Beautiful curtains in a modern classic style for the kitchen

Beautiful curtains in the kitchen in the style of a modern classic will remain the most optimal option for interior decoration, even despite the fact that every year the fashion changes and trends rapidly replace each other. If desired, the classics can be designed taking into account the requirements of our time. To do this, there is a huge number of modern types of fabric, cornices and decorative elements. And then any interior will become rich, concise and at the same time cozy.

A combination of different curtains in a modern classic style kitchen

Successful window decoration is an important component in the interior of a kitchen. Properly selected curtains will make the kitchen cozy and beautiful.

Curtains for a classic kitchen involve the use of several paintings of material that can be decorated with lambrequins. Curtains can be assembled on the sides through the use of special grips. Such accessories carry not only a decorative, but also a functional load.

The usual set of portieres to the classic kitchen may include a curtain made of fairly transparent material. Often, designers combine light transparent and fairly heavy materials. Various color variations are also used that resonate with the basic tones of the interior. Such a design will look solidly.

Classic beige curtains

A sign of classic curtains is the presence of tulle, sliding curtains with or without tacks, elegant folds on the noble material

Standard option - the window is decorated with two curtains from two parts of the fabric. In the upper part, such a curtain is decorated with a lambrequin. On each side, the curtains are held by the use of grips. The composition is complemented by a traditional curtain made of transparent, light fabric.

Corner classic kitchen with a pelmet on the window

Lambrequin decorates the space above the window and makes it visually higher

The impression of thoughtfulness of design, style and quality factor is created thanks to combinations of heavy and light fabrics, as well as painstakingly and competently selected color variations that should overlap with the overall stylistic decision of the interior.

The main features of the classic style

Modern classics are based on strict lines. Today, non-functional, uncomfortable and inorganic elements are not used in this style. This style can be called quite demanding.

Classic canvas curtains on the kitchen window

To make the window look proportional, the width of the curtains must be selected to fit the size of a particular window

Long curtains in the dining area of ​​the kitchen-dining room

Classic straight curtains can fall to the floor or slightly reach it

There are several basic requirements for the design of curtains in this style:

  1. Natural colors only. Neon and bright shades are better suited for the design of other interiors.
  2. When choosing materials, it is best to pay attention to non-synthetic fabrics such as linen, silk, velvet or satin.
  3. If it is necessary to use blinds, it is best to opt for models with wooden or veneered lamellas.
  4. Limited use of complex textures.
  5. Observance of symmetry. Do not use torn edges, sharp transitions of levels and other features of a loft or hi-tech.
  6. The use of elegant and noble materials.
The combination of classic curtains with a Roman model on the kitchen window

Modern classics allows for a combination of textures and types of curtains, which does not harm the general look of the interior

When selecting additions and accessories to classic curtains, it is very important to maintain a harmonious impression and at the same time create charming luxury and coziness. As pickups, strips or brushes made of fabric are perfect. But as decorative holders, you can use elements of plastic, wood or steel.

Types of classic cornices and mounts to them

The appearance of the curtains is influenced not only by the material and style of execution, but also by the variety of curtain rods. Indeed, often the curtains to the kitchen in the style of the classic have a rather heavy weight and therefore it is important that the curtain rod can withstand this weight.

Curtain with rings on a gilded cornice in the kitchen

An important role is played by both the appearance of the cornice and the strength of the curtains attached to it.

Such types of cornices will cope well with such a load:

  1. Baguette. They will be able to hide the design itself and the bottom of the cornice under the bar.
  2. Tubular. Outwardly resemble a two-level bar with rings.
  3. Forged. Such cornices look pompous and expensive. Withstand even the most difficult types of tissue. It is better if a curtain is chosen to them easier.
  4. Profile. Made of profile aluminum.
  5. Wooden. Depending on the modification, there may be: ceiling, wall, tubular.

For the modern classic style, the option of attaching to the grommets is perfect. This option, when the rings are cut out in the canvas curtains. Ideal for placing curtains.

Fastening curtains and tulle on the grommets

Curtains on eyelets are very practical, they are easy to close. Eyelets form beautiful folds that blend perfectly with the classic interior.

Classic curtains with ties - the option is original. And due to the use of various types of tying, the curtain can constantly look diverse. The color of the ties may differ from the tone of the curtains.

Gray curtain with ties on a metal cornice

Curtains with ties are attached directly to the cornice pipe or rings are used

Like eyelets, fabric loops are strung on a cornice. Depending on the weight of the curtains, the width and size of the loop are determined. Hinges can be made in the form of braids, loops or simply sewn to the fabric.

Lightweight hinged curtain

Hinges are usually made from the same fabric as the curtain

Thanks to the high frill, the top of the eaves can be hidden behind the curtain. When moving, a rustling of fabrics is heard, and not a knock on the cornice of the rings for attaching the curtains.

