Wall decor in the living room in a modern style

Want to keep up to date? Of course, it is not necessary to follow all the latest fashion. Moreover, they often reach the point of absurdity. It is enough to have an idea of ​​modern styles, color combinations, and have a little aesthetic taste. With this knowledge you can easily do living room wall design according to the laws of modern trends, while maintaining a share of rationalism, and bring the design to an excellent look. Let's start replenishing the piggy bank of knowledge?

walls in the living room

The living room is the heart of the house.

Factors Affecting Choice

Not any decor can be freely used. For each room you need to choose the right one in a particular case. After all, the wrong design can spoil the whole appearance the rooms. Conversely, a good choice will emphasize the merits and hide some of the shortcomings. Therefore, correctly selected wall decor in the living room - it's already half the battle.

pink living room design

It is necessary to be guided not only by fashion trends in the field of finishing materials, but also take into account the wishes of those people who will live in the house.

Of the important criteria that affect the ability to create a particular design can be attributed, we can distinguish the following.

  • Quadrature

Naturally, it is worth measuring whether the quadrature of the living room allows you to create decor. If the room is small enough, bulky structures should be discarded. Consider painting or using wallpaper. Sophisticated design will occupy valuable space, and significantly weight the room. However, in some cases, intricate systems will only benefit. It is necessary to consider this factor in a particular case.

wall decor with wallpaper in the living room

In most cases, do not clutter up the walls if there is not enough space in the room.

  • Functional purpose

Here, pay attention to the functions living room, walls and decor. If we are talking about a one-room apartment, living room can simultaneously perform several functions, and some types of decor will be inappropriate. When the decor performs a practical function (lighting, zoning of the space), its location and appearance will depend on the role performed.

design and decor of a spacious living room

To make the living room look harmonious, you need to choose the color of the walls, depending on how the room is located.

Oddly enough, the role walls also important. It may be a carrier wallon which some types of decor cannot be performed; Also in this zone certain communications may be located that impede decoration.

living room design with fireplace

Think over the functionality of all the details of the wall decor in the living room, then proceed to create a sketch.

  • Technical communications

Wiring, connected lighting, air conditioning and other communications in the wall should coexist harmoniously with the selected decor.

wall decor ideas in the living room

Choosing the color of the walls for the living room, you need to take into account the color of the furniture with which it will subsequently be filled.

  • Style direction

We have a certain style. living room. Course decor walls must match it. The design of individual areas is subject to the general rules of arrangement the rooms. So you get a harmonious and meaningful combination.

art deco in the living room interior

The accent of the living room can be the original carpet on the floor. In this case, it is better to avoid the contrast of walls and furniture, to withstand them in one color, even in different colors.

Determine the basic style

For decorating the wall in the living room it is necessary to have a basis from which we will build on.Such a basis is the style of design the rooms generally. So, determine what the general mood will be, decor ceiling, flooring, furniture, how lighting will be arranged, and only after that you can start planning wall decor. All of the above criteria depend on the chosen style.

living room interior design ideas

In order for all family members to be comfortable in the living room, when choosing a color, you need to take into account the wishes of each of them.

After conducting our own mini-investigation, we identified several of the most used styles.

  • Minimalism

This direction has recently gained more and more popularity. People tend to free up more free space around them. They do not want to clutter it with unnecessary details of interior (as was the case during the Baroque period), so they choose a style that meets these criteria - minimalism.

minimalism in the interior of the living room

Recently, more and more people prefer the style of minimalism in the design of their homes.

The wall for him will have to dress in white or another light color. Plain paint, wallpaper or the use of wooden wall panels is welcome.

minimalism decor

Minimalism is the absence of all that is superfluous. Living room in this style is easy to read.

  • Provence

Mistress who wants to do her the living room warm and cozy, which welcomes guests with pleasure, and willingly bustles in the kitchen, in order to surprise them with culinary delights, it will definitely choose Provence for decoration living room. A feature of the style is the copying of natural motifs.

provence in the interior of the living room

The Provence style for the living room is very cozy, environmentally friendly, homely and warm, reminiscent of a carefree childhood.

This is displayed in a selection of decorations, colors and materials. Provence only accepts natural materials for finishestherefore wood, stone, plaster, paint take root well here.

provence in the interior of the living room

The style includes a plank floor, light fabrics with floral patterns, elegant furniture, ceramic vases and many colors.

  • Modern

A modern movement that is not afraid of bold decisions. Contrasting combinations in combination with smooth lines and crisp shapes makes it truly unique. Here you will find bold solutions such as staining everything walls, for example, in yellow, and the next - in black.

