Interior design options for living rooms in 18 sq. M Khrushchev

As you know, Khrushchev’s apartments are an interior problem for many residents of our country. They are distinguished by their accessibility, but have a number of inconveniences: cramped rooms, low ceilings, terrible sound insulation, unnecessary storage rooms. Fortunately, the field of repair and interior design has stepped far forward, making it possible to turn a small Khrushchev into a space that is comfortable for living. Let's figure out how to do this?

Bright living room with an area of ​​18 sq m in Khrushchev

You can comfortably and tastefully equip even a rather small room, the main thing would be a desire

How to enlarge a small room?

The following techniques are used to visually increase the space:

  • selection of color scheme;
  • zoning;
  • design ideas;
  • competent lighting.

It's no secret that light shades expand the space, make things seem bigger than they really are. To add air to the room, lighten the color of the ceiling to the shade of the walls. A glossy ceiling that creates a mirror effect is perfect. The walls should be decorated without the use of bright colors, large drawings, contrasting colors, as this will lead to optical reduction of the already small room.

Glossy ceiling in the interior of the living room Khrushchev

A stretch ceiling with a glossy surface will be an excellent solution for a room with windows on the north side of the house

You can literally enlarge a small living room in Khrushchevka by combining it, for example, with a kitchen. But this is provided that you do not have gas! The result is a spacious studio room in which you can place a relaxation area and a dining room. However, the studio option is suitable for free people, while families with small children are better off preserving the possibility of privacy and leaving closed areas.

Gray sofa in the kitchen-living room Khrushchev

After combining the rooms you get a functional living room on one side ...

Dining table in Khrushchev after combining the room with the kitchen

... and a comfortable dining area on the other hand

An interesting interior solution will be only a partial demolition of the wall, with the organization in the resulting piers, a bar or a sliding partition, which will be an exit if the house is gasified.

If different floor finishes are used in one room, then the volume of the room is visually reduced. And vice versa - uniform uniform coverage gives the effect of expanding space.

Also, designers use mirrors in the design of small rooms. The mirror is an indispensable assistant that allows you to “blur” the borders of the room. With their help, you can change the perception of the room, make it higher and bigger. Both large-sized paintings and mirror panels are suitable.

Mirror panel in the interior of Khrushchev

The living room space will be doubled visually if one wall is covered with mirror tiles

Sliding wardrobe with mirror doors

A visual increase in space can also be achieved with a mirrored cabinet.

The next trick to transforming a small room is murals and murals. They help create the illusion of space.

3d-wallpaper with photo printing of the city on the wall of the living room

Wall murals with the prospect will visually expand the room and make the interior more attractive

Another way to increase the space and add air to the room is the competent organization of lighting. A good and right solution would be to install multilevel light sources. So on the perimeter of the ceiling will be optimally positioned spotlights white spectrum. For directional lighting (sconces, lamps, floor lamps), it is possible to use a warm spectrum that is pleasant to the eye.

The choice of style in the design of the interior of the living room in Khrushchev, 18 square meters. m

Compare the design styles of a small apartment:

  • classical;
  • modern.

So, first things first. At the beginning of the path, you need to pay attention that in practice styles such as Baroque, antique and classical are not suitable for small size! All these options require large areas, massive furniture, high ceilings. Unfortunately, Khrushchev cannot boast of such advantages. Here all this pomposity will seem at least ridiculous. But the direction of neoclassicism (a more modern and “lite” version of classicism) is quite suitable. She is characterized by a warm background, a wall-platform, natural products, a coffee table with streamlined shapes.

The living room area of ​​18 squares in the Khrushchev panel house

Neoclassical interior design is optimal for small Khrushchev rooms

Thus, the conclusion suggests itself: the elaborate and crushing classic stucco molding is not an option for the limited Khrushchev space. When choosing, you should give preference to modern design styles. These include: Scandinavian, minimalism, eco-style. Let's briefly look at each of them:

  • Scandinavian style - it is certainly wooden natural products; a fireplace that creates coziness, which is most often decorative; palette of gray, brown, yellow and blue shades.

    Room in Khrushchev with white walls

    Scandinavian interior in bright colors will be a good choice for connoisseurs of laconic interiors

  • Minimalism is a neutral palette of two or three colors; decorative niches; straight lines in furniture; low coffee table.

