How to create a modern kitchen design

The most diverse and farthest from its initial incarnation is the modern style. And all because of confusion in the interpretation of the name. Arose in an era of decline and depressive mood in society, at the beginning of the twentieth century it was a new style. In any embodiment of the interior design of the modern kitchen, it is noticeable that the trend incorporated opposition to the classics in the form of minimalism, flexible lines of upholstered furniture in imitation of the east and new trends of laconic industrialism. Today it is a new embodiment of the concept of "modern" (translated as "modern"), such a multifaceted and recognizable style.

Glossy surfaces of the Art Nouveau kitchen set

The design of the kitchen in the traditions of modernism meets the desire to get a practical and comfortable interior

Features of the modern style and the origins

Modern is either a modern or “modern” style (do not consider it a tautology) today only remotely resembles the original. The way it was known a century ago, this trend in art and design only vaguely resembles the interior of a modern-style kitchen rethought in the 21st century.

Gray hood in the Art Nouveau kitchen

In its essence, modern is close to other modern areas - minimalism and hi-tech, although it has a number of differences

Art Nouveau kitchen unit with blue facades

The design principle is based on everyday functionality and atypical solutions, often beyond the conventional boundaries of stylistic canons

At one time it was reminiscent of the embodiment of graceful shapes, asymmetries and winding lines resembling a whip blow. A new direction in design is modern from our contemporaries, but something common is guessed:

  • concise lines that you never get tired of admiring;
  • harmony of all components;
  • muted shades;
  • hidden luxury of high-quality finish, as in the photo of the modernist kitchen.

Appeared in the era of decadence, this style was gradually replaced by urban styles, and at the turn of the millennium, it incorporated their features. But it was precisely the symbiosis of laconic lines of functional household items, modest decor and a careful selection of finishing materials that made it so popular.

Art Nouveau bar counter

Every detail is carefully thought out in this style; there is no place for decorative trinkets

Green kitchen in modern style

The first thing that catches your eye is the abundance of glossy surfaces

Today it is, rather, pure postmodernism in which hi-tech, minimalism and neoclassicism are guessed. When designers order something stylish and original, they offer a beautiful interior in a modern Art Nouveau style based on a mixture of classic and modern.

White kitchen-dining room in the style of modern Art Nouveau

The direction of Art Nouveau continues to develop, the proposed new solutions impress with their creative diversity

This style immediately after its occurrence gained popularity and its interpretations in different countries. The modernists were looking for new forms and some kind of averaged model, but he never became intercontinental:

  • until now, the French have disputed their primacy in the form of “art nouveau” or new art;
  • in Germany he was called "art nouveau";
  • Italians insist that it is their "liberty";
  • This design direction is known to Americans as the Tiffany style.

Over time, Art Nouveau began to lose relevance, but received a revival at the end of the twentieth century.

Art Nouveau kitchen furniture

This style solution is often chosen for spacious kitchens. But its laconicism and functionality is considered ideal for small modern kitchens.The glossy surfaces of the headsets, imitating polished marble, reflect light well - the visual effect of increasing space and filling with sunbeams.

Complete kitchen with acrylic facades

Facades of furniture can be painted with enamel, covered with plastic panels or PVC film

Art Nouveau is also good because in any catalog of self-respecting furniture production there is kitchen furniture in the Art Nouveau style. It is distinguished by:

  • large surface area;
  • calm pleasant shades;
  • simple geometry of forms pleasant for perception;
  • attractive texture of the facades;
  • harmonious design;
  • thoughtful functionality of each compartment;
  • technological contents (rails, latches, guides, magnets from unplanned opening, closers);
  • the perfect combination of all materials and fittings;
  • attractive appearance;
  • there is the use of imitations of polished stone in countertops (marble, onyx, jasper, agate, malachite).

Such kitchen furniture is always pleasing to the eye. It is deprived of ostentatious luxury and elaborate elements, although an interesting design is felt, especially if the models are Italian-made. Each kitchen or dining room has a recognizable design style.

