.

room for girls decor

Teenager’s bedroom is a place of solitude with a comfortable atmosphere for study, relaxation, communication with friends.

If teenager fond of graffiti, it will be pleasant and useful for him to prepare a special wall on which to create art. But put some condition so that the art process does not interfere with your studies, and if an amazing masterpiece comes out, ask to be sure to keep it. Such a wall will be a source of pride for the whole family, and you will be happy to show it to friends and guests, and for other drawings, prepare a new wall.

graffiti teenager bedroom

Everything in the room should correspond to the interests and hobbies of the hostess, her individuality and creativity should be manifested here.

Not only painted walls should decorate the room. They should have something in common with another. decor made by hands. Of course, you have to replace curtains, chandeliers, furniture, and not easy to replace, but to make from the old toomnomates something new and unusual.

teenage girls bedroom

Two main directions in the design of bedrooms for teenage girls can be defined as: - romantic and feminine style.

Rules for designing a teenager's room

There are many options for decorating children's. However, most of them can be realized if you can do things yourself. Of course, you can find a master, and take advantage of his work or take from him several lessons to learn for yourself. Here are some simple tips from professional designers.

teen room design

Not always the girls in their choice are inclined to pink ruffles and delicate flowers, many girls are annoyed by such a doll-like atmosphere, so it is very important to find out the daughter’s preferences before the repair begins.

  • Making a working area, you can use unusual wall clocks. For example, in the form of a bush from a tree on which birds sing, and somewhere in the distance you can hear a stream murmuring. A wish board decorated with clippings from magazines could also be an idea.
  • Gather all the decorations, glass pebbles, shells brought from the sea into a small aquarium. An aquarium or any other container can be decorated with lace, varnished twigs of mountain ash, and small figures made of copper wire.
  • For ottomans, chairs, beds, you can make original pillows from things childthat have long been wallowing in the closet idle.
bright room for a girl

If your daughter strives for vibrant colors, do not impede her desire.

  • Girls They like to store small items - jewelry, cards, stamps, keys and much more. Therefore, you can come up with a beautiful box for storing little secrets. As a basis, you can take a box of candy or shoes.
  • Give old of furniture sheathe a new life with another cloth, glue it with beautiful paper, paint it.
  • Apply modern the ideas to decorate a teenager’s room. Any crafts made of wood in the folk genre, handmade colorful pillows with crochet patterns, curtains with the characters of your favorite cartoons, all this and bright colors will create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.
  • Be sure to find an activity for girls. Let her do what she does. If she likes beadwork, or crochet, let her sit and embroider patterns. Nothing is better than decoration than things done hands itself a child.
design ideas for a girl’s room

Why not focus on the red, green, purple tones that will stimulate the girl to creativity and productive work?

How to decorate walls in a teenage girl's room

Main decoras you know, locate on walls. On them you can attach drawings, photographs, paintings. Most often, these things are hung on the door, over a desk, a bed. Walls can be decorated with different words. For example, with the phrase “LOVE”, the first letter of your name, the name of the city, the heroes of your favorite musical group cut them out of cardboard and decorate them with sparkles.

teenager bedroom decor

Despite the importance of decorative design, functionality should remain in the first place.

Here are a few ideas which you may like:

  • Hang pictures teenager with friends, family, draw a family tree;
  • Hang a picture of your favorite movie hero, actor, just an animal (tiger, swan, lion);
  • Put a beautiful picture (waterfall, flowers) from pieces of canvas;
  • Decorate the mirror with colorful pebbles, paper cut;
  • Make flowers from fabric, paper;
  • Arrange crocheted flower vases on shelves or made from any other material.
room decor ideas

Provide a sufficient number of places to store things: cupboard, chest of drawers, cabinets.

Home-made jewelry can be much more important, so that everything is combined with the furniture and with the desire of a teenage girl.

3D picture do it yourself

Any student, especially a teenage girl, will be happy with the idea of ​​such a thing. execution his rooms. It consists in creating a real masterpiece of an individual interior decorations. To do this, you need a photo frame, a decoupage knife, paper and multi-colored cardboard, a ruler, a wash for a pencil, scissors, and a pencil.

DIY painting

Lovers of original interior decorations will like voluminous paintings.


  1. Take a sheet of cardboard and cut its edges to fit the frame.
  2. Choose a picture that will then be displayed on cardboard - leaflets, snowflakes, dragonflies, etc.
  3. Then you need to take the next sheet of cardboard and draw a new template.
  4. Scissors cut along the contour, remove traces of the pencil.
  5. Bend the templates around the edges, bending them outward.
  6. Inside the frame we put the paper so that it is the background for the template.
DIY interior paintings

Thus, we have obtained a three-dimensional picture.