    Yellow armchair in a minimalist style living room

    Minimalism is characterized by a simple and elegant interior, strict lines and muted tones.

  • Inherent in eco-style: natural materials in decoration; the main palette is the natural shades of nature; live plants; lack of intrusive decor and extra details.

    Eco-style in a small living room

    Eco-style allows you to create a comfortable and cozy environment in a variety of price categories

Which interior decoration to choose - you decide.

Color scheme

Now we will analyze what color palette to choose for arranging a harmonious and comfortable home. After all, the general perception of a small living room will depend on the choice of color scheme. In addition, a successful color combination will advantageously zoning the room.

Floor mirror in the interior of Khrushchev

Highlighting one wall with color is one of the easiest zoning solutions for your living room.

Most designers agree that in the design of small-sized living rooms, give preference to light pastel colors. It can be: white, noble gray, delicate beige, blue, mint green, violet and other colors.

Red sofa in a white room

White as a base, red as an accent

A win-win option is white. It makes the room airy and light. Please note that this color goes well with all other shades. But remember: so that the living room in white does not resemble a sterile hospital, it must be diluted with other pastel colors.

A cozy living room of 18 square meters in a modern style

Black and white stripes on the carpet will help to further expand the space

If you want something exquisite, then a noble gray color, with correctly selected bright accents - this is what you need.

Gray wall in the living room of a city apartment

Gray furniture fits perfectly in the neoclassical interior.

The living room in beige tones will not only give a feeling of more space, but also add warmth and coziness. Beige color is an excellent background for different furniture colors. Both natural, cold, and bright colors will look good.

Light gray sofa in a beige living room

Beige color is one of the most popular shades used as a base for small interiors.

Blue color and shades of blue will fill the room with freshness and coolness. The combination of this palette with white will give the interior elegance.

Small blue sofa in the living room

The same blue color is well suited for living room walls and upholstery

A room in green colors - surrounds with peace and tranquility, and also adds volume to the lines.

White shelves on a green living room wall

Green shades create a calm environment that is conducive to relaxation and rest after a working day.

With the help of violet and lilac flowers you can create an energetic, youthful design. This palette goes well with pink, white, gray.

Lilac accents in a modern living room

The intensity of the violet shades is selected depending on the illumination of the room

So, each person, according to his energy and perception, has his own color scheme. It is important to decide which one he feels comfortable in, and which one excites his eyes and annoys.


So how do you bring 18 square meters to Khrushchev? m. more space and not litter it with furniture? The answer is obvious: use a minimum of things with increased functionality. It is optimal to use folding compact furniture and folding surfaces. Even in a room of this size, it is quite possible to fit a sofa, a small storage system (preferably hanging), a coffee table, and fix a TV to the wall. All this is enough to comfortably use the space without overloading it.

Folding bed in a small apartment

During the day - a sofa, and at night - a bed. Such furniture will allow you to optimally manage the space of a room with a dual purpose.

Variegated padded stools in the living room

Instead of a coffee table, you can use soft poufs, which are also useful as an additional seat

Due to the low ceilings of Khrushchev, bulky chandeliers should not be installed in its center. They will take up too much space, and the lighting from them will be very sharp and uneven.

Lighting a small room in Khrushchev

Better to use flat overhead lights, recessed and wall sconces

Decoration Examples

The simple interior of the living room is 18 sq. M, without trifles pleasing to the eye, looks uncomfortable and alien. However, a measure is needed in everything! So that there is no busting, you should choose small elements that will complement the interior, and not overload it. Here are the main options for decorating a small living room:

  • Pillows for a sofa or armchairs. They can be matched to the tone of the furniture, highlighting only with texture, or deliberately made a color accent.

    Living room decor with bright pillows

    Yellow pillows as colorful accents in the living room interior

  • Curtains. It must be understood that they must be combined with the general style of the interior, otherwise it will result in some kind of dissonance.

    The combination of curtains with the overall interior of the living room

    The color or pattern on the curtains should resonate in the rest of the room

  • Paintings, panels, photos - a great option to decorate monotonous boring walls and accents.
    Decorative vases, figurines.

    Wall decoration over the sofa

    The paintings are a traditional decor suitable for any interior design.

All these pleasant little things are called upon to bring aesthetics into our everyday life. Without them, any apartment will look lifeless and boring.

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Photo-ideas for decorating a living room in Khrushchev

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