Interior decoration of the apartment in the Scandinavian style

Modern Scandinavian style appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in the countries of Scandinavia. Its characteristic feature was the color scheme characteristic of the north and the organic combination of natural textures and technological elements in the design of an apartment or house.

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The Scandinavian-style interior is ideal for most regions of our country.

Distinctive features of the Scandinavian (Norwegian) style in the interior and design of the apartment

As in any design concept in the Scandinavian style, there are unique features and characteristics.

  1. Functionality and simplicity bordering on minimalism.
  2. The abundance of gray and white with minor interspersed with other colors.
  3. The tendency to environmental friendliness, which is manifested in the color scheme (light green, brown accents).
  4. Open windows without curtains, the use of blinds and roller blinds.
  5. The floor in all rooms of the apartment is the same from long, bright boards.
  6. Plain walls, ceiling, rare prints in textiles.
  7. Functional and unusual accessories.
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Having entered the scene as an ethnic, Scandinavian design over time has become a real classic.

Scandinavian style is characterized by increased functionality, convenience. There is no place for luxury, because it is an interior for living, in which special attention is paid to comfort.

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The national color is reflected not in the patterns or objects of folk art, but in the general mood of the interior, a combination of its main components.

What to emphasize when choosing a Scandinavian style

In the Norwegian style light, cold shades prevail: muted blue, blue, gray. Even if brighter colors are chosen, they are as if mixed with gray. Flashy bright shades cannot be found in Scandinavian interiors, for example, red, orange, green.

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For this style, too dark colors are not characteristic: lilac, brown, burgundy.

Color selection

When choosing a color palette to create a Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment as in the photo, you need to pay attention to all shades of gray and blue. The muted tones in the design are due to the gloominess of the weather in the northern countries and the general grayish color scheme of nature, which is diluted by the dark blue of the sea.

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The style of the house reflects the features of its inhabitants.

Frequent use of white is an attempt to make the room brighter, to fill it with rare sunlight.

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Common features of the northern peoples are solidity, leisurely, restraint, love of nature and their home, as well as frugality, which helps to save natural resources.

Bright accent on accessories and furniture

You can dilute the cold gray-blue palette with the help of bright, natural shades: yellow-green, bright blue, muffled yellow, mint, lilac, graphite, gray-brown.These tones should not be chosen for decoration, but for furniture, textiles and accessories. For example, a pair of light green armchairs, blue decorative pillows, a dark brown carpet, and graphite plaid will add variety to the interior.

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The Scandinavian house is the embodiment of national features.

Pronounced minimalism

A minimalist setting is achieved by choosing a monochrome color scheme without using accents. Completely white interior or gray - both options will look organically and in a northern style.

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Its design is simple, calm, concise - and at the same time has a special charm and expressiveness.

Scandinavian interior in apartments with different numbers of rooms

One of the main advantages of a functional Scandinavian style is its versatility. The design is perfect for apartments of any size and layout.

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The typical Scandinavian style room interior is light, free space, solid, reliable pieces of furniture, cozy textiles and restrained decor.

In the one-room

For a one-room apartment, an ideal option would be redevelopment in order to combine rooms. In Norway, studio apartments with a bedroom-living room or kitchen-living room prevail. To organize a sleeping place, you should pay attention to the glass partitions, which will look unique in the interior of the living room.

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The interior is usually designed in light, cool colors - white, light gray, sky blue.

So that an area of ​​a couple of tens of square meters looks bigger, you only need to choose functional furniture, abandon bulky cabinets, curtains, sofas of corners.

Compact headset, open windows, shelving make the interior not only more convenient, but also more modern.

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As additional design, tones of natural wood, stone, sand and brown shades are used.

In the two-room

The combined design of the living room and kitchen is still relevant, but you can also stylishly design a bedroom in a northern style. For the kitchen-living room, the bar counter, which can be placed by the window, is perfect. The bedroom should be limited to a minimum of furniture - a bed, a chest of drawers and a window workstation. To store things, it is recommended to use built-in wardrobes and racks in the hallway.

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Accent colors - thick blue, turquoise, yellow, red, black.

In a two-room apartment there is an opportunity to equip a comfortable bedroom and place furniture in the living room for receiving guests and relaxing.

Important! Use a similar color scheme to decorate the bedroom and living room.

In the three-room

A beautiful Scandinavian apartment design can be arranged with a large footage and three rooms. In a three-room apartment, it is possible to realize the design of the loft bed, which is often used in Scandinavian interiors. The workplace on the insulated balcony, a small nursery for one or two children, a separate matrimonial bedroom and a spacious living room that can be combined with the kitchen will look great.

