Wall mural design options

Today, murals in the interior of the living room do not lose their relevance, this type of wall covering can be an excellent alternative to standard coatings and add uniqueness and spontaneity to the design of the room. To choose a good photo wallpaper in the hall, you need to familiarize yourself with the latest trends in interior design, paying attention to modern design solutions.

photo wallpaper in the living room photo design

Modern murals allow you to solve many design problems.

Wall mural design options

High-quality murals that are correctly selected are able to expand the space. The examples of photographs show how a picture is able to visually expand the space due to the three-dimensional image of flowers, this method is actively used in design projects, when the task is to visually enlarge the room and expand the square. m

Wall mural ideas living room views

If applied correctly, you can achieve interesting visual effects.

An example can be seen in the photographs. Here you can clearly see how a large image of flowers expands the room. This happens due to large large buds. Fine drawing on the contrary makes the wall more flat. Therefore, it is important to choose photo murals in the living room that look voluminous, or turn to light colors.

Wall mural living room ideas interior

They will become a bright accent with correctly placed light and well-chosen accessories.

Note! Do not forget about the trends that modern interior design offers. Old variations of solutions for the use of photowall-paper, like a beach with palm trees, do not look stylish anymore, they only cheapen the design of the room with photowall-paper and the whole interior, greatly simplifying it. Wallpaper with photos can make repairs unbanal.

Ideas for modern wall decoration using photo wallpaper can be viewed on the Internet, many designers exhibit their apartment designs for general access.

Wall mural ideas ideas

Thanks to the large photo collection, we will look at different photo wallpapers in the interior of the living room.

The main solutions for the design of the hall include several options.

  • The use of photo wallpaper in the apartment, which are used to expand the space in the interior of the living room. It has been described above. Here they use bright drawings, as well as three-dimensional images. Such a solution is able to give the wall depth and create a feeling of immersion in the drawing, so that the space visually expands. Styles may vary. A variety of solutions can be applied here: flowers in a classic interior, volumetric images for cabinet walls, and so on.
photo wallpaper in the living room decor photo

The main thing in the use of photo wallpaper is not to overload the space and decorate only 1 wall. Then it looks organic and appropriate.

  • Design of the hall with photo murals in a modern style. When space does not need to be expanded, the expanse for creativity is much greater. Today, many people opt for modern interior design and minimalism. It would seem that the murals were recognized as an obsolete element. But no, it is in the minimalistic modern design that the photo wallpaper looks very organic. The main thing in this matter is to take seriously the choice and maintain a single style.
photo wallpaper in the living room photo interior

Against the background of metal decor items, light walls and gray furniture, which is common - a wall with any photo wallpaper will look very organic.

It is important not to forget! Duplication of colors and their shades in the interior, as well as correctly placed accents is the key to a successful project.

  • Wall mural over the sofa. Often in the living room the central accent is precisely the sofa; the whole family gathers on it for a joint rest. Therefore, often when using photo wallpaper, they are placed on the wall behind the sofa. So the emphasis on the zone doubles and attention is concentrated on this zone, it becomes more complete and full. The main thing in this matter is to find an image that will not be covered by a sofa.
photo wallpaper in the living room photo options

Any photos of good quality are suitable, where the main composition will be at the top.

Zoning the space of the hall using photo wallpaper

Zoning of space will help to solve the problem - design of the living room with photo wallpaper. Thanks to the composition of the photograph, it becomes possible to concentrate and zoning the space. For example, to allocate a dining area, if there is one in the room, or to supplement the relaxation area and place them behind the sofa.

photo wallpaper in the living room photo decoration

Zoning allows you to select the main focus and center of the room and focus on it.

Important! You should not highlight several zones in one room with bright photo wallpaper. If this is a drawing that combines with each other, this is possible. But the best solution is to choose one central zone and place the photo wallpaper behind it.

mural in the living room design ideas

Family leisure is combined with the reception area and there is also a large sofa.

Examples of posted photo wallpaper in the hall can be seen in the photo. If the murals on the wall in the living room are selected contrasting and active (with large volumetric patterns), then do not overload the wall, placing brightly colored furniture in it. The modern design of the photo wallpaper room is shown in the photo. Here, plain furniture perfectly complements the bright contrasting walls. Wall murals that increase the space of the room are also shown in the photo, large flowers attract attention to the relaxation area with a sofa and focus on this area, completing it.

photo wallpaper in the living room photo design

It is glued in whole or in part. However, most of the area is covered by the image.

The main advantages of hall design using photo wallpaper

  1. Qualitative drawing. Unlike many roll wallpapers, modern photo wallpapers of good quality are printed on the latest equipment. Therefore, the accuracy of the drawing is maximum.

    photo wallpaper in the living room photo ideas

    Photos are printed without image distortion and this is a merit of modern technology.

  2. Visually, you can expand the boundaries of space. Perhaps this is due to the realism of the image. This applies to photographs that depict dynamic compositions.

    Wall mural living room interior views

    The main condition under which the picture looks best is the lack of furniture and other objects that cover the graphics.

  3. Bright accent for your room. This technique makes the room unique. 1 decorated wall can significantly change the perception of space. This item will also be useful for those people who want to breathe new life into the interior, but do not plan to make a complete repair. This is especially suitable for owners of plain rooms. In such a space, you can change the pattern on the wall and pillowcases on pillows with a rug every few years. So the interior will be regularly updated and delight its owners. Sometimes correctly placed accents replace a complete repair.