Functional furniture yourself

Such an original stylish decoration, like a hanger with your board hands anyone will like it teenager. What is such a board? She simultaneously plays the role of a slate and clothes hangers. Very comfortable and practical. Parents and herself girl can do this thing of interior together. To do this, you need a cork sheet, a pine board, any paint, glue and paint brush, PVA glue, tape for painting, a screwdriver, a pair of hooks, a wood stain or any other paint.

  1. First, paint the board with slate paint, so we get the base of the hanger.
  2. With tape or tape, we separate the necessary part of the board - we place a cork on it.
  3. We make a shelf - choose the size to taste. On it you can place a hole for the vase.
  4. When the paint dries, the shelf is attached to the main board.
  5. Next, take a cork sheet and fasten it to the main board.
  6. We fix the hooks for clothes and paint everything with a stain.
hanger and chalk board

Decorative plate and chalk board for inscriptions.

Choosing a stylish chandelier

Perhaps after the repair is completed, hands you will have neither the strength nor the desire to do it decor. In this case, a variety of fixtures will help - these necessary items forEkora can simultaneously become an exclusive decoration. Today, the lighting market is so diverse that you can choose any suitable for the teenager's room. You can make a whole composition of fixtures, creating something unusual and original.

do-it-yourself chandelier

A chic lampshade made of ordinary threads is just a sight for sore eyes.

There are several options for chandeliers.

  • Contrast lights, for example, black and white - this is a universal original decor. The combined colors of the chandeliers make them attractive and unusual.
  • A stylish lighting option is a square chandelier. You can choose a large model that will become the center baby rooms and will attract the attention of children and adults.
  • Spot chandeliers are perfect for children girls. The colors of the shades can be any - from black-red to purple, and the design, for example, in the form of a blossoming flower.
  • Chandeliers with different pendants are a chic way to decorate interior room. Such chandeliers need space. They often have pendants made of crystal, beads or shells.
  • Now chandeliers with an interesting effect of water droplets have spread, they look original and stylish.
original chandelier in the room

A chandelier as a decor is able to transform any space, no matter how much effort is put into the repair.

Do-it-yourself mirror

Take any mirror - round, oval, square. Also required beads, shells, which will serve as decorations. From the tools you need to take a glue gun, transparent glue or PVA, varnish to cover jewelry, giving gloss, a brush and a couple of newspapers.

mirror decor

Just one mirror can dramatically change the whole atmosphere, thanks to its bright decor.

Decoupage is performed in stages:

  1. We put newspapers on the table and put a mirror on them.The mirror surface must be covered with a rag or gauze so as not to get dirty during operation.
  2. Glue small shells around the perimeter of the mirror with glue.
  3. With a glue gun, carefully check the voids between the shells and fill them with sea sand.
  4. Dry the glue for 24 hours.
  5. We apply varnish to the entire structure and let it dry for 24 hours.
photo mirror decor

The resulting masterpiece can be hung and admired.

Interior solutions for walls

It’s hard for parents to explain to children that walls should not be too bright. Each child chooses for his the rooms the brightest and most flashy colors. Parents understand that calm tones are preferable for an unformed psyche.

room for the girl in bright colors

You can choose a style based on the age characteristics of the girl.

A great alternative to grayness and monotony is the mural. They will become an original decoration. There are many options, because the choice of photo wallpaper in the shops is huge.

mural in teenager's bedroom

It is best to determine the colors and their combinations will help viewing a large number of photo interiors.

Generally options decor many. Teenager can decorate walls by yourself. The easiest and most universal way - vinyl stickers in the form of various figures of animals, insects or plants. They can be plain or colored.

wall decor in a teenager’s bedroom

If there is not enough light in the room, then the interior should be designed mainly in light and warm colors.

Soft finish the rooms - This is a fairly modern decoration method. At the same time, the room is decorated with fabric, leather substitute with filler-foam.

room decor for girls

The creativity of your child must be encouraged.

  • You can simply print beautiful photos or pictures and place them in photo frames. You can print photos on murals child with friends on a large scale. These photos are attached to the wall clothespins or hanged on textile ropes.
  • Teenager, enthusiastic about graffiti, will be able to independently paint the wall drawings to your liking.
  • If girl I agree to the finish the rooms in a neutral color, you can complement it with bright contrasting decorations in the form of frames, mirrors, ottomans, etc.
soft decor in the girls room

Decorate the walls with a white, beige or light gray shade, select mainly white furniture, and select everything else (textiles and decor) in the desired colors.

Decorate interior together with hands it will help make personal space girls individual and attractive, and also brings you closer to her.

room for teenage girl

Your princess will be delighted!

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