Green chairs at a small dining table

Furniture for the dining area - narrow racks or compact tables

Tip. With beautiful furniture, you should not divert attention to the window with lots of textiles. Multilayer curtains, ruffles and ruffles are unacceptable here. A fairly modest translucent curtains of a suitable shade on the ceiling cornice. Small objects that scatter attention are also inappropriate - everything is in the closet!

Light curtains on the window of the kitchen in modern style

If modern textile is used, then at a minimum

Kitchen design with integrated Art Nouveau appliances

Open shelves are not suitable due to their impracticality, built-in appliances are a priority

Despite the dominance of straight lines in modern style, modern kitchens often inherit their origins in the early twentieth century - a smooth grace of curved shapes. But most often they are not found in cabinet furniture, but in dining sets, in particular in the form of high-backed chairs and semi-chairs. For their manufacture, wood and plastic are equally used.

Finishing Tips

Obviously, if you managed to purchase a modern-style kitchen of a delightful shade, then it is better to update other surfaces, choosing the right color and texture. But which cladding is preferred?

Walls Liquid and textured wallpaper for painting, Venetian plaster, mirror tiles for the visual expansion of the kitchen, a stylish collage.
Floor Marble or granite porcelain stoneware, any other wide-format seamless tile, self-leveling floors, wood imitation with beautiful shades and textures.
Ceiling Noble smooth surface with painting, stretch fabric, "soaring" or multi-level ceiling.
Mirror ceiling black

Mirror tension film on the ceiling and glossy surface of waterproof laminate on the floor - the best solutions for modern

Color spectrum

The priority shades of the Modern cuisine are soft pastel shades - gray-blue, beige, light brown, ash and cream. In such an atmosphere it’s cozy and comfortable, but if there isn’t enough “triumph of life”, you can add a modular picture (of several blocks) in bright colors.

Illumination of work surfaces of a kitchen set

In modern Art Nouveau, up to three different shades are allowed

It is advisable to hang on the wall a landscape in pure colors of natural origin - sunset, branches of autumn foliage or mountain waterfall. But this should be the only image.

It is interesting. The Japanese claim that contemplating several different paintings on the walls of one room is equivalent to simultaneously listening to music of different styles from adjacent rooms.

Making a white kitchen wall with a painting

As a bright accent, it is permissible to hang one picture on the wall

Judging by the innovations in the design of kitchen furniture in 2017-2018, aristocratic white and combined models are still in demand. In the catalogs of Italian "mebelero", the palette of kitchen sets for modern is diverse. In priority:

  • White color;
  • champagne;
  • lactic;
  • pearl gray;
  • smoky;
  • graphite;
  • opal;
  • olive;
  • lingonberry;
  • cognac;
  • beige;
  • caramel;
  • mint;
  • emerald;
  • indigo;
  • black (lacquered or glossy).

In addition to these favorites, window textiles are selected - similar in tone, but more transparent or blurred.

Red and White Kitchen Set

From the point of view of style for windows, compact blinds or Roman blinds are suitable

Attention! If several types of wood (furniture, floors, decoration) are used in the interior of a kitchen, it is difficult to pick up something similar in terms of shade and texture. Experts recommend betting on contrast, for example, striped zebrano and bleached oak. It is fashionable to combine light walnut with chocolate shades of wenge tree.

Exquisitely will look completely white, gray, beige or caramel in the interiors of a la modern kitchens.

Black color in modern style kitchen design

The modern headset is characterized by narrow polished steel line handles

Tip. Pay attention to the color of the fittings and metal parts in the kitchen design. Priority will be chrome plating or blackening, if the interior is in gray tones. Under the warm gamut, bronze, copper or gilding is better. But there should not be much gloss, especially when varnished or glossy surfaces are everywhere.

Organization of lighting in the modern style

The lighting of the kitchen is not limited to one ceiling chandelier, on the contrary, additional lamps are welcome above the work surfaces, in the walls, in furniture and even in the floor

Solid interior design tips

  1. Many people like white kitchens with chrome fittings and glass surfaces. But only experienced designers can avoid the atmosphere of a medical office in a spacious kitchen. To do this, a specific style is diluted with something more spectacular. For example, fixtures in the style of art deco, the texture of natural wood in the dining room with luxurious color upholstery in upholstered chairs with carved legs and armrests. If all this is not expected, decorate the kitchen apron with a mosaic panel resembling stained glass.