Art Nouveau decor in the living room interior

The interior of the living room in the Art Nouveau style is one of the most common styles, which allows for a free layout and a large selection of finishing materials.

You will find such and many other sharp details when creating in your living room the atmosphere is modern. However, light and elongated lines, smooth transitions between the outlines of the details smooth out all the sharpness of the style, and it allows reaching a middle ground between softness and rigidity.

large Art Nouveau living room

Modern is a modern direction in design, which is characterized by functionality and practicality.

  • High tech

Also one of the modern trends. It differs from Art Nouveau in sharper lines and less bold combinations. This style is quite practical, it does not accept pretentiousness, everything is simple and concise in it.

high-tech in the interior of the living room

The outward coldness of high-tech style is deceptive - it gives almost unlimited possibilities for home improvement with maximum comfort.

To cover the walls mainly dominated by dark tones and textured monophonic coating. You can also experiment with a combination of wallpapers of different colors and textures.

high tech living room

Hi-tech style “loves” spacious rooms.

  • Loft

The increasingly popular loft is becoming an icon of the style of this century. This is a street style in which urban trends are clearly emerging.

loft style in the design of the living room

The main accents in the interior of the living room are large windows, wooden floors, rough walls and a massive stylish sofa made of dense textile.

He just like minimalism does not like extra decorations, and welcomes a lot of free space and simplicity. For registration walls in living room brickwork, murals, plain paint coating will do.

loft style in the decor of the living room

Everyone will like the modern style of the loft in the design of the living room, if you correctly beat all its advantages.

These are the most common contemporary styles, suitable for any living room.

Advice!Pay attention to the exotic orientation and ethnic styles. Techno, cubism, eclecticism are also original. And, of course, a classic. She will always remain in fashion, and will be modern at any stage of design development. of interior.

We select material

Having dealt with the style, we determine what we need for further actions. It is desirable that the selected material and decor corresponded to the laws of the general style of the room.

unusual wall decor in the living room

A good solution for a compromise color design may be the option of combining colors in the interior.

Style Material Color scheme
Minimalism Paint, wood White, black, gray
High tech Drywall wallpaper Beige, Brown, Metallic
Loft Paint, brick Brown, black, red
Provence Wood, plaster Blue, olive, yellow

Of course, this is a general table, and speaking of suitable materials and colors for each style, you can offer many options. However, we have cited the most common ones that obey the laws of the style itself. Now more about the materials. We offer to do wall decoration in the living room following materials.

  • Wallpaper. The most common option. It pleases with cheap availability, and a large number of the offered range. Here, for sure, everyone will find what they like and are suitable wallpaper for almost every style, only you need to decide on the choice of their style
how to choose wallpaper in the living room

Under the textured wallpaper or wallpaper with print, you will need to select the appropriate interior items.

  • Paint. In modern design, a widely known method. Most often it can be found in new and fresh styles. Also paint allows you to decorate the wall using any kind of painting.
painted walls in the living room

In most cases, preference is given to paint.

  • Drywall. From this material, excellent decorations are obtained, which also make it possible to make hidden lighting. Come up with any silhouette composition, cut out the components from drywall, paint, here the original and fresh decor is ready.
drywall wall in the living room

Drywall is suitable for creating amazing design solutions from it.

  • Tree. There are also several options here. You can fully cover the wall a tree. For this, wall panels or wooden wallpaper. Combined compositions with splashes of wood also look great. The material is suitable for provence, eco-style, scandinavian.
wood wall decoration in the living room

An interior with such an element will create a feeling of primitiveness and unity with nature.

  • Decorative stone or brick. Surprisingly, this material perfectly coexisted with modern styles. wall decor. From it you can make brickwork that emphasizes the loft style as well as possible; to build a composition of decorative stone or even stylize the wall under medieval canons, and make of living room real castle.
decorative stone in the interior of the living room

The energy of the stone, even decorative, brings to the house a feeling of certain stability, peace and tranquility.

Also pay attention to the original ideas for decorating walls in the living room. Use any materials at hand. So, for example, using napkins or toilet paper, you can create an original composition on the wall using papier-mâché technique. Quilling, origami, kusudama - remember all the techniques that you own, and you will be able to create a unique decor walls. And he, in turn, will become an expression of his own self. You can also use natural materials such as tree bark, branches, leaves, etc.

wall decor in the living room

Combine different materials and techniques you know. So you will be able to find something original and new.

Do not keep imagination in chains, and, meanwhile, remember the rule of the golden mean.

VIDEO: Photo examples of wall decoration in the living room.

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