Interior design issues: if the bedroom and living room are combined in one room?

A multifunctional interior is the best solution in conditions of limited free space. This technique has long been used in the design of small apartments, private houses. However, it is also used in arranging a large area of ​​housing. Libraries connected to the study, dining rooms with a living room, bedrooms with a dressing room do not surprise anyone, they are taken for granted. In this publication, we will consider the simplest ways to combine a bedroom with a living room in one room.

living room bedroom

Even in a one-room apartment, a good designer has a place to put his skills and abilities - you just need to know what you can work with.

modern design bedroom living room

It is important to use decorative elements that reflect the owner’s temperament.

Features of combining functional areas

Combining functional areas is necessary only under the condition of real necessity. This is most true for small apartments, small houses, families with several children. In such circumstances, people often just buy functional furniture. They do not divide the space into zones. This is fraught with some inconvenience. First, functional products have a complex mechanism. When folding / folding the sofa every day, you can easily damage its design. Over time, this process begins to annoy. In the morning, there is not enough time to fold the berth. Secondly, the cost of such furniture is quite high. For this amount, you can realize more convenient ideas.

bedroom living room design

Modesty and restraint - the main rule in the arrangement of the bedroom-living room.

In order not to waste your own nerves, time to fuss with such furniture, it is necessary to correctly combine several functions with the help of zoning. The breakdown of the room into zones will make it possible to equip the space more comfortably. Do not have to use bulky furniture. Combine functional areas in the state of any person. This is quite simple if you stick to the helpful recommendations of specialists. Zoning is carried out using special techniques, which we will consider in more detail in the following sections of the article.

design of a small living room bedroom

To add mood, use bright decorative elements: pillows, vases, figurines.

How to combine the living room with the bedroom?

A huge bedroom with a large bed, a cozy living room with fireplace are a dream for many people. However, such an idea to translate into reality is not always possible. Before the owners of a two-room apartment, a small private one, it often becomes a matter of choice between several functional areas. A cozy living room, a comfortable bedroom is always needed! The ideal solution would be combining these zones into one. This is most conveniently done using zoning techniques.

bedroom hall design

It is better to make the living room combined with the bedroom during the repair impassable, because here you not only receive guests, but also relax after a working day.

Consider the basic rules for combining different zones.

  1. One of the functions should be highlighted as the main one. It is better to give preference to the living room. During the day, it will be used more often than the bedroom. Depending on this, all the details will be divided into important, secondary.
  2. The room should be designed in the same style! This is important for a harmonious combination of areas of the bedroom, living room.Style should be chosen based on fashion trends, own desires, needs. Owners of small apartments are recommended to give preference to minimalism. It will allow you to visually expand the space, save you from unnecessary details. A uniform style should be traced in various aspects of design: shapes, colors, materials.
  3. Your bed should not be a walk-through. This will negatively affect health, mood. The walk-through zone will bring psychological discomfort. The bed should be placed in a separate space, closed from prying eyes.
  4. A place to sleep is best placed near the window. This will make a night's rest productive, the room - harmonious.
living room design divided into 2 zones

It is important to determine how many are planned living in a small room.

Furniture Tips

In order for the zoning to be comfortable, more attention should be paid to the choice of furniture in a functional room. When choosing items, be sure to consider the following recommendations.

living room combined with bedroom design

The design of a living room with a bedroom, regardless of area, can be designed according to any of your requirements.

  • Do not purchase bulky furniture. Give preference to more elegant, functional designs. Bulky items visually reduce space.
  • Choose models with glass, mirror inserts. Such a simple design technique can significantly expand the room. Moreover, the model itself should be as simple as possible. Unusual shapes are best left for other rooms.
  • Do not use large prints on wallpaper, curtains, furniture. Large patterns, drawings will reduce the room. The background should be calm, preferably monophonic. Decorate the walls better with vivid family photos, small paintings. Furniture is also better to choose with a plain finish.
  • Brightness of the design can be added with colorful textile details. Saturated pillows, multi-colored bedspread will make the product more interesting.
  • Buy products from natural materials. Well established tree.
bedroom design with living room in one room

The colors of partitions and curtains should be selected according to the style of the interior.

Zoning Methods

Previously, a sleeping place was separated from another zone with furniture. This method is relevant today too. However, other, extraordinary, convenient alternatives appeared. Consider the most popular methods in the table in more detail.

living room and bedroom together

To save space, it is advisable to give preference to a small sofa or armchairs than a bulky sofa.

The way to divide the room Features
Plasterboard partition Inexpensive way to delimit the area. It is relevant for large areas. The partition helps to actually get two different rooms. Drywall is inexpensive, easy to use, allows you to make arches of unusual shapes.
Glass partition A great solution for a modern interior. Such a partition will clearly delimit the area. Visually, it will not reduce space. Glass will not block the penetration of natural light from a window. The glass partition can be sliding. This will greatly increase the usability.
Through racks This is a fairly functional way. Shelving can have many shelves: open, closed. The owners will be able to place their things, books, various accessories, decorative elements on them.
Screen Such a partition is symbolic. The screen can be made of ordinary thick curtains, beads, threads, even beads. The screen closes only at night - for the duration of sleep. In the daytime it is open, practically does not take up space. An excellent solution in the presence of a limited material budget. Such a partition can be made even with your own hands.
"Hedge Fans of home plants can easily delimit the space with their help. A border of fresh flowers will be an original addition to the design. However, it is important to understand that she will require constant care.Flowers should be watered daily, sometimes pruned, fertilized. Also, this method is not suitable for a family with a small child. The kid can accidentally turn over the pots, get hurt.
cheerful living room bedroom interior

Prefer modular sofas that transform into individual pieces of furniture.