White curtain with drawstring

The drawstring is a pocket at the top of the curtain that allows you to hang the curtain without using any fasteners

Due to the presence of a large number of small folds, the curtains on the braid look simple and elegant. To design a lush drapery, it is best to use an amount of fabric that is twice the size of the window.

How to choose the color of classic curtains to the interior

Choosing the right color for curtains can change the impression of space, both for better and for worse. Color can visually expand the space, find a response in the elements of the interior, and also just change the perception of the room.

Green curtain on the kitchen door in a private house

Dark shades of green and blue are appropriate only in fairly spacious kitchens.

One-sided curtain on the kitchen window

Light brown curtains made of expensive fabric go well with a classic interior.

Deep, dark shades will always reduce space. Light shades will increase it.

Curtains for a classic kitchen will always look great if you make them white, cream, beige colors. The main color can be complemented with brown garters, bright fringe, tassels, piping.

Lightweight curtains on kitchen windows

A combination of curtains and tulle looks beautiful if the same pattern is repeated on them

Textiles in the interior of a classic kitchen

A good combination of curtains with a tablecloth on the dining table

If the goal is to focus on the window, you can use striped curtains, which can combine 2 or 3 colors.

Classic kitchen design with striped curtains.

Vertical stripes on the curtains visually raise the ceiling of the kitchen

Curtains with stripes on the window of the kitchen-living room

Curtains with horizontal stripes make the kitchen look wider

Plain curtains perfectly complement the wallpaper with a picture and do not overload the interior. For plain wallpaper, you can use curtains with patterns or ornament.

Classical dining area

A simple rule - the brighter the walls in the kitchen, the more modest the curtains should be

Features of the choice of fabric for classic curtains in the kitchen

Classic curtains will always be made of noble fabrics.

A turquoise curtain of a direct cut in a classic style kitchen

Classical curtains consist of curtains, lambrequins, tulle and garters. For tailoring these elements, carefully thought-out combinations of light and heavy fabrics are used.

  • Silk. It drapes and stretches perfectly, does not let in sunlight, it shimmers beautifully in daylight.
  • Taffeta. Draped in wide folds, has a density, repels moisture.
  • Atlas. Durable silk material, does not accumulate static, dries quickly.
  • Brocade. Heavy fabric based on silk. Tough, hard wrinkling.
  • Velvet. Thick fabric with fine silk fiber nap. It does not attract dust, drapes well, keeps heat and at the same time perfectly passes air.
  • Jacquard. Thick fabric in patterns. It retains color well, does not wear out, does not stretch.
The selection of curtains for the kitchen to match the color

It is important to choose not only the material, but the color of the curtains, which can dramatically change the perception of space. A win-win option - curtains to match the color of the facades

Classic kitchen curtains with balcony door

Finished classic curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door can be difficult to find due to the non-standard sizes. Accordingly, before you go to the studio, it is best to carefully study all the options for kitchen design 2019, as well as the options for curtains in a classic style.

Translucent curtain on the balcony door of the kitchen

The curtain on the balcony door made of light fabric does not obscure the space of the kitchen

Experts note that the light flux in kitchens with a balcony is much lower than in rooms with windows. Therefore, it is best to choose curtains in light shades and with a sufficient level of transparency.

If the kitchen has only one window with a balcony, it is better that the curtain be single and do not break the opening into the door zone and the window sill zone. If you do the opposite, the interior will lose harmony, and the clearance will decrease visually. In order to design a window in a single style, it is better to use the same materials and colors, overlapping trim in the form of fringe, fringing, frill, and pickups. A wide curtain rod and lambrequin will look good.

Different types of curtains on the kitchen window with balcony

A window with a balcony door is the case when it makes sense to consider a combination of different types of curtains

Since the kitchen is a place where grease and dust often accumulate, it is best to use soft and drapable curtain materials. Rigid materials for tensile structures will need to be cleaned dry.

Curtains for a small kitchen should increase the space

The kitchen window can be harmoniously decorated with curtains made of linen, cotton, tulle or lace. Designers and interior designers do not recommend using dark drapes to decorate a small kitchen. For a visual increase in space, you can stop the choice on curtains with a large print or vertical pattern. It is also important to correctly calculate the size of the cornice. The cornice should be slightly wider than the window.

Window decoration with classic curtains in a small kitchen

When choosing curtains in a small room, you need to take into account that light shades increase space, and deep warm tones reduce it

Classic multilayer curtains are perfect for visually increasing the space of the kitchen and the window itself.

Narrow kitchen with satin curtains on the window

Double curtains in contrasting fabrics fixed to the ceiling cornice

The classic style provides an excellent opportunity to show imagination when using several materials and colors. Combinations of cotton and silk or cotton and satin will look great.

Light classic curtains on the kitchen window in a panel house

For a small kitchen with windows on the shadow side of the house, it is better to use curtains made of translucent fabrics.

For the classic style, tulle, lambrequins and side canvases can be an excellent solution. Near the dining area you can use the long floor curtains and tulle.

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Photo: curtains in the interior of a classic kitchen

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