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Natural materials or their high-quality imitations are used: stone, wood, ceramics, plaster.

The minimalist atmosphere will be stylishly diluted with accents: bag-chairs of different colors, bright textiles in the design of the beds and sitting areas, colored lampshades of pendant lights and bright covers on kitchen chairs.

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You can use simple elements of bright colors, or objects of complex shape, but calm tones.

Examples of the Scandinavian style in the interior of different rooms in the apartment

In the living room

To design a living room in accordance with the principles of the Norwegian style, you must follow these rules.

  1. Cabinets and shelves should be light shades in tone with the walls, so that the room looked spacious and filled with light.
  2. Upholstered furniture can be in dark or bright colors, if everything else is light.
  3. The decor is suitable for paintings by contemporary artists and black and white framed photos.
  4. Laconic floor lamps and pendant lights are recommended as light sources.
  5. Two-color geometric prints on textiles, lampshades and rugs are allowed.
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The drawing room is the “face” of the house, showing the character of its inhabitants.

To create a Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment, it is necessary to leave a maximum of open space and use light, white furniture and light accessories.

In the hall

The all-white hallway looks stylish with bright color accents and unusual accessories, for example, a clothes hanger, an original mirror, a chest of drawers or a shoe rack. Built-in wardrobes are welcome where most things will be stored.

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The basic rules of design remain the same: the naturalness of the materials, light colors, the traditional combination of colors.

In the bedroom

The main piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed, which should be as simple as possible. Carved elements, high backs will not fit, the bed should look concise. You can supplement the furniture of the bedroom with light furniture - a chest of drawers, a dressing table, an elegant armchair, a laundry basket, a magazine drawer.

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The main criterion for designing a room is simplicity.

In the toilet and bathroom

The toilet and bathroom should be as simple and functional as possible. In the rooms there should be nothing superfluous, only the most necessary things and furniture. Often used cabinets and shelves made of light wood, a hanger from the stairs, wicker laundry baskets.

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In the bathroom, cool "northern" designs are very appropriate, giving a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

On the kitchen

In the kitchen, you should abandon the hanging cabinets and prefer open shelves to them. A light wood set, a bar counter, bright chairs in covers and white interior decoration will complete the design.

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The main color of the style - white - is the best suited for the kitchen, as it creates a feeling of cleanliness and increases the light.

Examples of design in apartments of different types

Northern style can be organized in any city apartment, even the smallest.

In Khrushchev

In the standard Khrushchev it is not always possible to combine rooms to increase the area of ​​the living room and kitchen, for example. In this case, you can use some ideas from the Scandinavian style to visually expand the room.

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In the design of the kitchen, as a rule, they try not to use blue tones, since it is believed that they suppress appetite and affect the sensitivity of taste buds.

Such tricks are suitable.

  1. Solid white finish in the living room, kitchen, hallway.
  2. Rejection of bulky dark wood furniture.
  3. Light roller blinds instead of curtains.
  4. Simple kitchen and bar counter.
  5. The living room has a light floor and a small patterned two-color carpet.
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The main color in the interior of the Scandinavian living room is white.

Important! To create the atmosphere of the Scandinavian style in the room, dark upholstered furniture, white shelving and plain monochromatic light decoration of the walls and ceiling are enough.

In a studio apartment and other apartment options

In a studio with high ceilings, the northern decoration will look especially organic. If you mix it with a loft, you get the perfect modern interior. Use white flooring boards, minimalist lamps, simple furniture, paintings, muted colors textiles, designer accessories to create a unique design.

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Dark gray and black furniture creates a contrast with the light floor, enlivening the interior.

The Norwegian design is suitable for any apartment, as it allows you to emphasize the best in a spacious room and increase the area of ​​a small one.

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The modern Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment looks concise and tasteful.

The right choice of lighting and furniture for the Scandinavian style

The Norwegian interior uses light furniture made of light wood with simple shapes. It is distinguished by the absence of decor, jewelry, often it is painted white to further emphasize the lightness and weightlessness of space.

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Upholstery of upholstered furniture, as well as all textile elements can be colored, but it is important to choose muted rather than bright colors.

Lighting should be multi-level, but the central chandeliers are practically not used. Floor lamps, identical pendant lights, spot lights - all this should organically combine with each other.

An apartment in the Scandinavian style is the best option for those for whom convenience is more important than decorative.

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