Pros, cons of combining functional areas

Before deciding on any design technique, you need to analyze its features, consider the pros, cons. The bedroom with the living room has many positive characteristics.

living room bedroom in Khrushchev

When choosing lighting, discard the common chandelier on the ceiling. This is not comfortable and detrimental to vision.

  • Helps save space. The high cost does not allow young families to purchase multi-room apartments. However, zoning helps make the most of the usable area, even accommodating everything you need in a small apartment.
  • It has high practicality. For practical people, functionality plays a huge role. They are unimportant design, decoration. The main thing is that everything is convenient during use.
  • It turns out interesting in the interior. The standard furnishings of the apartment will not surprise anyone. She quickly gets bored, absolutely does not attract the views of guests. The layout of the combined room is brighter. The interior will cause more surprise, delight from friends and relatives.
  • Saves money. Furnishing a bedroom, living room is much cheaper than two rooms at once. They also save money on heating, utility bills. This is a fairly profitable economic solution.
  • Facilitates the cleaning process. The small area of ​​the apartment for the hostess means a great saving of time, effort. Cleaning up such housing is much easier.
living room bedroom in a small apartment

So you will make the room bright and spacious.

A large number of advantages does not take away the negative consequences of combining different zones. The most basic drawback is the lack of intimate space. The bedroom will always be attended by people. Another significant minus is the lack of sound insulation. Partitions cannot provide a decent level of isolation of the bedroom from noise, extraneous sounds. A place to sleep will always be vulnerable.

bedroom living room interior

Where there is a need to apply creativity, there is always a suitable solution.

What does a combined bedroom with a living room look like?

The appearance of the bedroom, combined with the living room, will vary depending on the chosen style. Consider several popular areas, their features.

classic design of the bedroom and living room

The original idea of ​​how to combine the bedroom and living room.

  1. Provence. It features light, warm shades in the interior. Provence provides for the use of only natural materials. The bed, wardrobe may be slightly aged. This style is more suitable for women. He is very gentle, warm. In excess, wood, soft-touch textiles, living plants are used.

    bedroom living room provence

    The interior is complemented by light, airy curtains.

  2. Modern. The most popular destination. It features high practicality, minimalism in the setting. Allows you to competently save space, leaves enough free space in the room. Furniture for this style is chosen in simple forms, with a maximum list of functions. Often used beige, white, blue, brown tones.

    ideas for decorating the living room bedroom

    The ceiling will be relevant for the interior with several levels. He will also play an important role in the division of space.

  3. High tech. Designers consider this style the most successful for combining a bedroom and a living room. It provides for the use of a maximum of light, a minimum of unnecessary details. Accessories do not litter the room, modern furniture adds practicality. High-tech is the best solution for working bachelors, students.

    high tech living room design

    High-tech rooms are equipped with appliances, smart gadgets.

  4. Minimalism. Favorite direction of practical people. Minimalism allows you to use only important details, things. Every little thing in the interior has an important function.

    minimalism design bedroom living room

    This design allows saving, often used in Khrushchev.

  5. Modern. For many people, not only practicality plays a huge role. Eternity with a surplus in the Art Nouveau style. Having chosen it, you can safely experiment with forms, ornament, various accessories. Art Nouveau means curved lines, high functionality, unusual shapes. For this direction, choose a special bed. For example, with author forging, wood carving.

    modern bedroom design living room

    Unusual materials in the interior are also often used: natural stones, metal, plastic.

Choosing the right style

Comfortability of living depends on a number of criteria: the convenience of furniture, the attractiveness of accessories, the correct choice of color, style. Combining several directions in one room is not worth it. This venture will fail. How to choose the right style? Use the following guidelines when choosing.

small living room bedroom

For the bedroom-living room, you need to choose one style.

  • Define your own financial opportunities in advance. Each design requires a certain level of cost. The choice of furniture, equipment, and accessories will depend on the budget. Saving on the arrangement of the bedroom-living room is not worth it. If there is not enough money, it is better to wait for the repair, save up.
Scandinavian style bedroom

A good repair of quality materials will last for many years.

  • Indicate the main requirements for the room. What you need? One will have enough beds, a table, several armchairs, the other will need a rack, a wardrobe for bedding.
living room bedroom division

Accurately determine the list of functions that a bedroom, living room should perform.

  • Decide on your desires. You should choose the main color scheme. These should be the most pleasant colors for you. Perhaps you have any special wishes in the arrangement. Then compare your list of requirements with a description of the styles.
living room with bedroom

Choose the most suitable style.

  • Consider the size of the room. Bright interior for a small room is not suitable. It will visually reduce the room. If you want more saturation, use bright colors in detail. Colored pillows, textiles, vibrant photographs, green plants, various decorative elements will make the interior more interesting. It is better to leave the background light.
zoning of the living room bedroom

For a large room, there are no such restrictions. In it you can safely apply any color.

  • Consider the design of other rooms in the house. The apartment, designed in a single direction, looks very harmonious. Too much variation in style in rooms should be avoided.
bedroom with living room

Selected directions should be in harmony with each other.

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