    Wall mural decor

    To collect space, it is enough to select the main zone and correctly beat it.

  4. A variety of themes allows you to choose the most diverse solutions for decorating walls. What can not be said about painting walls or standard factory wallpapers. Photos can depict various compositions: flowers, nature, animals and cities.

    photo wallpaper in the living room photo review

    All this can be successfully applied in the interior of any apartment.

  5. Great choice for any wallet. Wallpaper for the design of the hall with murals can be selected with any budget. The quality of the material on which the image is printed and its resistance to moisture and other external factors depends on the cost.

    wall mural decor ideas

    There may be exceptions to the rules in the form of ornaments and abstract drawings.

Wall mural as background for colorful furniture

To make the interior look modern and fresh, it is necessary to work out all its elements and their combinations. Bright and variegated murals imply restrained filling of the space and vice versa, if the murals are neutral, bright furniture can be placed against their background, with various accents in the form of upholstery and textiles.

Photo wallpaper in the living room

It is advisable that 90% of the image remain visible.

Such wall decoration can be organically combined with any furniture. If you already have bright furniture in the living room, and you want to choose the appropriate wallpaper, you should pay attention to neutral images or duplicate the colors and shades of furniture on the wall. Consider the examples in more detail.

photo wallpaper in the living room photo interior

Usually serves as a separator between zones or emphasizes the location of large-sized upholstered furniture.

So for a bright yellow sofa, the following solutions are suitable: wallpaper with floral themes of the same shade, African motifs and nature in a period of clear sunny weather, the underwater world with bright exotic yellow fish, the image of citrus fruits, golden beaches.

murals in the living room ideas

Like real decor, it is located on the wall, but does not seek to occupy its entire space.

After the wallpaper has successfully taken its place and combined well with the sofa, it will not be superfluous to supplement this space with textile, which will also duplicate the shades of this zone: pick up a yellowish plaid, pillows and a tray to the table with a sofa. So the space will become collected and completed. And bright furniture will not resonate with contrasting wallpaper. Everything will look holistic and self-sufficient, the main thing is not to overload the space with unnecessary details of decor items and a successful repair is ensured. The same can be applied to other colors.

Note! An exception is the colorful colors of furniture. They are more difficult to fit into the interior.

Photo wallpaper in the living room photo views

Dark shades compress the space, but in the presence of light areas, due to the contrast, they seem deep and distant.

Variegated furniture, regardless of color, looks more organically on plain walls. If you nevertheless set out to use photo wallpaper in the interior with such furniture, you should pay attention to neutral shades and calm compositions. For example, a sofa with a blue stripe will work well with muted photographs of irises. And chairs with upholstery in peas organically stand against the background of wallpaper with a minimum number of elements of the same shade.

Wall mural living room interior

Images are selected based on the task of erasing the border between the real and the illusory world.

Against the background of marine themes, bright blue sofas fit well. If you want to place your photo wallpaper on a wall with a low wall, which is quite bright, you should also duplicate its colors on the wall. For example, with a classic modern wall of light tones, images with white lilies and roses will perfectly combine. But in case the wall is bright, for example, has red inserts or silver elements, it is better to choose poppies on a white or gray background.

murals in the living room

To make the image look realistic, you need to add some element that connects the room with the plot.

Wall mural: specificity of choice

In the hall, the whole family rests and discusses a relevant topic, and often in addition to this, celebrates numerous holidays. Therefore, it is worthwhile to pay special attention to the selection and search for photo wallpapers of good quality. They should be practical to use. It is better to choose dense materials with good resistance to dirt and stains. Such wallpaper will just be washed.

Wall mural design living room

It is desirable that the color in the picture matches the color scheme of the living room.

It’s better to place the wallpaper further from the window. The best option for placement is a shadow wall. Wallpaper tends to fade, especially those from the budget segment.Therefore, in order to save money, it is better to invest once in buying good wallpapers with a dense protective layer and resistance to fading. Such wallpapers will last a long time and will not fade when exposed to sunlight.

photo wallpaper in the living room design photo

The picture will remain bright for as long as possible and will delight the landlord.

The best murals in the living room in 2019

To enjoy the completed repair, it is worth doing according to the latest trends in interior design. After all, the main task of the repair is to refresh the space and add new accents to it. 2019 can offer the buyer many new products. In addition to standard vinyl wallpapers, fabric wallpapers are on the market. Such wallpapers highly convey the realism of the picture and look very expensive.

Photo wallpaper in the living room

They are universal in application: they are suitable for both classic interiors and modern ones.

Today, wallpapers with natural themes and Asian motifs, vibrant city landscapes, vintage pastel wallpapers for classic interiors in the style of shabby chic are also especially popular. Especially popular in the new year was a print with plants. Namely with a monster. This majestic flower and its images are used in the design of all interiors, making it the main emphasis. Wall murals with a monster for the living room are well suited for the modern design of the room, grassy furniture, transparent surfaces and natural materials in the form of wood will be a great addition.

wall mural ideas living room ideas

In each case, you need to choose the right solution, taking into account the style of the room, the color scheme and geometry.

2019 denies the presence of acid colors on the wall, restraint, minimalism and pastel colors are in fashion today. Bright touches in the interior are softened with light decor and textiles. Wall mural is a great solution for the living room. Their choice is really diverse, and the combinations are endless.

VIDEO: Modern photo wallpaper in the living room.

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