    Floor cabinets white headset with a dark countertop

    A flawless white background is a great tool for creating an original interior.

  2. Modern with black furniture in the kitchen is always elegant and extravagant. This borders on avant-garde and futurism, but with an illiterate design, this color steals space, and the room looks gloomy. Metallic parts and glossy surfaces with a high degree of reflection will correct the situation. Anthracite shine looks equally good in bulk floors, suspended floors, plastic facades and black mirror tiles. Just not all at the same time! The only drawback is that you often have to clean the kitchen surfaces from greasy suspensions, but a good hood will save the situation. A little white or beige contrasts, fresh greens and bright dishes - the modern black kitchen will sparkle with new colors.

    Black kitchen with walnut insert

    Presentable kitchen with dominance of dark panels and fragments of walnut and dairy flowers

  3. The brown gamut for the "Modern" kitchen is quite typical, it is only important to choose the right saturation of shades. If these are mainly shades of wood, then the “golden rule” works here - kitchen furniture should be darker than the walls and floor. This color is among the most popular in the design of kitchens. The entire palette is widely used - from light beige to rich chocolate tones. But brown favorites of past decades with new names periodically return to fashion. For example, the shade of “coffee with milk” is now better known as “cappuccino” or “mocha”. From minor discrepancies, their popularity does not decrease, but today they often look for shades of cinnamon and wenge tree.

    Lineina layout of a long kitchen with an island

    Brown shaded brick walls encircle the white perimeter

  4. Those who like the red kitchen, it is better to look for a muted color furniture with glossy facades or countertops. In the Art Nouveau style, red is traditionally combined with white and black, shading the chrome fittings of the original form.However, here you need to carefully consider the choice of background - neutral walls, a dark floor and a light top remain priority.

    Red suite in the modern kitchen

    Anyone can choose a shade - from classic scarlet to frivolous pink

  5. The cold blue and blue range is a great solution for kitchens with windows to the south. These shades will not only “cool” the interior in a hot summer, but they will also amaze with their purity and sophistication at any time of the year. Good combination of these shades with a cold spectrum of illumination will look very attractive and mysterious, almost mystical. Such a palette is preferred by slimming ladies, since they depress appetite, for a family with children this is not an option.

    Light blue color in the interior of the Art Nouveau style kitchen

    The sky-blue design in the Art Nouveau style looks futuristic and looks like something on the interior of a spaceship

  6. The gray scale is not referred to as purely “dining rooms”, but in vain, smoky and bluish tones are an excellent solution for designing a kitchen in the modern style. This color is "friendly" with almost the entire palette of shades used in modern design. Glass and metal household appliances are in perfect harmony with cabinet furniture and a headset in gray tones.

    Gray color in the design of modern style kitchen

    The gray surface of the marble countertops combined with the brown facades of the headset

  7. It is difficult to choose the “right” shade of green cuisine, but they will bring more life to the Art Nouveau style. This is a great solution for lovers of indoor plants and large exotics, which set the whole house or apartment. Pay attention in the catalogs to fashionable shades - mint, olive or fresh herbs. The walls can be painted in any neutral tone, and a gray bulk or marble floor will do here.

    Green kitchen furniture with shiny surfaces

    If you want to make a bright and at the same time calm interior, choose the color of spring foliage

Stylish "modern" caramel, coffee and chocolate shades are again in price. But remember that brown color conditionally refers to a warm range. It is better to combine with red, orange and yellow accents. Although the beige tone looks amazing with an emerald and turquoise addition. In the combined options, the game of different shades of chocolate is great.

Spherical chandelier in the Art Nouveau kitchen

Art Nouveau is democratic and allows a wide range of shades, which allows you to move away from stereotypes and bring novelty to the interior

Art nouveau country house kitchen design

Art Nouveau has thoroughly registered in modern kitchens and is not going to take leadership positions

To complete the designer kitchen for modern, it is important to choose the appropriate accessories, elegant dishes and modest decor, shading the finish and premium furniture. Pay special attention to the illumination of the working area and the place where it is customary to dine - it is advisable to contact lighting designers.

Video about the features of the design of the kitchen in modern style

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